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Settlement Sheet

  • Neutral Good Small Town
  • Corruption +0 • Crime +0 • Economy +1 • Law +0 • Lore +1 • Society -1
  • Qualities: Prosperous, Rumormongering Citizens
  • Danger: +0
  • Government: Autocracy (Mayor)
  • Population: 1,240 (1,116 humans, 37 halflings, 25 elves, 24 dwarves, 12 gnomes, 13 half-elves, 10 kobold, 1 darfellan, 1 modron)
  • Base Value: 1,300 gp; Purchase Limit: 7,400 gp; Spellcasting: 4th
  • Minor Items: 3d4; Medium Items: 1d6; Major Items: -


The area known as Battle Coast occupies a rather small expanse of land at the western most point of the border between the Onyx Cryptocracy and the Scapolite Theocracy. With a rather treacherous geography consisting of moors, marshes, monster-filled forests and hills (not to mention shallows by the shore that can easily wreck a boat) it doesn't seem like much. Yet, at least a dozen wars have been fought over the area. The membership of both nations in the Amethistian Empire has kept them from going to war over Battle Coast in the last several Ages but, to this day, mapmakers from each nation continue to draw the area differently. Onyxish mapmakers place the border firmly to the north, putting Battle Coast firmly within the domain of the Onyx Cryptocracy while Scapolitan mapmakers draw the border further south to mark Battle Coast as territory of the Scapolite Theocracy. Mapmakers from other nations split the difference and draw the border between those two points.

Before the Great Invasion, Battle was lightly settled with a few small communities ringing two military forts, one representing the Cryptocracy and one representing the Theocracy. When the Empire called for troops to repel Tiamat's slave-armies, these two forts were left dangerously undermanned. As a result, Battle Coast fell victim to one of the strangest events of the Invasion.

In the year 212 of the Age of the Expanding Empire a sailing vessel crammed to the bursting point with goblins crashed into Battle Coast near one of the settlements. The goblins poured out by the hundreds and quickly overwhelmed the community, setting it ablaze and slaughtering everyone. From there, the goblins spread out and wiped out other communities as well as the Onyx and Scapolite forts. Within nothing left to loot, pillage or slaughter, the goblins broke apart and scattered, taking refuge in the nearby bogs, forests and moors.

After the Great Invasion ended there was much rebuilding to do, even in the Amethystian Empire. While very little damage was done to the Empire's infrastructure, the huge number of dead and maimed soldiers led to a shortage in manpower that took decades to recover from. Since the goblins showed little sign of spreading beyond the coastal area and it detouring around the area only cost a day or two's travel time Battle Coast was left alone.

This all changed some thirty years ago when her majesty Queen Aegis, empress of the Amethystian empire somehow granted a settlement contract for Battle Coat to four separate families: the Deverin (an Amethystish family), the Valdemara (an Onyxish family), the Scanetti (a Scapolitan family) and the Kaijitsu (a wealthy family exiled from the Jade Kingdom, newly settled in the Empire). When the four families protested the error to the Queen, she ordered them to work together to tame the region and colonize it. The four families formed the Borderpoint Mercantile League. Together, they founded the town of Borderpoint and began developing the surrounding area.

The next twenty-five years of Borderpoint's history is rather unremarkable. While there were power clashes between the four families and the occasional goblin attack Borderpoint grew remarkably well. All that changed five years ago, however, when what the locals call "the Great Unpleasantness" occurred. First, a series of murders occurred. Twenty-five people were murdered by a serial killer known as "the Chopper". The Chopper turned out to be Jervis Stoot, a local eccentric who lived on a tidal island to the north of the town. Stoot was known as something of an artist who enjoyed carving incredibly detailed and life-like birds into the sides of fence posts, buildings and ships. Second, only a few short months after Stoot's death ended the Chopper's murder spree, a great fire ripped through the northern section of town, burning down many buildings, including the town Temple. The local priest and his daughter died int he incident.

