Journey to Shabatti

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Player Characters

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Adventurer's Log

Wagon interior
  • Having rescued the children, the adventurers decide to travel to the city of Shibatti in the Citrine Grand Sultanate to participate in the upcoming opening of the necropolis there. The next ten days are spent in preparation with Zyindra and Midge brewing a variety of alchemical concoctions and everyone shopping for gear.
  • The team joins a caravan heading to Shibatti. They stop in Borderpoint and return the keys to the Kaijitsu mansion in Vesicule to Ameiko.
  • After 18 days of travel, they arrive in Shibatti and part ways with the caravan. The team makes their way to the Veins, a more industrial section of the city. There they find the Colonial Merchant Company warehouse promised to them for lodging by Lucius' family. Inside are three gypsy wagons. The wagons are missing wheels but suitable for sleeping in. They divide up with the elven sisters taking one, another being shared by Zyindra and Midge and the final wagon being claimed by Lucius.
  • After settling in, everyone but Zyindra goes out to explore the Shibatti night life. They are entertained by acrobats and jugglers and enjoy spiced onion and lamb kabobs. Midge and Maayan have their pockets picked and lose a bit of gold.
  • Zyindra dreams that evening of little Obsidianu men attacking her with spears... and she knows these men are wrong. These little men are in the wrong place and the wrong time. Their very existence could change the world.
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