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Diamond City is a nation unto itself. It was founded in 204 in the Age of the Expanding Empire, during the Great Invasion. Originally, Diamond Island was the only Totem territory to be uninhabited. Ironically, Diamond, the Totem of balance and community, wanted no community built around itself. However, during the Great Invasion, Dina the Lady of Butterflies was moved by the plight of refugees left homeless by the advance of the invaders. She went to her Totem and kneeled in supplication for nine days, begging that they be given a home. So still was she, butterflies by the hundreds came to perch on her. By the tenth day, Dina was so covered in butterflies that she could not be seen. Her prayers were answered and the simple Grand Temple of Diamond became the center of a new Diamond City, a place for the refugees to live.

The city was built by the totems. Well, not so much built, as grown. It rose from the ground in gleaming white towers and buildings. At first glance it seems a normal city but, in truth, it is a city composed of a single building - all connected. An organic structure, with buildings growing out of buildings.

During the war, DIamond City became the base of the united forces of Krystallos. By decree of Diamond, no one nation could claim the city. Instead, a council was elected, with each church sending a single representative. In some cases, the representative is clearly chosen - such as the representative from Scapolite. In others, the representative is whomever arrives alive - such as the representative from Peridot.

Jay G. (GM): Away we go, then.

You were in the Hospice of John the Barber, located in the Emerald Slice of Diamond City. Astara had just finished tending to Kikao, who had been dragged in by Sharrondra. Dances Under Turtle happened to be there as well, for her own mysterious reasons.... and that's when the guards came. The city guard arrested the four of you. They didn't explain the charges but it was clear they outnumbered you three to one. Fighting would only end with someone's death. You were arrested and escorted down beneath the city and into a dank, dark little corner of dungeon. Each of you locked into a different cell.

Astara OOC: I'm sure we could have taken them >:)

You are in a small, five by five foot cell (except for Astara, who is in a ten by five foot cell). The light is dim and only Dances can see without trouble. The walls are thick, stone, and damp. Doors made from iron bars allow you to see out of your cell. In the center of the room the floor has crumbled away and to create a hole filled with water. You can hear guards to the north, talking, though you can't see them.

And, of course, you do not have your belongings. Or even your clothing or shoes You were stripped and put into a simple pair of breeches and a shirt. Wool. Itchy.

Jay G. (GM): And go.

Astara: Ehm...

Sharrondra: Beaten and bloodied, dazed by the clubbing she has sustained, Sharrondra still keeps shouting when she can, demanding an explanation and protesting that she has done nothing wrong.

Kikao: what about my secret stash?

Jay G. (GM): They did not take your secret stash. They did take your impelements.

Kikao: Can we hear SHarrondra?

Jay G. (GM): Standard jail doors. Iron bars. You can hear and see through them.

Sharrondra: Those with a sensitivity to such things, whether through just paying attention or something more, would likely start figuring out that the big, strong Amazonite is reaching a level of desperation that is clearly unhealthy. And very much unlike her.

Astara: Astara is quiet and angry. She doesn't know what these strangers are in trouble for, nor why she is in trouble by association. There should be legal protections for barbers! Her day is ruined! She wanted to visit a particularly good eatery today. She passively listens to Sharrondra's screaming.

Sharrondra: OOC Were we present to see each other stripped, etc? Or were we in separate spaces at that time?

Kikao calls out to the desperate Sharrondra, the woman she owes her life to. "Be calm Sharrondra. We will get out of this. I promise. But you need to be calm."

Jay G. (GM): You were stripped more or less as a group, yes.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances is not entirely sure why she's here. It could be any number of reasons...For now she's going to explore the cell she's in and examine the locking mechanism.

Jay G. (GM): Dances, make me a Perception check and a Disable Devices check.

Sharrondra: Then everyone would seen Sharrondra basically go apeshit when they started trying to strip her. At this point, she's likely at less than half hit points; they'd have to KO her or kill her to get her stripped.

Jay G. (GM): Nonlethal damage. Sharrondra has not lost any hit points. But they did knock her out.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+13 (11)+13 = 24

Sharrondra: She was NOT fighting back nonlethally. She considers this an attempt to murder her.

Jay G. (GM): Noted.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+11 (11)+11 = 22 So Perception is 24 and Disable Devices is 22.

Jay G. (GM): Sharrondra and Dances, from your cell you can see that the southern cells have crumbled away and there's a puddle of standing water in the southeastern corners. This is apparently not a well kept prison.

Sharrondra: I assume that yanking forcefully on the iron bars does not create an exploitable opening?

Jay G. (GM): Make me a STR check, Sharrondra.

Kikao: ooc did the guards just leave us? Is no one watching us? ooc and when we were brought in, did it look like others are in other cells?

