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Sophia Devereaux "Angel"
Race Elf
Nationality Quebec
Primary Role Face
Karma 0
SIN No (Fake)


Sophia Devereaux, for a while, was a rising star within the Ares MegaCorporation. Specializing in being a "Ms. Johnson," she arranged for contracts with shadowrunners to do things the company could disavow if needed. However, one of her superiors set her up and tried to have her eliminated... and as far as he knows, he succeeded. However, she did manage to escape with the help of some shadowrunner contacts as well as a friendly hacker in the corporation. Spending some time getting a slightly new face in her home of Quebec, she since relocated to Arkham, looking to start over again in the shadowrunning game herself... and possibly get a bit of revenge against the corp that set her up in the process.



  • Elven beauty and charisma
  • I've always had shady contacts
  • Once a Corp, always a Corp


Academic d6 • Corporate d10 • Matrix d4 • Military d8 • Occult d6 • Street d8


Criminal d8

Cyber d4

Expert d6

Face d10

  • Charmer d6

Samurai d6

  • Pistols d6

Spellslinger d4

Signature Assets

  • Wired Reflexes - Sophia does have some cyberware installed, nothing blatant or visible, but the most prominent upgrade is wired reflexes, allowing her to get a jump on things if they go south.
  • SIN Collection - After leaving Ares, Sophia raided their collection of fake SIN numbers, giving herself quite a few to utilize when necessary. This allows her to still engage in legal contracts and the like, on the rare occasions they are necessary (such as DocWagon Contracts).
  • Lifestyle dX, Y months.


  • Exit Strategy: Sometimes life doesn’t allow you the best-laid plans. You’ve always got a way out in your back pocket.
    • Activation: You or a teammate you are in contact with Gives In during a Contested Action
    • Effect: You or the teammate may ignore the Complication that Giving In creates. You may only use this Talent once per Job, unless you get an additional Opportunity in a later scene. You may then refresh the talent and try again.
  • Guest List: Doormen and bouncers pose no obstacle to you. Through a mixture of distraction and fast talk you find it easy to slip into a restricted or exclusive event as if you were an invited guest.
    • Activation: You are dressed appropriately for the event or building you are trying to get into. This Talent only gets you access to weddings, clubs, etc., not secure buildings with special ID.
    • Effect: You get all the access a guest would have, or a VIP if it’s one of those parties. If you want to bring a plus-one, you’ll need to succeed at a Face Action.
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