The Tomb of Akhentepi, part 2

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Player Characters

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  • The Tomb of Akhentepi, one of many tombs in the Shibatti necropolis.


  • Sandling, an immature earth elemental.

Adventurer's Log

7th day of Alexanderite, year 55 of the Age of the Great Invasion

The tomb map thus far
  • Having defeated the solifugids, the Avanteguard decide to travel west. Shiphrah continues to check for traps. They open the western doors of the mirror room and find a set of stairs. Midway down the stairs, the southern wall of the stairwell has collapsed, making passage difficult but not impossible.
  • The group travels down the stairs. Shiphrah notices the sand on the stairs midway down shifting. She warns the others just as a sandling rises up to attack.
  • The battle against the sandling is grueling. While the sandling does little harm to the group it is difficult to damage in turn. Thanks to distractions from Midge and the sacrifice of a waterskin by Zyindra the others are able to use their weapons and convince the sandling to flee.
  • Going through the doors at the base of the stairs, the group finds a room with a white, spiral motif. The spiral represents the totem Opal. They find a tapestry in the room which depicts Akhentepi on a scarab shell boat, navigating the river toward his final judgement by Opal.
  • Shiphrah briefly explores to the north. Through the doors she finds a set of stairs leading north to another door. The Avanteguard decide that they should explore through the western door of the chamber before continuing in a northernly direction.
  • The western door leads to a dead end of solid stone. Possibly an unfinished area of the tomb. However, Midge uses her goggles and finds a secret passage built into the northern wall of the corridor.


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