Infiltrating Thistletop, part II

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Player Characters

LuciusIcon.png Zyindraicon.png Maayanicon.png Shiphrahicon.png Midgeicon.png

Important NPCs

  • Jargie Quinn, Owner of the Hagfish tavern and retired seafarer.
  • Shalelu Shem Andosana, elven ranger.


  • The Hinterlands, the mostly unsettled region around Borderpoint on the Battle Coast.
    • Thistletop, a strange island populated by goblins.


  • Kaijitsu Tsuto, half-elven monk and thief.
  • Nualia, semi-corrupted Cleric of Eclavdra.

Adventurer's Log

9th day of Diamond, year 54 of the Age of the Great Invasion

  • Nualia and Tsuto both attack Lucius, her with a bastard word and he with a bow and arrow. Lucius dodges both attacks and then runs west as planned.
  • A pitched battle begins as the group ambushes Nualia. Despite being outnumbered, she holds her own, doing quite a bit of damage. Zyindra's healing magic keeps anyone from taking so much damage that they slip into unconsciousness.
  • While the fight continues, Midge sneaks into the star key chamber. She plants the final explosive.
  • The battle begins to go south for Nualia. She is bleeding heavily from multiple wounds. Shouting something about a sacrifice, Nualia grabs her face and twists it, ripping the flesh of her head completely around the skull so her face is now on the back of her head. She drops to the floor, laughing madly. Immediately, the entire island begins to rumble.
  • Tsuto runs from the scene, tumbling through the party and screaming like a goblin who has seen an entire pack of dogs. He flees up the stairs.
  • Midge whistles loudly, a signal that Shalelu should set off the explosives. The party runs as well, up the stairs. They barely escape the island before the explosives go off. The island implodes with the surface sinking into the collapsing tunnels.
  • As Quinn's ship sails away from the island, Shalelu bobs up to the surface. She had escaped through the underwater tunnel leading away from the vault. Shalelu is brought on board and the party returns to Borderpoint.


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