Below the Glassworks

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Player Characters

LuciusIcon.png Zyindraicon.png Maayanicon.png Shiphrahicon.png Midgeicon.png

Important NPCs

  • Kaijitsu Ameiko, Owner of the Rusty Wyvern.


  • Borderpoint, a town on Battle Coast between the Onyx Cryptocracy and the Scapolite Theocracy.
    • Borderpoint Glassworks, a factory specializing in glass making and structural gem cutting.


  • Goblins, invaders of the Glassworks.
  • Kaijitsu Tsuto, leader of the goblins.

Adventurer's Log

8th day of Diamond, year 54 of the Age of the Great Invasion

  • While Maayan helps Zyindra recover from being physically ill at the sight of Lonjiku covered in glass, the others rush down the stairs after the retreating goblins.
  • At the base of the stairs a Jadenese half-elf steps out of the shadows and shoots Lucius with a short bow. He then retreats into the shadows again.
  • Lucius and Shiphrah choose to chase two goblins down the corridor. One is wounded and forced to retreat but the other sets off a series of explosives hidden in crates. Lucius manages to throw himself flat and avoid the worst of the shockwave but Shiphrah is tossed to the ground and badly injured.
  • Meanwhile, Midge and Kaza sneak forward, spying around a corner to see the half-elf ready to fire. Midge throws a bomb around the corner but it bounces back and explodes, almost harming her.
Kaijitsu Tsuto
  • The half-elf drops his bow and rushes forward, proving adept as a martial artist as he throws himself into hand-to-hand combat with Midge.
  • Zyindra and Maayan rush down the stairs, having felt and heard the explosions. Zyindra hurries towards the wounded Shiphrah.
  • The half-elf, revealing himself through his rants to be Kaijitsu Tsuto, leaps and tumbles past the others. He strikes Zyindra in a nerve cluster, stunning her briefly.
  • Midge quaffs her mutagen, transforming into something more reptilian, and Kaza mauls and kills the only remaining goblin. Maayan rushes to check on her sister.
  • After he is wounded by Lucius' rapier, Tsuto punches the swashbuckler in the chest, cracking ribs. Lucius falls unconscious from the pain.
  • Tsuto and Midge engage in pitched combat while Zyindra heals first Shiphrah and then Lucius with her magic. After being severely wounded, Tsuto retreats. Midge tries to follow but he proves too fast and escapes through a tunnel leading out of the basement and under the town.
  • The party finds Ameiko in another room and frees her. They also find a backpack and a journal, as well as several empty bottles of alcohol, in another room.


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