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Player Characters

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Important NPCs

  • Empress Amelia of Amethyst


  • Fao Manor, a broken down estate in the Barony of Fao.

Adventurer's Log

The kiss is the sort that lasts forever and a day and tumbles into a dozen more. Long and passionate and filled with months of loneliness and need and desire and love. When, finally, it ends, Amelia draws back. Her violet eyes look deeply into Zyindra's green ones and she says, "Well, now, that was a kiss worth waiting for, wasn't it?" Her lips quirk into a smile. "And I did wait for it. I promise." Given the queen's nature, that's no small pledge.

The kiss is the sort that lasts forever and a day and tumbles into a dozen more. Long and passionate and filled with months of loneliness and need and desire and love. When, finally, it ends, Amelia draws back. Her violet eyes look deeply into Zyindra's green ones and she says, "Well, now, that was a kiss worth waiting for, wasn't it?" Her lips quirk into a smile. "And I did wait for it. I promise." Given the queen's nature, that's no small pledge.

<OOC> Raven says, "After her bath, back at my quarters?"

<OOC> Amelia nods.

Zyindra tries to hold herself back from the full depths of the kiss, but there is no denying that Amelia fires her emotions and her imagination, and arouses her spirit and her body; she doesn't last long trying to maintain her restraint. Finally, however, they part and breathe, and the teen witch shakes her head, smiling wryly. "Better than poetry, however florid." she teases brightly, then guides the freshly bathed blonde Empress to the bed. "It is wonderful to see you again, Amelia. Even better to hold you, and kiss you again." But Zyindra wasn't waiting for this. She had rather assumed such a thing would never happen again.

"I'm afraid I will not be able to resist temptation for long." Amelia admits as she settles down onto the bed and draws Zyindra into her arms. "And rational conversation won't be possible soon. Let me say the things I need to say, please, before I lose myself." She kisses a temple. Then a neck. Then an earlobe.

"I would never stop you, Amelia." Zyindra offers, sliding her arms around the blonde in return. She doesn't push her away, but she's not - yet - encouraging more physical familiarities. She recognizes the need to not further enflame the passionate empress' desires until some communication is achieved other than that of need and pheromones.

Amelia leans her head back, then to one side and then the other. She stretches out the muscles, then says, "I am being pushed by my advisors, by my people even, to produce an heir." She closes her eyes and leans her forehead against Zyindra's shoulder. "Obviously, that will not happen until the present crisis has passed. I can't be incapacitated by pregnancy or child rearing. I need to focus. But..."

She takes a deep breath. Is there a tremble there, in the way she breathes in and out? "My Magus General wishes to retire. I won't allow him to do so until the crisis has passed. When it has, though... when it has... I want you to come and take the position. But there's more. I also... I have arranged a trade with the Amazonites. I will receive the lore of how two women can reproduce..." She trails off, lifting her head and looking into Zyindra's eyes. Waiting for her to respond.

Zyindra holds Amelia without pulling her closer. She just stays present. Engaged. Listening. In contact. But inside, her mind, her heart, her soul is aswirl in confusion. Of course they want Amelia to produce an heir; she's honestly surprised that she can convince the nobles to wait out the current crisis.

But then comes news of the Magus General. She wants Zyindra to take the job? But she's not a magi, and she's no general. Not to mention the fact that she's not a noble. And why would she want to be up close, there at the capital, when Amelia is going to have to find someone, a consort, and produce an heir? That would be all new kinds of terrible torture to watch up close.

Then comes the last, and Zyindra's emerald eyes go wide with shock. "What?" Sure, Zyindra knows that the Amazonite barbarians can do that. And she's not completely flummoxed that they would consider sharing it with the Empress, though that does seem rather rare. But ... what does this mean? "Amelia ... " The young witch takes a breath, and then turns sharply to look over into the corner, at a pair of rather amused amber-glowing eyes. Whatever she thinks back at Sabbath, he yerfs amusedly and then curls back up, as if his work is done.

"OK. I'm shocked." Zyindra finally admits. "Nore than a little stunned and surprised. I had no idea you ... you thought of me that seriously. I mean ... that is what you are suggesting, aren't you? That I would achieve a title, take the position as Magus General, and then we would marry and produce an heir together?" Or maybe two! Hey, there's more than one womb in this equation.

<OOC> Amelia says, "Magus General is like a Surgeon General or a Postmaster General. Its not a military position. Its chief magical advisor."

<OOC> Raven says, "Zy probably doesn't realize that. :)"

<OOC> Raven says, "But I appreciate the intel. :)"

Amelia watches Zyindra work her way through the whole of it and her smile grows as her clever witch figures it all out. "Yes. As Magus General, you would be my chief advisor in all matters of magic and you would govern the activities of all mages in the employ of the empire. As for marriage... yes. You would be princess consort. There would be some additional ceremonial duties but, beyond that, your main tasks would involve being a wife, a mother, and Magus General."

Her breathing and voice have grown stronger and more sure now that the idea hasn't ben rejected outright. "I have had many lovers, Zyindra, but none whom I have connected with so deeply as you. Yes, at first, it was just flirtation. A fascination I had with someone who was so different and exotic but in the brief time I was able to know you in person... love is a luxury you forced me to purchase, I'm afraid, even if I probably can't afford it."