Monument of Borderpoint

Because of the town's sizable Onyxish population, the tradition of building and revering monuments is practiced in Borderpoint. There are several monuments in the city, some ancient and some built more recently.

  1. The Old Light: The oddity Borderpoint might be best known for is the Old Light. The ruin, located on the northwestern edge of town, is the remains of some sort of massive and ancient tower. Like many of the ruins doting the Onyx region, the Old Light predates recorded history. Most scholars agree that the tower was once a light house but some whisper it might have had a more sinister purpose. While many attempt have been made, no one has discovered what boon the monument grants.
  2. The Standing Stones: These stone, located in the courtyard of the town Temple, resemble a Druidic monument. They are ancient and no one knows their purpose. Like the Old Light, no one has discovered what boon the monument grants.
  3. The Founding Fountain: This fountain is located in the festival square in uptown. Carved into the stones at the east, west, north and south positions are the sigils of the four founding families. Anyone who spends 10 minutes circling the fountain while meditating on Borderpoint's history and touching each sigil as they pass may make a DC 15 Knowledge (Local) check. Success grants a +1 morale bonus on all weapon damage rolls against non-residents of Borderpoint for the next 25 hours. This bonus increases by +1 for every 5 points by which you exceed the initial check.
  4. The Drowning Revenge: This macabre marble statue depicts a man being pulled into water by a dozen grasping hands. During Borderpoint's initial construction an unscrupulous ship captain packed cheap laborers into his hold like cattle. When his ship sank in the harbor, all the laborers drowned, unable to escape. A week later, the captain fell off the docks and drowned. Legend says that undead hands reached out of the water and grabbed hold of the captain, dragging him down. The statue, located on the docks near the Hagfish, was sculpted to calm the spirits of the drowned laborers. Anyone who spends 10 minutes toasting each of grasping hands with a good tankard of ale (and pouring a thimble full of the ale on each hand) may attempt a DC 15 Swim check. Success grants a +2 morale bonus on all Swim checks for the next 25 hours. In addition, that person becomes immune to seasickness for any water journey started during that time period.
  5. The Jagged Pit: By tradition, each ship completed at the Borderpoint shipyard is christened by smashing a bottle of wine against the prow. The glass shards from the broken bottle are then swept up and and dumped in the Jagged Pit. Anyone who spends 10 minutes whittling next to the pit while meditating on the grain of their piece can make a DC 15 Craft (Woodworking) check. Success grants a +1 morale bonus on all Craft (Woodworking) checks for the next 25 hours. This bonus increases by +1 for every 5 points by which you exceed the initial check.

Uptown Locations

1. Borderpoint Temple:The largest and newest building in Borderpoint. The temple isn't dedicated to the worship of any single Totem but, instead, has twenty-five separate shrines dedicated to each of the Totems. Even Obsidian, the destroyed Totem, is represented, though that shrine is dark and empty. The strangest and most interesting thing about the Borderpoint Temple is the open-air courtyard at the center. The courtyard holds seven smoothly cut standing stones surrounding a stone altar. Superficially, the stones resemble a Druid monument but there is no reason for one to be there. No ley line passes under the temple. The stones are ancient and were here before Battle Coast was settled by either Onyx or Scapolite. They are yet another example of the ruins that dot the Onyxish landscape.

  • Important NPCs: Brother Absalar Zantus (human), Cleric of Diamond.

2. Borderpoint Boneyard: An expansive cemetery that overlooks the Savrano river. There are tombs for the affluent members of the community as well as a number of burial plots marked by simple headstones.

  • Important NPCs: Naffer Vosk (human), cemetery keeper.

3. The White Deer: A rather grand affair of an inn, the White Deer was rebuilt after fire burned it to the ground during the Recent Unpleasantness. The White Deer is three stories tall. The entrance is flanked by a pair of life-sized, exquisitely carved wooden deer. The prices here are surprisingly low considering the quality of the rooms, probably so the White Deer can compete with the Rusty Wyvern.

