A New Beginning, part 1

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Player Characters

LuciusIcon.png Zyindraicon.png Maayanicon.png Shiphrahicon.png Midgeicon.png

Important NPCs

  • Sebastian Bensonmum, caretaker of Fao Manor.
  • Cecile, captain of the guards of Fao Manor.
  • Muto, quartermaster of Fao Manor.
  • Brutus, representative of the Colonial Merchant Company.


  • Fao Manor, a broken down estate in the Barony of Fao.

Adventurer's Log

1st day of Citrine, year 55 of the Age of the Great Invasion

  • After uncovering a conspiracy against the crown and stopping the serial killer known as the Skinsaw Man, Lucius is elevated to the peerage by the Queen of Amethyst and given the barony of Fao in Onyx as his domain.
  • The party travels to Fao where they find mostly wilderness and one single, broken down manor house attended to by only a handful of servants. Worse yet, the region is beset by bandits, making communication and trade between Fao and the rest of Onyx impossible.
  • Baron Lucius leads his party against the bandits and defeats them. Most are killed in the fight or executed. Three surrender and are given a chance to work off their debt as laborers for the manor.
  • During the weeks which follow, each member of the AvantGuard does their best to effect repairs and bolster the manor.
    • Lucius learns more about being a baron and directs efforts towards restoring the inn.
    • Zyindra established herself as cook and healer and learned more about the residents of the manor. Despite her efforts, she was unable to learn much about the mysterious librarian.
    • Shiphrah worked with Sebastian, diving into learning the specifics of how the manor was run.
    • Maayan cleaned out the garden and did her best to revitalize it, managing to start seeds sprouting. Because of Onyx's moderate weather, growing crops can happen all year long and the garden should be able to harvest at least once before the rainy season comes.
    • Midge helped repair the inn, set up her laboratory, and used the last of the manor's reserves of grain to make beer.
  • A month after eliminating the bandit threat, a small caravan from Vesicule arrives in Fao. The wagons contains supplies from the Colonial Merchant Company, sent to help Lucius establish the duchy. There is enough food and other consumable goods to last roughly thirty days as well a selection of home goods needed to make Fao Manor a home.
  • Lucius' cousin, Brutus, arrives with the caravan. He announces he will be staying as a representative of the Colonial Merchant Company and claims one of the ruined stores. The caravan will repair the building before leaving.
  • That evening, the group meets in the inn over the last of Midge's beer. They make a plan to explore the immediate area around the manor to look for resources with which to trade and attract settlers.
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