The Gold Goblin

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Player Characters

LuciusIcon.png Zyindraicon.png Maayanicon.png Shiphrahicon.png Midgeicon.png

Important NPCs

  • Saul Vancaskerkino, Casino owner.
  • Clegg Zincher, Cartel executive.


  • The Gold Goblin in Vesicule.

Adventurer's Log

  • The team learns that the Gold Goblin, a Vesicule casino, is hosting a "Make a Deal With Eclavdra" tournament. Suspicious, they investigate by buying new fancy wear and attending the tournament.
  • The tournament turns out to be all show, with "Fetchlings" played by cocktail waitresses in scanty costumes. The adventurers stay and play in the tournament. Their fun is interrupted when a wizard, a bard and their henchmen attempt to steal the grand prize. Thanks to the team, they fail.
  • Saul Vancaskerkino, the casino's owner, seems impressed by the group. He offers them an ownership stake in the casino if they agree to help keep the joint safe from the Cartel. They agree.
  • While working at the Gold Goblin, the team meets Clegg Zincher, the head of a branch of the Cartel in Vesicule. During his visit to the casino, a cinder snake attacks a laundress. The snake is quickly dispatched.
  • Suspicious of their current situation, the team investigates. Shiphrah and Maayan talk to the Mhzyt. Zyindra looks into the cinder snake. They talk to the wizard who tried to rob the casino. Saul's office is broken into. The clues lead them to Saul's insurance agent who turns out to be a member of a secret society dedicated to freeing Onyx from imperial rule. All the while, they learn that their reputation as "Saul's enforcers" is spreading.
  • Eventually, the adventurers realize Saul intends to eventually destroy the casino and reap the insurance benefits. He's blackmailing his insurance agent to make sure he has the best terms possible. He even hired the wizard and the bard to rob the casino on opening night. When confronted, Saul cheerfully admits this. The crew quits and walks away.
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