Dinner with a Ranger

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Player Characters

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Important NPCs

  • Shalelu Shem Andosana, Hinterland ranger.
  • Kaijitsu Ameiko, owner of the Rusty Wyvern.
  • Bethana Corwin, halfling employee of Ameiko's.


  • Borderpoint, a town on Battle Coast between the Onyx Cryptocracy and the Scapolite Theocracy.
    • Rusty Wyvern, inn and tavern.
    • Borderpoint Glassworks, a factory specializing in glass making and structural gem cutting.

Adventurer's Log

7th day of Diamond, year 54 of the Age of the Great Invasion

Shalelu Shem Andosana
  • The party meets Shalelu for dinner at the Rusty Wyvern. She allows them to pick her brain and learn about goblins and the hinterlands area.
    • There are five goblin tribes in the area: the relatively benign Birdcrunchers who live in caves along the western edge of Monster's Platter. The Licktoads of the Brinestump Marsh who enjoy drowning the lost. The Seven Tooths of Shank's Wood who scavenge Borderpoint's junkyard . The Mosswoods who are a large tribe full of infighting families. And the Thistletop goblins who live on an island north of the Nettlewood that looks oddly like a head.
    • Goblins venerate "heroes" - goblins that achieve status and power. There are six in the area. Big Gugmut, a large goblin who claims his father was a boar. Korvus, who wielded a human-sized magic longsword before vanishing. Vorka, a goblin cannibal. Rendwattle Gutwad, the obese chieftain of the Brinestump goblins. Ripnugget, the leader of the Thistletop goblins and Bruthazmus, a goblin that was born bigger and hairier, smarter and meaner than other goblins.
    • The theory that a human who worships Tiamat or her god-generals could be controlling the goblins is bandied about. Shalelu admits it is possible and that disturbs her.
    • Shalelu leaves after dinner, intending to head right into the wilds to find more information on what the goblins are up to. She promises to send word if she discovers anything new.
  • The party retires for the evening.
  • In the morning, Zyindra is the first to go down to breakfast. There she finds there is no breakfast and Bethana, the halfling maid who helps run the Wyvern, is pacing and muttering to herself about someone being missing. With gentle words, Zyindra soon discovers that Ameiko is missing. Bethana remembers Ameiko going up to her room the night before but her bed has not been slept in and there's no sign of the innkeeper.
  • Sabbath goes to scout around the Inn while Zyindra sends Midge, who she runs into on the stairs, to rouse the others. Maayan overhears and rushes to wake her sister.
Tsuto's Note to his Sister
  • While the others are getting dressed, Zyindra begins searching Ameiko's room. The bed is perfectly made and Ameiko's sword and shamisen are both gone. As is Ameiko's armor. Under the bed, Zyindra finds a note from Ameiko's brother, written in Jadenese.
  • Lucius recounts what he learned about Ameiko's family and her brother.
  • Based on this, the party decides they need to go and potentially rescue Ameiko. It feels too much like a trap to them. They gear up and head out.
  • It is a short trip across town to the glassworks factory, where they find the storefront closed and every window curtained. Unable to see inside, the group decides to find the service entrance that Ameiko was supposed to have used, according to the note.
  • Along the way, Shiphrah takes her time to apply a rogue's sensibility to the building. She realizes, based on previous trips about town and to the beach below the factory, that there are at least three entrances. Furthermore, there are two skylights on the roof. Skylights are hard to curtain.
  • It is resolved that Shiphrah and Maayan will climb to the roof of the glassworks and try to peer through the skylights while the others check the more conventional entrances.


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