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Full Name Shiphrah Ayelet Meir
Graceful Elven Trickster who Crafts Illusions
Tier 2
Age 51
Homeland Sapphire Forest
Favored Totem {{{Totem}}}
XP' 16 Spent/16 Total


Shiphrah is the younger (and far more precocious) sister, with little patience compared to most of her kind, and absolutely no sense of waiting for magical talents. She was already spoiled in this with the manifestation of her spell like abilities at a young age, and always hungered and sought after more. However, for one reason or another, she never qualified for formal training, so rebelled against the system, much to the dismay of her parents. When she came of age, she quickly fled for human lands, seeking towns where she could maybe learn more about magic. She actually is fairly knowledgeable about magic for a rogue, and still hopes to maybe become a wizard someday... though, she does enjoy the rebellious act of being a rogue and trapfinder in the first place.

Character Sheet


Armor 1

Edge & Effort



  • Balance (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Bluff (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Illusion (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Investigation (Specialized/-2 Difficulty) <----------- Tier 4 advancement
  • Light Melee Attack (Specialized/-2 Difficulty)
  • Low-light Perception (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Physical Performance (dance) (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Speed Defense (Specialized/-2 Difficulty)
  • Stealth (Trained/-1 Difficulty)


Amethystish, Citrinic (modern), Citrinic (ancient), Sapphirish, Onyxish, Scapolitan, Invader

Special Abilities

  • Coordinated Strike (3 Speed): When Shiphrah works with an ally to coordinate an attack she gains an assets on the attack and she deals 1 additional point of damage.
  • Disguise (2+ Intellect): Shiphrah can appear to be someone or something else of roughly her size for up to one hour. Disguising herself costs 2 Intellect points. She can disguise one additional creature per point of Intellect she spends. Others she is disguising must remain within her line of sight of their disguises dissipate.
  • Fetch (3 Intellect): Shiphrah can cause an object to vanish and reappear in her hand or somewhere within 10 feet of her present position. The object must be able to fit into a 5-foot cube, must be visible to her, and must be within 100 feet of her. If the object is held or otherwise on a person she must make an Intellect check against the holder.
  • Legerdemain (1 Speed): Shiphrah can perform small but seemingly impossible tricks and sleight of hands.
  • Mind Reading (4 Intellect): You can read the surface thoughts of a creature within short range for one minute. This is an action and can be resisted.
  • Long Lived: As an elf, Shiphrah has an asset which reduces the difficulty of resisting any effect involving aging by 1.
  • Minor Illusion (1 Intellect): Shiphrah can create a single image of a creature or object within 10 feet. The illusion must be able to fit within a 10 foot cube. The image can have motion but it cannot leave the area defined by the cube. It can include sound but not smell, taste, or touch components. The illusion lasts for up to 10 minutes and you can change it without spending additional Intellect points during that time.
  • Major Illusion (3 Intellect): You create a complex scene of images within immediate range. The entire scene must fit within a 100-foot cube. The images can move but not leave the area defined by the cube. The illusion includes sound and smell, lasts 10 minutes, and and changes as you direct (with no need for concentration).
  • Weapon Proficency Shiphrah is proficient in light and medium weapons and can use them without penalty.
  • Expert Cypher Use: You can bear three cyphers at once.

Weapons & Armor

  • Rapier (Light / 2 damage)
  • Shortbow (Light Ranged Weapon / 2 damage)
  • Leather Armor (+2 Armor / +1 cost to all Speed point expenditures)

Cyphers & Artifacts

Number of Cyphers Which Can Be Carried Without Potential Negative Consequences: 3

  • Secret Dust (Cypher): Level 10 / A small vial of crushed onyx. The user asks a question of the dust, then blows it onto the face of another creature. The dust infiltrates the target's body, finds the answer in their thoughts, and then forcefully ejects itself and flies into the mouth of the user. The target takes 2 points of damage in the process. Once the dust enters the user's mouth they learn the answer to the question, subject to the limits of the target's knowledge.
  • Gelatinous Block (Cypher): Level 8 / A small block of gelatinous material. When thrown to the floor it expands to become an opaque wall up to 30 by 30 feet by 1 foot in size. It conforms to the space available and lasts 1 hour before drying up and crumbling into dust. Breaking or puncturing the wall is a task equal in difficulty to the cypher's level. Any intangible creature that tries to pass through the wall suffers damage equal to the cypher's level.
  • Cloaking Skin (Artifact): Level 6 / Depletion NA / It takes five minutes to pull on this skin-tight suit which covers the entire body (including your face), though the wearer can see, breath, hear, and speak through it without trouble. While the suit is worn the wearer blends into the background and gains an asset on stealth and speed defense rolls. If the skin is worn for more than an hour at a time the wearer begin taking damage to their Intellect pool as the energy which keeps them cloaked also plays havoc with their nervous system at a rate of 1 Intellect point per 5 minutes. Intellect Pool can't be regained while the skin is worn.


  • Rogue's Kit: backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, caltrops, chalk (10), flint and steel, grappling hook, iron pot, mess kit, mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves' tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.
  • Masterwork thieves' tools
  • Studded leather armor
  • Mithril chain shirt
  • Shortbow
  • 2 daggers
  • Arrow x 19
  • 2 waterskins
  • Hot Weather Outfit
  • Explorer's Outfit
  • Good meals, 13 days
  • 1 ancient gold coin from Tomb of Akhentepi

Money: 337 GP, 2 SP, 2 CP

Pathfinder: Krystallos
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