Invading the Glassworks

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Player Characters

LuciusIcon.png Zyindraicon.png Maayanicon.png Shiphrahicon.png Midgeicon.png

Important NPCs

  • Kaijitsu Lonjiku, Town councilman and owner of the Glassworks.


  • Borderpoint, a town on Battle Coast between the Onyx Cryptocracy and the Scapolite Theocracy.
    • Borderpoint Glassworks, a factory specializing in glass making and structural gem cutting.


  • Goblins, invaders of the Glassworks.

Adventurer's Log

8th day of Diamond, year 54 of the Age of the Great Invasion

  • Maayan and Shipharah climb up to the roof of the glassworks and peer through two skylights. One overlooks the furnace room and reveals a grisly sight: eight goblins capering about. Some are pouring molten glass on dead bodies. Others are throwing glass items against the walls. Still others are tossing dismembered human body parts into the furnaces. The other skylight looks over the showroom, which is busted up but empty of bodies, dead or alive.
  • After the elven sisters return with their scouting information the party makes a plan. Midge and Maayan will go up onto the roof to snipe and bomb the goblins while the others enter through the back entrance. As Maayan and Midge climb up to the roof, Shiphrah expertly picks the lock on the back door.
  • Shiphrah sneaks inside the glassworks and scouts ahead. Lucius follows at a distance to keep an eye on her. Shiphrah checks most of the rooms beyond the furnace room and discovers nothing living or dead in any of them, though there is plenty evidence of bloodshed and conflict.
  • After Shiphrah returns to the party they burst into the furnace room. Zyindra's magic provides a boost of ability to her allies. The fight is a strange one. Some goblins attack directly while others attempt to throw molten glass. The party makes a good accounting of themselves with rapiers, arrows, bombs and spellstaves. In short order, four goblins are down.
  • One goblin, seemingly more intelligent than the others, recognizes the party as those who fought during the Swallowtail Festival. He calls a retreat and four goblins manage to escape, running through a door and down a set of stairs.
  • As the party prepares to chase the fleeing goblins they realize that a giant pile of melted glass is actually a formerly-living statue - the body of Kaijitsu Lonjiku, Ameiko's father, tied to a chair. He was still alive when they poured the molten glass on him. He isn't now.


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