The Tomb of Akhentepi, part 1

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Player Characters

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  • The Tomb of Akhentepi, one of many tombs in the Shibatti necropolis.


  • Giant Solifugids, large, spider-like creatures..

Adventurer's Log

7th day of Alexanderite, year 55 of the Age of the Great Invasion

The tomb map thus far
  • Using pitons for leverage and muscle power, the Avanteguard rolls away the large stone wheel blocking entrance to the Tomb of Akhentepi. They find a 60 foot shaft leading down. Maayan knots two lengths of ropes together and Shiphrah descends first to scout below. Once she gives the all clear the others follow while Zyindra teleports Kaza down.
  • The group begins methodically searching the Tomb. A method is established. Shiphrah moves in first, checking the room for traps. Once the way is clear the others enter. After a room has been explored, information is entered into the log for eventual sale to the Cult of Ausar the Green-Scaled.
  • Past the lower shaft room is a corridor flanked by two bas-relief carvings of kobold armies in battle against Jadenese forces. Shiphrah notices a pressure plate in front of the next door and disarms the dart trap it triggered.
  • Next they find a room with a tapestry and two mummified cats. The tapestry seems to depict Akhentepi's family, though Zyindra deciphers enough to know the wife and two children died early in Akhentepi's life. The two cats were pets of the children.
  • The party continues south, leaving the northern door unexplored for now. They descend a short flight of stairs and enter a room with a large mirror, flanked by two statues. The statues are of Ausar the Green-Scaled, icon of Opal and Rahrou the Bright-Shining, first pharaoh of the Citrine Kingdom and icon of Citrine. Shiphrah determines the mirror to be some sort of Druidic-created trap and warns the others to avoid it.
A giant solifugid
  • Choosing the east door, the party presses forward into a room flanked by columns and containing a stone altar. Before Shiphrah can explore further she is attacked by two giant solifugids. In the ensuing battle, Kaza is severely hurt. Zyindra is also injured. After the two arachnids are killed, Zyindra heals Kaza using her hexes and a potion while the others explore. The room turns out to be a mummification chamber but no tools have been left behind.


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