  • Important NPCs: Rough Runner the Innkeeper of the Firebringer Tribe (human), Inkeeper.

4. The Way North: This small and rather cramped building is filled near to bursting with maps and charts. Maps of the local region can be purchased here for prices ranging from 5 to 100 gp depending upon the size and level of detail.

  • Important NPCs: Veznutt (gnome), map maker.

5. Jeweler: A squat, stone building, this is the only jeweler in town. It is regularly guarded by at least two well-armed locals, though rumor has it that the strange owner often forgets to lock the door.

  • Important NPCs: 1.61803398875 (modron), jeweler.

6. Junker's Edge: Garbage from the town is regularly gathered and then dumped off this cliff edge to a beach below. While druids and those who venerate Sapphire protest this practice it is so cost-effective that the town council is reluctant to seek alternatives. When the tides come in, much of the trash is washed out to sea, preventing the pile from growing too high.

7. Sea Cow's Shack: This dilapidated shack is home to a darfellan named simple Sea Cow. While it seems like a rather ugly little shack, Sea Cow has the market cornered on junking. He employs roughly two dozen thugs and vagrants to collect trash and then dump it off Junker's Edge. The town pays him nicely for this service.

  • Important NPCs: Sea Cow (darfellan), junker.

8. Sage: This unassuming little building is where people can go for research assistance or historical facts. Brodert Quink will, for a price, research any topic desired. His work is meticulous but there isn't much call for it in Borderpoint.

  • Important NPCs: Brodert Quink (human), sage.

9. Locksmith: Most of the town's locks were built in this quaint little shop. The owner will also open locks once he is assured that the lock being opened wasn't stolen.

  • Important NPCs: Silune the Honest ibn Aziza Al-Pazad (kobold), locksmith.

10. Borderpoint Garrison: Built of stone, the Borderpoint Garrison serves as barracks for the militia and the town's jail. A small contingent of Amethystian military are stationed here under the command of the town's sheriff, Iron Spine the Sheriff of Borderpoint.

  • Important NPCs: Iron Spine the Sheriff of Borderpoint (human), Sheriff / Crusher the Jailer of the Firebringer Tribe (human), jailer.

11. Borderpoint Town Hall: Most of the first floor of the town hall is a meeting space large enough to house the majority of Borderpoint's adults. The second floor contains offices and storerooms. There is a vault in the basement that serves as the town's bank.

  • Important NPCs: Kendra Deverin (human), mayor of Borderpoint.

12. Savah's Armory: The northeast corner of the armory is scarred from the fire of five years ago. Savah's sells armor and weapons including some masterwork and exotic pieces.

  • Important NPCs: Savah Bevaniky (human), weaponsmith.

Downtown Locations

13. Risa's Place: Thirty years ago, this tavern was owned and operated by a wizardess of some small skill. Now, her children run the tavern while she entertains with her stories. Risa's is popular with locals because it is out of the way and unlikely to be visited by strangers.

  • Important NPCs: Risa Magravi (human), wizardess & storyteller / Besk, Lanalee and Vodger Magravi (humans), tavern keepers.

14. Ravonky Tannery: A tannery with a reputation for perfection. Every few years, the owner fires all his employees because they don't live up to his impossible standards.

  • Important NPCs: Larz Rovanky (human), tanner.

15. Red Dog Smithy: This business is named for the large, crimson mastiff dogs which are often lounging around the shop. The owner has a temper and little patience but everyone admits there's no better blacksmith.

  • Important NPCs: Das Korvut (human), blacksmith.

16. The Pillbug's Pantry: Tucked behind some old tenements is Pillbug's Pantry, a tiny shop that sells medicines and potions.

  • Important NPCs: Oliver "Pillbug" Palos (human), alchemist.

17. Bottled Solutions: A cluttered shop filled with flasks, bottles and bags. Potions can be purchased here.

  • Important NPCs: Nisko Toto (human), alchemist.