Jay G. (GM): You didn't see other cells.

Kikao: So there are only 4 cells in this whole area?

Jay G. (GM): You came down into a big area directly north of here and were stripped, then marched south through a gate. You were put in your cells. The guards went north and you heard the gate close.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+2 (18)+2 = 20

Jay G. (GM): What you see is what you can see, Kikao. You don't know if there are other sections of the prison. There were might be other sections.

Kikao: I just wanted to know if we passed other cells and if it looked like there were other occupants.

Jay G. (GM): You did not pass other cells. Sharrondra, you shake the bars. They make a loud, clanging noise but there's little else.

Astara: "What did you do to get me locked up?"

Dances Under Turtle A cheerful mental voice asks, "Hello, I don't suppose anyone has something I can use to pick this lock?"

Jay G. (GM): Please not, Dances is an illithid. They are fairly uncommon. Maybe 1 person in a 1000 outside of their homelands. And yes, they are telepathic so you are hearing her voice in your head. (please note)

Astara OOC: What what wat

Jay G. (GM): And here, they are not mind sucking evil beings. Well, most of them.

Astara: "Hey! Stay out of my head!"

Kikao looks around for the body where the voice in her head came from. "Who said that?" Because she's never met an illithid before.

Astara OOC: I assume that I know what an Illithid is, as she was snapped up from the hospital with us.

Jay G. (GM): Everyone does. They are a well respected race of diplomats who mostly serve Opal, the totem of death (as in, they perform death rites and funerals and such).

They're rare but they're rare in the 'I've never met someone from Estonia' sense. Not the 'I have no idea they exist' sense.

Kikao: Knowing what one is an having met one are two different things though.

Jay G. (GM): This is true.

Astara: "I know I didn't do anything wrong. Which of you did something horrible? It must've been horrible for the guards to grab up innocent bystanders."

Dances Under Turtle: "You can call me Dances. I'm an Illithid. I can only communicate by projecting my words into you mind. I can't read your thoughts, if that's what your worried about."

Sharrondra starts repeatedly backing up to the back of her cell, crouching, then charging and slamming herself against the bars as hard as she can, despite the obvious injuries she is doing to herself.

Sharrondra: OOC And yes. I'm aware that I have not ICly responded to what others have said. Sharrondra is a bit 'round the bend. She's pretty sure Dances' is just her own mind shattering, and she has nothing useful to say to anyone else.

Kikao: Since Kikao was pulled from the Jaws of death, she still is a bit in shock. Sharrondra's desperation has her rattled and the accusations are just too much. "From undead to this." She mumbles. Taking a clue from the voice in her head she looks around her cell for something to pick the lock, all the while talking loudly to try and calm her friend down (with obvious lack of effect). "Sharrondra. Please, look around. Find something to help get these doors open. You need to calm down. I /NEED/ you to calm down." ooc Is there anything I can jury into a lockpick?

Jay G. (GM): Kikao, a Perception check if you please.

Kikao: rolling 1d20+10 (19)+10 = 29

Astara: Take 20 examination of Astara's cell. 25. Looking for what evidence former occupants may have left; Astara has nothing but time to kill.

Kikao: Hang on everyone! J just lost his computer. He's trying to get back up again.

Astara: Oh!

Kikao: it overheated.

Sharrondra: OOC Crud.

Kikao: he's rebooting it now.

Kikao falls to her knees, scouting the floor of the cell. She ignores the thought of what she's holding actually means as she picks up a splintered fingerbone and starts trying to manipulate it. Then she goes over to the lock and sees what she can with it. "This would work so much better with my tools."

Kikao: ooc so Dances...think you can pick a lock with a fingerbone?

Jay G. (GM): Sorry. Laptop overheated and is now slow.

Sharrondra: OOC Can you say penalty for improvised tools? :)

Dances Under Turtle: ooc having never tried, I can't say 100%, but do we have anything better?

Sharrondra: Hey, wow. Now we have a a map and icons. Cool!

Jay G. (GM): Astara, it seems your cell's former resident is still here. Or, rather, his or her femur is.

Kikao, you may make me a craft roll to see if you can fashion a lockpick out of the finger bone.

Sharrondra shouts, "Free me or kill me, you cowardly bastards!" and again vaults, throwing herself bodily in slam after slam against the bars of her cell.

Kikao: so if I think of it as crafting an instrument?

Jay G. (GM): You can make me a craft (instrument) check at a -4 penalty. Actually, -6. No tools, and wrong craft.

Kikao: rolling 1d20+2 (20)+2 = 22 But yes, Kikao is awesome.

Jay G. (GM): And you manage to split off two large shards of bone with which someone can pick a lock, in theory.

Kikao: is that disable device?

Jay G. (GM): It is. Put you at -2 for using an improvised lockpick.

