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Room with dead cats

  • 1 Tapestry (SELL)
  • 2 dead cats (leave)

Mirror Room

  • Statue with Scepter (leave)
  • Statue with hourglass (leave)
  • 4 Torches with bird skulls (leave)

Column Room

Ruined Stairs

  • 1" Diameter Opal - (MIDGE)

Swirly Rug Room

  • Tapestry on Southern Wall (SELL)

Room from west secret passage

  • 1. Two vials of a silvery liquid that Midge identifies as silversheen (one vial is enough to coat a longsword or rapier in silver for a limited time. Good for fighting some creatures). (SHIPHRAH AND LUCIUS one each)
  • 2. A very fine, unstrung longbow. (APPRAISE FOR LATER DECISION)
  • 3. 10 arrows made of cold iron. (MAAYAN)
  • 4. A cloak clasp made of gold in the shape of a scarab. (ZYINDRA)
  • 5. An opal and silver holy symbol - the spiral of Opal. (APPRAISE FOR LATER DETERMINATION)
  • 6. A silver hand mirror. (LUCIUS)
  • 7. A was-sealed clay urn that Midge believes contains nard, a perfume of some worth (SHIPHRAH)


  • quilted cuirass with teardrop shaped groin guard (MIDGE)
  • 500 ancient gold coins (APPRAISE/SELL 495, 5 KEEPSAKES ONE FOR EACH MEMBER)
  • darkwood coffer with a green liquid (Restoration-ZYINDRA) vial and a black (Darkvision-SHIPHRAH) liquid vial
  • pendant of citrine and opal (SELL)
  • assortment of precious stones (Carnelians, lapis lazuli, and turquoise) (SELL)
  • 2 urns of preserved organs (leave)

Room before figurines

  • one vial with a black liquid (MAAYAN)
  • two vials containing a warm, forest green liquid. (CURE LIGHT WOUNDS) (LUCIUS AND SHIPHRAH)
  • Two books with thin, gold-plated metal sheets for pages. (ZYINDRA TRANSLATE AND THEN SELL)

Room with odd figurines

  • Composite shortbow that needs a new string (SELL)
  • scarab-shaped shield (SELL)
  • 100 old gold coins (SELL)
  • 42 old silver ones (SELL)
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