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Fao Barony. Explored sections are highlighted.

Settlement Sheet

  • Government: Autocracy (Baron)
  • Population: 200



Fao was first named a county during the Scapolite occupation of Onyx and given as a reward to the general of the same name. General Fao built a manor on the land to use as a vacation home but never developed the region due to the mix of inhospitable land, monsters, and fae which lived in the area. In the time since Fao has become home to bandits, hunters, trappers, and fishermen who prefer the wilds to the city.
Fao manor has passed through dozens of hands over time, usually as part of some larger deal. Throughout it all a small staff has continued to serve at the manor in positions which have become almost hereditary. A decade ago the crown of Amethyst seized the deed to the manor as part of an initiative to elevate more locals to the peerage and create a more integrated empire. Fao was redistricted as a barony, though it has remained without a lord until recently.

Explored Locations

Note: Each hex is roughly 5 miles across.

  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 5.05 Temple of the Icon Espejo Obscura.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 6.05 Kahvah Tea Fields.
  • LOCATION: Hex 7.04 Fur trader Amor's house.
  • Hex 8.04 Grasslands. Might make for good farm land.
  • LOCATION: Hex 9.03 Abandoned watch tower.
  • ODDITY: Hex 9.04 A circular stream is located here, with five waterfalls that flow up hill. An artifact is creating the water but not making it flow up the waterfalls.
  • LOCATION: Hex 10.01 Light Forest. Home to thousands of termite mounds. Roughly half the trees seem somehow immune to the termites.
  • Hex 10.04 Grasslands. Found the wreckage of a hot air balloon here. The body inside was cremated.
  • NEW Hex 11.0 Grass hills. Many wildflower patches here.
  • Hex 11.01 Light Forest. There is a pond here. The pond here used to house ghosts.
  • LOCATION: Hex 11.03: Home to a pair of kobolds. Bubbling pits of pitch located there.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 12.0 Part of the Proudfoot Farm.
  • Hex 12.01 Light Forest. There is an old, ruined tower here. Inside is a man named Miles who grows mushrooms which sing when touched.
  • Hex 12.02 Light Forest. A band of skunk apes make their home here.
  • Hex 12.03 Hilly Scrubland. Might be good for olive farming.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE:Hex 13.0 Proudfoot Shire. Part of the Proudfoot Farm.
  • Hex 13.01 Light forest. Could be cleared to make room for a village.
  • ODDITY: Hex 13.02 Hills. There's a bridge crossing a stream here, made of human bone. Sitting in the Shrine of Opal under the manor allows one to see the area around the bridge.
  • NEW: Hex 13.03 Scrubland and hills. There's a tree encased in metal here.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 14.0 Part of the Proudfoot Farm.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 14.01 Part of the Proudfoot Farm.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 14.02 Fao Manor.
  • NEW: Hex 14.04 Hills and scrubland. The caverns from 14.03 might continue here.
  • NEW: Hex 14.03 Cliffs and hills. A series of caverns. Possible troll infestation.
  • Hex 15.0 Grasslands. The road leading to the city of Vesicule crosses the northern border of the duchy here.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 15.01 Lumbermill.
  • LOCATION/RESOURCE: Hex 15.02 Dwarf Mining Hold.
  • NEW: Hex 16.0 Grass hills. Unremarkable.
  • ODDITY: Hex 16.02 Lake with giant fish.



Residents of Note in Fao Manor

  • Sebastian Bensonmum (gnome): Sebastian is the latest in a long family line of caretakers of the Fao Manor. Despite being a gnome he is rather worried and fussy. Required for barony to function when party is away.

  • LEADER: Cecile (half-elf): Cecile's father was captain of the guard of Fao Manor and she believes she inherited the job when he died at the hand of bandits. Required for barony to function when party is away.

  • Eike Olivin (human): Strange even by Onyx standards, Eike serves as librarian of the manor. It is a position for which he draws no salary and no one seems to know where it is he actually sleeps. It turned out he was undead and possibly a Cleric of Opal. The spell prolonging his resistance ended and he has left the mortal plane.

  • SUPPORT: Juan D'arc (human): The manor's arm's master, Juan spends most of his time sleeping. Required for barony to function.

  • UNIQUE: Piccolo (human): This strange little old man serves as the manor's wizard and advisor. He specializes in fire magic.

  • Muto (grippli): A bit slow in the brain, Muto works faithfully as the manor's quartermaster and is the only one who understands the archaic supply system. Required for barony to function.

  • LEADER: Drusilla (human?): A representative of the Colonial Merchant Company, sent to watch the company's interests in Fao. Cousin of Lucius. Activates the Colonial Merchant Company headquarters.

  • Rosita (half-elf/mzyht): Former bandit. Now assistant innkeeper, working for Midge. Required for Inn to function when Midge is away.

  • SUPPORT: Evelyn (half-elf/mzyht): Former bandit. Minor green magic. Keeps the manor garden. Required for garden to function when Maayan is away.

  • LEADER: Mareet (half-elf/mzyht): Former bandit. Now guardsman for the manor, working for Cecile.

  • Miacruz (human): Master carpenter who is assisted in her work by her son, Miho. Required for the building/improving of structure resources.

  • Sprocket (gnome): Journeyman blacksmith without a master. Required for the building/improving of structure resources.

  • SUPPORT: Sister Serena (human): Cleric of Emerald. Activates the Temple of Emerald as a resource.

  • Charles Mason (human): Mason from Amethyst with a sideline in sculpting. Required for the building/improving of structure resources.

  • Leonardo Guiseppe (human): Engineer and inventor. Reduces the cost of building/improving certain resources.

  • LEADER: Hamid Deehani ibn Salhi (kobold): Guard and crossbow marksman. Works for Cecile.

Residents of Settlements

  • LEADER: Overseer Lisbeth (dwarf): Foreman of the Moonsilver Mining Guild. Activates the Moonsilver Mining Guild resource when at least 50 miners are present.

  • Miles (human): Keeper of the singing mushroom creature.

  • LEADER: Evelyn Proudfoot (halfling): Headwoman of the Proudfoot Farm. Activates the Proudfoot Farm resource when at least 50 farmers are present.

  • Jaf and Far (kobold): Primitive kobolds living in the cave containing the pitch lake.

  • SUPPORT: Amor (human): Rifle markswoman and fur trader.

  • LEADER:Ronja Navi (elf/mzhyt): Leader of the Kahvah tea field collective. Activates the Kahvah tea field resource when at least 50 farmers are present.


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