18. Cracktooth's Tavern: The favorite tavern of patrons of the Borderpoint Theater, Cracktooth's is always full after a performance. There's a large stage here and anyone so inclined may step up to perform. The owner is rather ugly to look at but famous for his humor and wit when he's on stage himself.

  • Important NPCs: Jesk "Cracktooth" Berinni (human), tavern keeper.

19. House of Blue Stones: Most of this building consists of a single chamber. The floor of the chamber is decorated with polished blue stones set into a winding mandala. The House of Blue Stones is a one monk monastery. Both the meditation chamber and the large collection of books and scrolls in the building's basement are open to anyone who impresses the monk with their sincerity.

  • Important NPCs: Sabyl Treewhispers (elf), monk

20. Borderpoint Glassworks: The oldest industry in town, the Glassworks is the central business of the Kaijitsu family. The family has practiced the trade for decades and their techniques, originally perfected in the Jade Kingdom, create impressive works that fetch top price throughout the Empire.

21. Borderpoint Savories: Every morning, the smells of this shop battle against the salty sea air. This bakery sells breads and pastries.

  • Important NPCs: Alma Avelino (human), baker / Arika and Aneka Avelino (bakers).

22. The Curious Goblin: This surprisingly complete bookstore might seem out of place in Borderpoint. The high prices mean very little is sold but that doesn't seem to bother the owner. More intellectually inclined locals can often be found here, reading in overstuffed arm chairs or engaging in spirited debate.

  • Important NPCs: Chask Haro (human), bookshop owner.

23. Borderpoint Theater: Another out of place structure, the Borderpoint Theater is expansive and surprisingly modern. It does showcase local talent but twice a month there are performances of shows brought from Vesicule, Onyx's capital.

  • Important NPCs: Cyrdak Dorado (human), playwright, director and theater owner.

24. Carpenter's Guild: Most of the buildings in town were built by the members of the town's Carpenter's Guild. The Guild is in constant conflict with the Shipyard over who gets the best cuts of wood from the lumber mill.

  • Important NPCs: Aserick Pagesh Mason (dwarf), carpenter guildmaster.

25. Borderpoint Lumber Mill: The mill is owned by the Scarnetti family but operated by their agents. While neighbors complain about the mill operating day and night to keep up with demand from the town and beyond, the Scarnetti family ensures that any such complaints are ignored by the town council.

  • Important NPCs: Banny Harker (human) and Ibor Thorn (human), mill managers.

26. General Store: Borderpoint's oldest and best stocked general store has a little bit of everything from farm equipment and furniture to homemade pies. There's also a rather nice supply of alcohol for sale in the basement/

  • Important NPCs: Ven Vindernini (human), shopkeeper / Solsta Vindernini (human), shopkeeper / Katrine and Shayliss Vindernini (human), shopkeeper's daughters.

27. Sovrano Academy: The Academy has two functions. First, it educates many of the town's children, fulfilling the imperial mandate that all citizens of the Empire be literate. Second, the Academy cares for orphans. The Academy headmaster is a talented wizard and there are many rumors about what lurks in the building's basement.

  • Important NPCs: Isolari Gandethus (human), schoolmaster.

28. Madame Mvashti's House: When the Borderpoint Mercantile League arrived at the site that would one day be Borderpoint they found it already had a resident, an elder druidess named Niska Mvashti. To placate Mvashti and prevent a possible challenge to their claim, the League built her a small manor where the lives to this day. She is regularly visited by druids from out of town who help her take long walks in the countryside.

  • Important NPCs: Niska Mvashti (human), crotchety old druid.

29. Grocer's Hall: During the day, trays and tables are heaped with produce from the local farms. At the back of the store are farming tools, seed, feed, tack and fertilizer. The rest of the building holds living quarters, a meeting room, a file room and storage.

  • Important NPCs: Olmur Del la Rosa (human), guildmaster.

30. Vernah's Fine Clothing: The finest clothing store in Borderpoint and home to a small guild of local weavers, seamstresses, quilters, tailors and crafters.

