The End of the Rainbow, part 2

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Player Characters

LuciusIcon.png Zyindraicon.png Shiphrahicon.png Midgeicon.png


  • The Changing Green, a forest in the Scapolite Theocracy.
  • Unknown Faerie Well.

Important NPC

  • Giant Who Looks Like Your First Crush, a seemingly giant faerie being.


  • Badger, a seemingly giant badger.

Adventurer's Log

1st day of Amethyst, year 55 of the Age of the Great Invasion

  • After leaving the room with the trapdoor spider, the group's progress is blocked by a silver and wooden portcullis. Their attempts to work out a strategy to pass the portcullis is interrupted by a spear thrusting at the group through a nearby murder hole. Midge is stabbed.
  • Zyindra warps to the other side of the portcullis and finds the hidden switch. The portcullis is opened and the rest of the group dodges past the spear, with Lucius parrying it on the way.
He didn't seem happy to see you.
  • Three traps line the tunnel ahead. Shiphrah discovers the dart trap and the pendulum trap but falls into the third, a pit trap, and takes damage.
  • When the team reaches an intersection they head south and discover the lair of a badger. Wisely, they back away from the badger and use body language and a lack of eye contact to convey being non-threatening. The badger does not attack.
  • Going to the north, the group finds a large cavern that contains an over-sized silver chest and a ten foot tall maze with silver walls. Sitting on a throne of silver is a giant who looks exactly like the first crush of every member of the group.
  • At first the Giant Who Looks Like Your First Crush ignores the team. Eventually, though, they engage it in a conversation of sorts and learn that the giant has not moved from that throne for some time due to a dare from a "sideways cousin-at-arms". The giant must swallow the prawn at the center of the maze without actually entering or touching the maze.
  • Shiphrah makes her way to the center of the maze and finds an acorn on a cushion on a pedestal but no prawn. Eventually, Zyindra realizes the pillow looks rather bloated. The cushion is slit open and spills out several hundred gallons of sea water... and one prawn.
  • The Giant Who Looks Like Your First Crush picks up the prawn and swallows it. It thanks the group, offers them the items in the silver chest ('because a good reward deserves a good deed') and then vanishes. When the fae creature is gone the team all grow back to their original sizes.

Inside the chest is a longbow, lying diagonally across everything else. A ground quiver holds 55 arrows and is laid next to it. Crosswise and just below the bow is an odd shaped leather case closed with a buckle. Inside is a small harp, the size a wandering minstrel carries. It has graceful designs on the body in inlaid wood and, when strummed, the tone is lovely. Most of the rest of the space in the trunk is packed with blankets, towels, and table linens: ten lightweight grey blankets, twenty-five towels rolled tightly, and three linen tableclothes, each with twelve matching napkins, one set woven in blues, one in greens, and one in shades of gold. Lodged in a far corner on the right side of the chest is a blue glass duck, its slender neck and reaching beak almost as tall as the chest is deep. The quality and smoothness of the glass is amazing; it must be masterwork. In the left corner of the chest stands a tall silver vase with an opening wide enough to push your hand through. The vase, when picked up, rattles. Turned upside down jewelry falls from it. A matched pair of brooches, each with four blue-white moonstones set in an oval of gold, and a ring made from a goose feather that has been carefully preserved in gold. A brown leather pouch tucked into the middle of the stack of napkins holds coins from the old Scapolite empire: 39 gold coins, 112 silver coins, 90 copper coins, and four pretty scapolite gemstones.


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