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Road Runner Class (Mostly) d8
These blockade runners were manufactured by Weyland-Yutani during the Unification War and were used primarily to break through Alliance blockades surrounding beseiged worlds. After the war, they were confiscated by the Alliance and decommissioned. Now, mechanics and salvagers can find these vessels in spaceship junkyards throughout the 'Verse. While the Kobukson was built on a Road Runner's frame, parts from other vessels, including a first generation Firefly, a Hades class prison transport, and even a Justice class gunship.

Resource Level

1D4 - Up to 5K buying power : Food is soy paste and nothing more. The ship cannot afford any extras or fixes. If no work secured after one month, resources will disappear and the crew will be stuck on the last planet they land on until they can secure work that will get them off the planet.


Engines d10
Hull d6
Systems d8


Road Runner Class (Firefly p 213)

✔ Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
O Catch Me If You Can!: Spend 1 PP to step up a Complication inflicted on another ship that is chasing you.
O Quick Off the Ground: Spend 1 PP to double Engines when launching from a planetary surface.

Built for Speed (Firefly p221)

✔ Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
Focused Thrust: When using Engines for raw speed, double Engines. Remove the highest rolling die and add three dice together for the result.
O Full Burn: Spend 1 PP to reroll a pool containing the Engines dice. On your subsequent roll, both 1s and 2s count for Complications.

Cobbled Together (Firefly p218)

✔ Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
O Frankenstein's Boat: Spend 1 PP to switch the die ratings of Engines and Systems for the rest of the scene.
She's Got Class, Lots of Class: Spend 1 PP to create an Unknown Ship Class d8 Asset when someone tries to identify your ship.

Signature Assets

  • Shuttle d8: The Kobukson has a single shuttle which the crew can use for short range travel.
  • Reinforced Armor d8: When the Kobukson was cobbled together the hull was reinforced to buy a few seconds extra escape time in a firefight.



1. Cockpit
2. Captain's Quarters
3. Common Space
4. Companion's Quarters
5. Karl's Bunk
6. Sarah's Bunk
7. Medical Bay
8. Engine Room
9. Shuttle
10. Dorota's Bunk
11. Crew Bunk
12. Crew Bunk
13. Cargo Bay
14. Airlock/Gangplank

Interior Descriptions


The cockpit of the Kobukson has seats for a pilot and co-pilot, though only one is really necessary to fly the ship. The large windows allow for an excellent field of view. Most of the equipment is functional but battered and more than a few years out of date.

Common Space

The largest open area on the top deck, this serves as lounge, galley, and mess for the crew. The kitchen takes up most of the fore port corner and features a number of older but sturdy cabinets and appliances. A mismatched set of couches surround a scratched up coffee table to the aft of the room. In the forward starboard corner is a large, wooden table surrounded by plastic chairs. Lighting is provided by overhead LEDs which occasionally flicker and buzz. A door leads to a toilet/shower on each side of the room and stairs wind down into the cargo bay below.

Head and Shower

The facilities are well worn and built following a military/industrial standard. They aren't pretty but they do work.

Captain's Quarters

Despite being the Captain's quarters, there's little to suggest this room is lived in. The furniture is simple and functional. Against the aft wall is a command console with a Cortex feed.

Companion's Quarters

Leave this space for the Companion to fill.

Crew Quarters

The crew quarters have been outfitted for living but are anything but fancy. The low ceiling has exposed pipes and ductwork, the floors are the same cold metal panels as the cargo hold, and the noise and vibration from the engine pods can get pretty intense at full burn.

Medical Bay

A single examination chair occupies the center of this room while the perimeter is crammed with old medical equipment and scratched up supply cabinets. Far from state-of-the-art, the room's only real advantage to a medical professional is how clean it is kept. The exam chair lays flat for surgical use but patients are usually moved to their own bunk for post-op recovery.

Cargo Bay

Access to the cargo bay is through a large ramp/airlock in the back of the ship. A large balcony is reachable from a ladder near the forward end of the room. Michi's custom hoverbike, the Mahha-Go is kept in one corner of the lower level.

Engine Room

This cramped room has direct access to the power core and other vital systems via ducts but is usually hot and noisy.

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