  • Important NPCs: Rynshinn Povalli (half-elf), seamstress and shop keeper.

31. Wheen's Wagons: A shop where one have wagons or carts built or repaired.

  • Important NPCs: Vorah Wheen (human), craftswoman.

32. Scarnetti Mill: Another mill owned by the Scarnetti family, this produces flour and feed instead of lumber. Almost all the other mills in the area have been claimed by fire, making some suspicious but the Scarnetti Mill's manager has countered rumors by lowering the prices to record lows until the other mills can be rebuilt.

  • Important NPCs: Courrin Whesterwill (human), mill manager.

33. The Hagfish: A popular tavern, especially among fishermen and gamblers. It is also the best place to get a seafood meal. The game tables are well attended and have games ranging from checkers to dice to dragonchess. The favorite game of Hagfish patrons, however, is "yarning", in which someone strings together an impromptu and outlandish fable for as long as they can without contradicting themselves. The tavern gets its name from the quartz aquarium that sits behind the bar which holds a hagfish, lovingly named Norah. Hanging next to Norah's tank is a leather pouch bulging with coins. For a single silver, a patron can order a single tankard of the foul, slimy and thick water from Norah's aquarium. Anyone who keeps it down gets to keep the pouch full of coins and their name is carved in the ceiling beam above the tank. There are only 28 names on the beam and the Hagfish has been open for 10 years.

  • Important NPCs: Jargie Quinn (human), tavern owner.

34. Valdemar Fishmarket: An open air market across from the grocer's guild where locals can buy fresh catch the fishermen bring in each day.

  • Important NPCs: Turch Sterglus (human), fishmarket manager.

35. Borderpoint Market: On most days, this area is empty except for children who play games here. Four times a month, however, the market fills with vendors. Twice a month it becomes a farmer's market, selling produce, eggs, milk, honey and meat. The other two times it becomes a merchant's market with traveling vendors setting up stalls.

36. Borderpoint Meat Market: Half the building is a butcher and the other half a slaughterhouse where local livestock and hunter's game are prepared for sale.

  • Important NPCs: Chod Bobo (human), butcher.

37. The Rusty Wyvern: The Rusty Wyvern is Borderpoint's oldest inn and well known for the rusting, giant sculpture of a wyvern that sits on the building's roof (acting as both lightning rod and decoration). The food served here is a blend of Scapolitan, Onyxish and Jadenese cuisines and very popular with both locals and visitors. The Wyvern's owner is known for discounting rooms for anyone who can tell a thrilling (and at least somewhat real) story of their adventures and a "Help Wanted" board near the bar promises rewards for small adventuring tasks that need doing in the region.

  • Important NPCs: Kaijitsu Ameiko (human), tavern owner.

38. Goblin Squash Stables: While these are the best stables in town, some are put off by the garish display inside. A collection of goblin ears are preserved and nailed in lines on the rafters with names branded into the flesh of each one. Even that is nothing compared to the large glass bottle filled with brine and the preserved corpse of Chief Whartus of the now-extinct Bonegrinder Tribe.

  • Important NPCs: Jubrayl Vhiski (human), stable keeper.

39. Two Knight Brewery: Every tavern in town makes it a point to offer Two Knight ale and rum. The brewery was founded by two halfling brothers. Townfolk whisper that spirits from the brewery just haven't been as good since Wade, the younger of the two brothers, was killed during the Chopper murders five years ago.

  • Important NPCs: Gaven Flagon Burrfoot (halfling), brewer.

40. Borderpoint Mercantile League: This is the headquarters of the Borderpoint Mercantile League, the organization that holds the charter on the town and surrounding area. Any person who wishes to book passage on a ship, hire a courier, inquire into land ownership, building construction or opening a business must visit the League.

  • Important NPCs: Sir Jasper Korvaski (human), manager.

41. Borderpoint Boutique: A large boutique that sells all manner of clothing, weapons, toys and other good imported from all over the world.

  • Important NPCs: Hayliss Korvaski (human), store owner.

