The Tomb of Akhentepi, part 4

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Player Characters

LuciusIcon.png Zyindraicon.png Maayanicon.png Shiphrahicon.png Midgeicon.png


  • The Tomb of Akhentepi, one of many tombs in the Shibatti necropolis.


  • Cockroaches, a swarm of biting roaches.
  • Warrior Dolls, figurines depicting Obsidianu warriors.

Adventurer's Log

7th day of Alexanderite, year 55 of the Age of the Great Invasion

  • Having defeated the mimic, the group moves on and finds a room containing many chests. After cataloging the valuables, they discover another secret door. Shiphrah examines the door but triggers a trap. Thousands of biting cockroaches flood from a slot next to the door. In the ensuing battle, Shiphrah and Midge are both hurt. Lucius mysteriously vanishes, apparently teleporting back to the mirror room.
  • After the cockroaches are conquered and Lucius rejoins the group, they go through the secret door and discover the true tomb of Akhentepi. Zyindra records the hieroglyphs on the walls while the others search the room.
The Obsidianu warrior dolls
  • After exploring the tomb, the Avanteguard continue their search, checking paths not yet traveled. They find a room with mummified human slaves and a room with a chariot and several chests.
  • Past the chariot room, Shiphrah and Lucius find another storage room containing a diorama of a battle between Citrine and Jadite forces. Two of the figures, Obsidianu warriors, leap from the table and attack. Shi and Lucius make short work of them. Zyindra discovers two shards in the remains that appear to be totem Obsidian.
  • Having explored the entire tomb, the group takes inventory and begins hauling treasure out to be evaluated.


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