Kikao: I would like to pick the lock.

Jay G. (GM): You may give it a go.

Kikao: rolling 1d20+7 (4)+7 = 11

Jay G. (GM): You break the lockpick.

Kikao: wait!

Jay G. (GM): Waiting.

Kikao: going to use inspired. I want to roll again.

Jay G. (GM): Okay.

Kikao: rolling 1d20+7 (8)+7 = 15

Jay G. (GM): You do not break the lockpick. You also do not open the lock.

Dances Under Turtle: "Um..Sharrondra, I think it was, I think you need to calm down."

Kikao sighs and fumbles with the finger picks, clearly frustrated but refusing to give in. She looks across the way at Sharrondra and the Illithid's cells. She looks over to her right at the healer who tended to her earlier. "I'm sure we can find a way out of here if we work together."

Kikao: ooc I'd toss the picks to Dances but don't think she can make it that far.

Sharrondra: OOC I am assuming that the guards are completely ignoring us and refusing to acknowledge what is being said or done?

Jay G. (GM): The guards have no come back here, no. You have no idea if they've commented on it since they can't be heard over you yelling and banging against the bars. The good news is, likely your antics have kept the guards from hearing any mention of picking the locks.

Dances Under Turtle: ooc if you could get her attention, could you toss them to Sharrondra and have her hand them to me?

Kikao: ooc if we can talk her down.

Sharrondra: OOC I don't really know how anyone could manage to talk her down, honestly.

Jay G. (GM): If Sharrondra requires a diplomacy roll to be soothed, that's fine.

Kikao: wasn't sure if that was allowed on players.

Jay G. (GM): She gets to set her own standards by which she allows herself to be affected.

Astara OOC: It's allowed so far as the player allows it

Jay G. (GM): I am going to suggest that there comes a point where good roleplay interferes with fun roleplay, thugh.

Astara: DM, What does Astara think of the current situation? I don't have enough background information on the reputation of the city guard, the prison, or this city's justice system

Sharrondra: OOC Well, I will gladly stop posing what she's doing. But that's what she's doing. This is what situation she's been put in. She believes - faithfully - in fighting against lost causes, no matter the odds. She won't surrender. She didn't fight when taken, because she believed they would be given a chance to defend themselves, and because fighting would get innocents killed. But now no one is at risk but herself.

Jay G. (GM): Diamond City has a court system. Everyone gets a trial. There is no death penalty. Most of you have never been to a prison, I suspect. In this city, anyway. Usually you're supposed to be told the charges against you when you are arrested.

Kikao: So I am assuming we either wait to get sentenced or find our own way out.

Jay G. (GM): In fact, you're supposed to be presented with a warrant. Which you were not.

Kikao: So it's unlawful. good to know.

Astara: Diplomacy 12 "I suggest we wait, quietly. You're only going to annoy the guards. Diamond City's justice is known for being fair."

Jay G. (GM): And Sharrondra, you have an intelligence of 10. That's enough to know the ancient proverb of your people: "If you attack a thousand times from the front and do no damage, stop being an idiot and attack from the back." The Amazonites aren't big on politeness.

Sharrondra: OOC She is attacking the only way she can. She has been imprisoned falsely and illegally. And would rather die than be in prison.

Jay G. (GM): I'm not going to tell you how to play your character. I am simply pointing out that there are alternatives and one of them is across the hall from you and someone you have adventured with before. But, enough OOC. Back IC, please.

Kikao holds out the finger picks. "Who can use these." She's having no luck and maybe someone else can do something with it.

Dances Under Turtle: "I can. Can you get them over here?"

Kikao eyes the distance. "Maybe? How good are you at catching?"

Astara: "Are you serious. You're going to get us in more trouble."

Kikao says to Astara's protests. "They didn't present us with a warrant or any charge. I doubt they were real guars anyway. I don't trust we'll get a fair trial."

Dances Under Turtle: "Not too bad."

Kikao: ooc I think I'm going to try to throw the picks to Dances.

Jay G. (GM): Both at once or one at a time?

Sharrondra: "Mother Iona, I am doing all I can to win us free. Grant me the strength to do what must be done, and survive what must be suffered. And welcome me into the vines, should I fall."

Kikao: ooc one at a time. If she can at least get one, maybe that'll be enough.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Make me a ranged attack check.

Kikao: I think that's a +5

Jay G. (GM): Looks like it.

Kikao: ok. Was just verifying. rolling 1d20+5 (19)+5 = 24

Jay G. (GM): Nice.

Kikao: She's determined.

Jay G. (GM): The bone splinter sails through the air and clatters onto the floor in front of Dances' cell. Within reach of the illithid.

Dances Under Turtle: "Nice toss" Then Dances works on picking the lock of her cell.