42. Fatman's Feedbag: The favorite tavern of Borderpoint's seedier crowd, nights at the Feedbag are often loud and violent.

  • Important NPCs: Gressel O'Reilly (human), barkeep / Jubrayl Cruickshank (human), customer.

43. The Pixie's Kitten: The locals sometimes call the Kitten by a different name but the truth is the town's largest brothel is also the cleanest and safest.

  • Important NPCs: Kaye Tesarani (human), madame.

44. The Feathered Serpent: A cramped and cluttered shop smelling of incense and spice. The owner is excited about every customer but cagey about which items are actually for sale and which are part of his collection. Many of the relics here are Obsidanu. Adventurers looking for magic items might do well to come here.

  • Important NPCs: Kigeni Makumbusho Uhamishoni (human), shopkeeper.

45. Hannah's: While Brother Zantus at the temple does his best to heal the truly sick and needy, he can't help everyone. Most of Borderpoint's citizens visit Hannah Velerin for help with aches, pains and illnesses. The shop is generally open during the afternoon and evening as Hannah spends her mornings collecting herbs for alchemical workings. She also acts as midwife for many of the town's women.

  • Important NPCs: Hannah Velerin (elf), healer.

46. Borderpoint Shipyard: A small army of crafters work to create and repair sailing vessels at the town's four dry docks.

  • Important NPCs: Belven Valdemara (human), shipyard manager.

The Manors

47. Valdemara Manor: The Valdemara manor has a magnificent view of the harbor and is home to one of Borderpoint's four founding families. The manor and the Valdemara family are ruled by Ethram, the only original member of the Borderpoint Mercantile League who is still alive. The Valdemara family controls the town's shipbuilding industry.

  • Important NPCs: Ethram Valdemara (human), Valdemara patriarch.

48. Scarnetti Manor: The Scarnetti family controls the mills and lumber industry. Their manor is the furthest away from the town, hidden behind a thick copse of wood.

  • Important NPCs: Titus Scarnetti (human), Scarnetti patriarch.

49. Kaijitsu Manor: While this is the smallest of the family manors, the Kaijitsu family is probably the wealthiest. The family was exiled from the Jade Kingdom shortly after the Great Invasion for reasons they refuse to discuss. Today, the family patriarch runs the Borderpoint Glassworks, a prosperous business that ships products all over Krystallos. Rumor has it he is estranged from his children and has been since the death of his wife years ago.

  • Important NPCs: Kaijitsu Lonjiku (human), Kaijitsu patriarch.

50. Deverin Manor: The Deverin family owns a stake in most of the local farms and has something of a dynasty when it comes to the town. Amos Deverin served as the first mayor and his son, Fenchus served as its second. His younger daughter, Kendra is currently serving as mayor of the town. Rumor has it she was romantically involved with the former sheriff, Casp Avertin. She hasn't shown any signs of romantic interest in anyone since Casp's death at the hands of the Chopper.

  • Important NPCs: Kendra Deverin (human), town mayor.

