The Tomb of Akhentepi, part 3

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Player Characters

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  • The Tomb of Akhentepi, one of many tombs in the Shibatti necropolis.


  • Mimic, a devouring monster disguised as a sarcophagus.

Adventurer's Log

7th day of Alexanderite, year 55 of the Age of the Great Invasion

The tomb map thus far
  • Finding no way to open the secret door in the unfinished corridor, the party decides to explore northward from the spiral room.
  • They find what seems to be the main chamber of the tomb. A sarcophagus rests on a circular platform between two statues and four columns. Midge moves to investigate but triggers a trap. The doors to the room spring shut. Everyone but Lucius is locked inside the room as it begins to fill with water.
  • Worse, crackling lightning arcs between the four pillars, shocking Midge.
  • Even worse, the sarcophagus reveals itself to be a mimic and attacks.
  • In the battle that follows, Zyindra is wounded by the mimic and stuck to it. Midge frees Zyindra but is wounded and devoured by the mimic. She uses this to her advantage, however, and releases a bomb inside the mimic.
  • While the other battle, Shiphrah disables the lightning pillars before the water reaches the electric arcs.
  • After a struggle, the mimic is defeated by bomb, arrow, and rapier. The water pumping system seems to break and the water never rises above two feet in the chamber. After two minutes, the trap resets itself and the waters drain. The doors open and Lucius rejoins the party.


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