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Here are the NPCs that the crew has come across in the 'Verse.

Those that Keep Flyin'

Stalker Class Ship
Captain Jordan
  • Mr. Ling - Blue Sun Employee. Travels in a Stalker Class Ship, a commercial version of the Military Grade Wraith Class ship. He was knocked out by Carina and left at the Mei Mei Medical Research facility. His Ship was stolen by the crew of the Kobukson.
  • She Ya
    • Jordan - Captain
    • Marty - Crew


Yong Yewon

Shin Ma Chou
  • Shin Ma Chou - Current leader of the Tong Group Onyx Dolphin. Works out of the Chuan.
    • Major: Mental D8, Pysical D6, Social D6
    • Shady Business Man D8
      • Tag, You're It - Spend 1 PP to pass of a non physical complication to someone who owes you something
    • Code of Honor D8
    • Not to be crossed D8
      • Fair Warning - Step up or double influence when you use the weight of your intimidating reputation
    • Influence D8, Focus D8, Survive D8, Trick D8, Fight D6, Notice D6, Shoot D6

  • Jin Dong - Middleman for Shin Ma Chou. He is into numbers and prefers them over anything else. He keeps his head down and does as he's told.
    • Minor: Middleman D6, Loyal D8

Kuan Lo

Jie Jie

Felix Gary
  • Esther - Waitress at the Big Sister Diner
    • Extra: Waitress D6
  • Felix Gary - Owner and head mechanic of the Fix-N-Fly.
    • Minor GMC: Ex-Corporate Mechanic D8, De Facto Leader of Jie Jie D6, Hates Mei Mei D4
  • Gordon - General Working Hand in town. Tendency to get into scrapes.
    • Extra: Local Work Hand D6

Mei Mei

Kenny Han
Dr. Betony Long
  • Dr. Betony Long - Mayor and Head of the Mei Mei Research Medical Facility
  • Kenny Han - Found at the Mei Mei Cafe. Seems to Know something about Brennan Hughs.
  • Brennan Hughs - Friend of Felix Gary in Jie Jie. Currently Missing.
  • Chloe Singh - Brunette with a very large shotgun. Also, Brennan Hughs' girlfriend.
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