The Hinterlands

  1. Ashen Rise: The smaller of the two limestone escarpments in the area. It is relatively safe and unassuming
  2. Biston's Pond: This pond is named after a Druid who lived on the western shore. Biston's shack stands to this day and is said to be haunted by his ghost. Goblins are known to fish here.
  3. Brinestump Marsh: An overgrown and ugly swampland infested with giant insects, goblin and worse. The marsh is unexplored despite the presence of the relatively heavily traveled Battle Coast road nearby.
  4. Egan's Wood: A small wood who was once owned by a man named Egan. Egan refused to allow logging on his land. His shack is hidden somewhere in the wood but is hard to find thanks to the giant spiders who live in the trees.
  5. Farmlands: These farmlands are fairly safe but do have the occasional problem with bandits or goblins. Most of the farms are at least partially owned by the Deverin family.
  6. Foxglove Manor: An uninhabited manor to the south and west of Borderpoint. It is rumored to be haunted.
  7. Giant's Punchbowl: A bowl-shaped island. Wyverns are known to roost here.
  8. Grubber's Hermitage: A small, isolated island. A thorp of a dozen fishing families live here and aren't very fond of visitors.
  9. Habe's Sanatorium: A country home for the mentally ill. Most of the patients here are from beyond Borderpoint and the town has little to do with the Sanatorium beyond delivering the occasional supplies.
  10. Hag's Plummet: A lonely cliff overlooking the sea. Locals are fond of telling the story of Bevanaka, a woman who found a grey hair and sought out a witch to gain an elixir of beauty. The witch gave her the elixir but warned Bevanaka that the beauty would only last for as long as she didn't fall in love. Bevanaka lived a long life alone but, eventually, fell in love with a young man. She grew old in an instant and was rejected by her love. In despair, she threw herself from the cliffs. Despite this story being obvious fiction, the cliff has become a favorite place for both lovers to proclaim their love to each other and for suicides.
  11. The Moors: There are three moors in the area, expanses of alternating rocky ground, poor-quality soil and swampy marshland. Ashen Moor is closest to Borderpoint. Bleaklow Moor is thought to be inhabited by ghouls. Whisperwood Moor is the largest of the three and home to nasty beats which sometimes venture out to hunt down livestock.
  12. Monster's Platter: A large limestone escarpment that is home to the relatively nonaggressive Birdcruncher goblin tribe.
  13. Mosswood: The trees in the Mosswood are large and mostly redwood and, as a result, the forest floor is fairly open. This forest is home to the Mosswood tribe of goblins, the largest in the area.
  14. Nettlewood: A much more tangled and dense forest than the Mosswood, the Nettlewood is very hard to traverse.
  15. Pauper's Graves: The remains of a graveyard from the days before the Great Invasion, the Pauper's Graves were later used to bury those poor laborers who died while building Borderpoint. Today, Pauper's Graves are avoided. It is rumored ghouls live in tunnels beneath.
  16. The Pit: This dark, circular pit on Monster's Platter connects to hundreds of tunnels and caverns and lairs that curl throughout the Battle Coast. Some of them dip down deeply to connect to the Depths. Any number of monsters, beasts, Invader remnants, Corrupted and crazed cultists make their home here.
  17. The Pyre: A wide expanse where nothing grows, as if a great fire burned here and permanently sterilized the grass. Legend has it that Onyx and Scapolite once had a great battle here. It is a matter of some debate on who won.
  18. Ravenroost: A range of ragged hills and isolated pine copses. Very little lives here except wild animals.
  19. Shank's Wood: A small pine and eucalyptus forest. The Seven Tooth tribe of goblins live in this wood.
  20. Sog's Bay: This bay has wrecked many a ship but is still used by smugglers and pirates who want to avoid Amethystian naval patrols. The masts of unfortunate ships protrude from the shallows and reefclaws, giant crabs and other tidal predators hunt the bay.
  21. Thistletop: An island off the coast of the Nettlewood, Thistletop is actually the head of a giant statue that fell into the sea. No one knows what became of the rest of the statue. Over the years, the features of the statue's face have become worn and unrecognizable.
  22. The Three Cormorants: Atop each of these three, towering sea stack are small forests. The forests are home to harpies that seem to prefer tormenting goblins to people.
  23. Tickwood: Despite the giant ticks that give the wood its name, this is a popular spot for boar hunting.
  24. The Tors: These three stony hills are named after adventurers who explored the nooks, caverns and ruins hidden here during the early days of Borderpoint's founding. There might still be treasure here to be had.
  25. Whisperwood: The Whisperwood is a large forest that runs to the south of Borderpoint. The trees here are giant and hidden deep within is a stone monument erected by a Druid lodge many ages ago.
  26. Wisher's Well: A little visited ruin, Wisher's Well seems to be the remains of a tower or circular wall that surrounds a deep shaft ending in a pool of water. Monsters live in the caverns below the well.
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