Queen of Clubs

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Queen of Clubs
Race Human (African American)
Nationality CAS / Ares dual citizenship
Primary Role Rigger
Karma 0


Regina, often called Gina, Callsign Queen of Clubs.

Born into the CAS, African American, signed on with Ares, trained as a combat pilot. Paralyzed (paraplegic) due to injuries sustained during a fight. Ares loaned her out as a test subject to MIT&T for research programs into advanced datajack-based flight and vehicle control systems, including drones. She has since managed to buy out her contract, and disappeared into Akham. A top rigger, she is available for Shadowruns, most often providing driving, piloting, and combat drone support. However, she does have a rep for having an armed and armored spiderchair.



  • I am a Leaf on the Wind: Your mad skillz extend to piloting and driving. You use almost every sense to control the vehicle: not just your sight, but your hearing, balance, touch, and even smell sometimes.
Activation: You’re making a roll to control a vehicle (directly or remotely).
Effect: You may add your Cyber die to the roll and include one more die in the result. If you’re already using your Cyber die, add a d8.
  • Unusual Fighter: You fight in a way that just isn't what other fighters are used to. It throws them off.
Activation: You're engaged in a Fight Action, rolling Samurai as one of your dice. Spend a Plot Point.
Effect: Add the highest Niche die that you're not already using to your roll.


  • Living Through Her Drones: text here
  • I'm Your Huckleberry: text here
  • It's the Army Life For Me: text here


Academic d6 • Corporate d8 • Matrix d8 • Military d10 • Occult d4 • Street d6


  • Criminal d4
  • Cyber d10
  • Expert d6
    • Drone Maintenance d6
  • Face d6
  • Samurai d8
    • Drone Combat d6
  • Spellslinger d4

Signature Assets

  • Spiderchair: text
  • MCT-Nissan Rotodrone: Capable of hovering, VTOL, has some nice sensors, and two firmpoints for weapons
  • MCT Fly-spy: About twice the size of a hornet. Designed to look like one. Limited sensor suite but good  visual camera. Very limited battery life if you keep it in the air. Maybe just an hour. Hard to spot.
  • Aztechnology Hedgehog Signal Interceptor: About the size and shape of a mouse droid from Star Wars. Designed to intercept communications. Though it doesn't decrypt them. No combat capability.
  • GM-Nissan Dobberman: A basic tracked guard drone with a single firmpoint and heavy armor. You'll find these guarding a lot of installations.
  • Cyberspace Designs Dalmation: VTOL that folds iup. Its big. Folded up its the size of a push lawnmower. Unfolded its about the size of a hang glider. Designed for use as a combat drone for urban police forces so lots of firmpoints.
  • Lifestyle d4, Y months.
  • Nyun d6

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