Terror in the Dark

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Player Characters

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Important NPCs

  • Brother Timothy, Cleric of Emerald and follower of the Lady of Mercy.
  • Sister Dorothy, Cleric of Emerald and follower of the Lady of Mercy.
  • Dali, orphan-master and artist.
  • Sahib Al'Locquotos, kobold locksmith.


  • Ophelia, a district in Vesicule.
  • Temple of the Lady of Mercy, a temple dedicated to helping the poor in Ophelia.
  • Al'Locquotos' Locksmith Shop


  • Gelatinous Cube, quivery acidic jelly.
  • Urgefhan, Corrupted humans.
  • Dwarven Alchemist, seemingly insane Dwarf working with the urgefhan.

Adventurer's Log

  • The team decides to have a nice night out and travel to the Ophelia district for halfling cuisine. On the way home they come across a cleric being mugged by members of a dwarven street gang. They rescue the cleric. He gratefully invites them to accompany him to the Temple of the Lady of Mercy.
  • At the Temple of the Lady of Mercy, they meet Sister Dorothy, the temple's head cleric. She thanks the heroes for rescuing Brother Timothy and tells them of local troubles. Many people have gone missing in Ophelia and the city guard can't be bothered to help. The latest abductions occurred last night - two children were kidnapped from a local orphanage.
  • The team agrees to help. They call on the orphanage and meet Dali, the director. Investigation reveals that the kidnappers had a key and that the two children were closest to the door of their dorm room. Further investigation reveals the words 'HELP ME' somehow carved into the inside of a lock in Citrinic. Curious, they follow the clue to a local locksmith.
  • The locksmith, a kobold named Sahib Al'Locqutos, seems nervous when questioned about the lock. Before he can reveal much he is attacked by an urgefhan. The team defeats the Corrupted and manages to save Sahib Al'Locqutos's life. They learn that the urgefhan have been holding him hostage for some time now and forced him to give them a master key. They live in tunnels beneath the locksmith's shop.
  • The team travels down into the tunnels. First, they must deal with a gelatinous cube that guards the entrance. It is dispatched with a barrel full of baking soda. Then they must navigate a magical darkness. Finally, they battle five urgefhan and a dwarven alchemist. The enemy is killed and the children saved. Investigation reveals that the urgefhan, led by the alchemist, were attempting to create more Corrupted using the kidnapped victims.
  • After leaving the children in the safe hands of the Temple of the Lady of Mercy, the adventurers finish exploring the tunnels. They find a chest that rewards them with unique items.
    • Swashbuckler's Rapier (claimed by Lucius): This +1 rapier has the nondescript, clean lines of a practice foil. The wielder can spend 1 panache point to give the rapier the bane special ability for 1 round, and can pick any subtype of humanoids as the designated foe.
    • Bow of Endless Fire (claimed by Maayan): +1 shortbow with an endless ammunition enchantment.
    • Bladed Belt (claimed by Shiphrah): The belt transforms into a +1 one-handed piercing or stabbing weapon of the wielder's choice on command.
    • Treasure Hunter's Goggles (claimed by Midge): Allows the user to cast "Detect Secret Doors" at will and cast "Identify" 3 times per day.
    • Bag of Holding I (claimed by Zyindra): Holds up to 250 lbs but only weighs 15.
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