It takes Zyindra a little bit to work her way around to saying more. Clearly, she is still stunned and processing. But she's not pulling away, and she's not trying to maintain distance. Just trying to work through all of this. "I won't lie to you, Amelia. I never have, and I am not going to start. I am surprised, and a bit shocked, that your feelings for me are so deep." She sighs, and shrugs her shoulders. "I knew mine were, but I had resigned myself to the fact that would be largely one-sided, the infatuation of the inexperienced girl for the worldly and amazing Empress." Maybe a little flattery with her honesty isn't a bad thing?

"I will admit that I foresee plenty of possibilities for problems with this plan." Zyindra offers, after a bit more thought. "But I do not consider any of them necessarily insurmountable, save one." She leans close, emerald eyes peering into light purple ones. "Are you sure that as a witch I can qualify for Magus General? I am willing. But I do not want to become any more of a divisive figure for the Empire than absolutely necessary."

Then Zyindra presses a light kiss to Amelia's lips. "As for the rest of the plan ... I love the idea, as I love you. And I will do all I can to help us both face and meet the challenges that arise to the plan."

Amelia's smile turns into sunshine, a beaming moment where her lips stretch wide and pure joy radiates through. "The purpose of the Magus General is to understand magic and ensure it is used to the best benefit of the Empire, my witch. I am absolutely confident your unique perspective will accomplish the task with brilliance. You are, of course, right, but you will, by the end of this, be a war hero. No one will gainsay me wedding a hero of the war and, while no monarch of Amethyst has ever done so, marriage to one's own gender has been a right of the Empire for nearly an age."

"This will not be a pleasant conflict." Her smile fades. "I anticipate, in the end, having to send troops into Peridot. Once they are there, in order to ensure the city does not become a problem again and to ensure the ticks are truly gone, I will need to absorb it into the empire. I will be a conquerer. People will die in the process. I do not look forward to this but... it must occur."

Zyindra nuzzles Amelia's cheek and ear, holding her close as she listens. She gets how hard this is, and she is supporting Amelia. No more joking, no teasing, and no lovey-dovey talk of a future they can build together, no matter how much both may want it. For now, this is about the burdens of leadership and command. "I understand. And not all of those who are lost will be soldiers, yours or the enemy's. Many will be the innocents trapped in the middle, despite our best efforts to avoid and minimize such losses. I am sorry, Amelia. I doubt there is any way that I can avoid that outcome for you, no matter what I try. All I can do is hold and support you as you bear through it, for the greater good."

"Of course. Well." Amelia clears her throat. "Tomorrow I will speak to the Baron. There are certain formalities to making you an official member of the Magus Corps of Amethyst. He will need to knight you and then send the proper paperwork to my office, where it will be approved and you will be added to the rolls. Once such is done, you will be an official servant of the Empire, assigned as the magus of Fao. From there, I have people who can work to build your legend and reputation in order to ensure you are well received by the people when official announcements are made, sometime hence."

The redheaded witch shakes her head slightly, a wry amusement, and then she nuzzles Amelia's cheek once more. "Alright. Though why 'the Baron' should knight me, I have no idea." In her view, she cannot much imagine she has done anything worthy of such recognition. Her perspective is a tad skewed. She glances at Sabbath again. "Have you been telling tales?" she offers accusingly. The fox barely opens one eye and gives an almsot sneeze-like yerf of denial, then buries his nose under his fluffy tail, done with the bipeds for now.

Amelia laughs at the antics of both mistress and familiar. "Local rulers have the right to knight those who offer service. Regional rulers have the right to fill empty noble seats of higher rank. All such appointments must be approved by the Empress but I receive hundreds a year. I have people who look into the matter and advise me on the propriety of things. Usually I sign off on it. I am not here, darling, officially. I can't knight you. It must be done locally and, locally, your shadowy friend is my hand."

Zyindra chuckles and shakes her head. "I do not question why it should be the Baron, only why it is that I would be worthy of it." she explains. "But if you are sure of this, I will accept. What Lucius will say, I cannot begin to guess." And how this may obtain regarding Lucius and Shiphrah she's not even going to begin to speculate without speaking with both of them. Another time. "I suspect if you knighted me, Amelia, it would catch attention we would prefer to avoid, and raise questions of propriety later." Meaning she accepts this is the plan. "Is that all we need to talk about?" Might as well ask, right?

Amelia closes her eyes and taps her list, reviewing a mental checklist. One has to be organized to control the largest Empire in Krystallos after all. "... yes. Yes, I do believe it is." The blonde queen opens her eyes and her lips curl into a rather bewitching smile. "We may now move onto the second portion of our evening."

"Or is that third?" Zyindra offers, as she tilts her head to the side and brings her lips to Amelia's, kissing softly, tenderly, sliding her arms further around the blonde Empress, until they meet at the small of her back. "For the record, since I have not said it yet: I am really, really glad to see you. Welcome to Fao." She winks. "And welcome to my bedroom." And her bed.

<OOC> Amelia smiles.

<OOC> Amelia says, "Okay. There's one more thing."

<OOC> Amelia says, "When Zyindra orgasms for the final time, she'll have her first vision in months."

<OOC> Raven giggles.

<OOC> Amelia says, "She was TOLD she needed to relax."

<OOC> Amelia says, "For the visions to come. :)"

<OOC> Amelia says, "I'm still working out the details of the vision but you'll have it by next session."

<OOC> Raven says, "OK."

<OOC> Amelia says, "And there you go."

<OOC> Raven smooches. :)

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