Jay G. (GM): Dances, make me a disable device check.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+11 (20)+11 = 31

Astara OOC: Critical hit the lock lol

Jay G. (GM): Snick! The door opens.

Kikao: woot!

Sharrondra: OOC Way to go! Both of you!

Dances Under Turtle: Dances then goes over to Kikao's cell and tries to pick that lock. She want a buffer before she opens her neighbor's cell.

Jay G. (GM): Kikao's cell door opens.

Kikao steps out of her cell. "Thank You." She smiles at the Illithi. "I'm Kikao." Because introductions are important between new friends.

Kikao: ooc darn D. Keeps getting eaten up. ooc I think we need to extract a promise from our warrior friend before we let her out. ;)

Dances Under Turtle: "As I said, please call me Dances. I take it that the shouting lady is known to you? Is it safe to release her?"

Kikao sighs at the question about Sharrondra. "Let out our healer friend first." Then she walks over to Sharrondra's cell. "Now dear friend. You must promise me to calm down if we are to get out of this alive. I owe you my life and I aim to survive long enough to repay that debt. So don't do anything stupid."

Dances Under Turtle: Dances turns to Astara's cell. "Would you like me to unlock your cell?"

Astara OOC: Do I have a "Barber's License" so to speak that can be taken away? What are the ramifications of breaking out?

Jay G. (GM): You don't have a license. Your right to be a cleric can only be revoked by the totem. On the other hand, they can lock you up or exile you forever if you break out of prison. Assuming you are here legally. And the guards may well kill you if you try to escape.

Sharrondra slams herself against the bars once more, and then stops, holding the bars. "I do not understand. How are you free?" She is bewildered, but not yelling.

Kikao places her hands on top of Sharrondra's an leans her face close to the bars. She grins mischievously. "Faith."

Astara: (To Dances) "Why should I trust you? Attempting to escape is a death sentence, and it's not like you look prepared to fight hand-to-sword."

Sharrondra: The Amazonite barbarian frowns at her friend. "How is it that your faith sets you free, and mine leaves me trapped and broken?"

Dances Under Turtle: (To Astara) "Your friend asked me to let you out. If you don't want me to, I won't." (To Kikao) "Your healer friend does not seem inclined to leave just yet."

Astara: "I need to think about it. Even if we escape, I'll be exiled from my home, my friends, my job."

Kikao: "Because, dear, if you'd gotten out, you'd have run screaming through these halls and gotten yourself killed. I don't think anyone would want that. So, are you ready to be calm? I promise, you'll get a chance to let loose your vengeance." Because Kikao would love to see Sharrondra beat on whoever has falsely put them here. To Dances she says. "Let her out anyway. She can always stay in an unlocked cell if she likes."

Dances Under Turtle: Dances then picks Astara's cell door.

Sharrondra frowns at that, but nods. "Very well. We will try to do this as you say."

Kikao smiles at Sharrondra and steps aside for Dances to pick the lock. "I knew you'd come around eventually."

Dances Under Turtle: Dances then works on Sharrondra's door.

Kikao goes over to Astara's cell. "Neither your friends or your job are here to save you right now."

Jay G. (GM): Sharrondra's door opens.

Astara: "I'm sure they'll be looking for me, or finding a magistrate. You can't just pull a barber or her patient out of a hospital without people looking into it."

Kikao: ooc ducks "Apparently, whoever these people are, just did." Kikao considers and then offers. "If you need a reason, you can claim we kidnapped you and forced you to come with us." "And by the way. Thank you for your ministrations." She nods to Astara respectfully.

Astara: Astara looks away for a long while. "Very well. And you're welcome."

Kikao steps away from the cell so Astara can exit. Then she says to the group. "We need to find our stuff and find a way out without being heard or seen. Ideas? Thoughts?"

Sharrondra: "So, we have to hunt them down on their own territory. And subdue them. Then we can find our gear they have stolen." OOC So, how did we get dragged into this space? From the north?

Kikao: ooc I think so.

Dances Under Turtle: OOC Couldn't we hear the guards from the north?

Jay G. (GM): Yes. And if you are quiet, you can hear them having a conversation about the latest boat races on the lake.

Kikao half frowns. "I'd prefer if we can do that in the other order, but as they say, you can't always have everything." It's not that she's useless, but she's useless without her implements. She nods to the door to the north. "Dances, can you check it quietly? Is it locked?"

Jay G. (GM): It isn't a door. It is a gte. gate.

Kikao: ooc that's even better.

Jay G. (GM): Nice, thick, and iron.

Kikao: ooc feel free to throw out other ideas if you like. ooc but it's a gate and so you can put your hands through to pick the lock?

Astara: (whisper) "Are there any other exits?"

Jay G. (GM): You remember being led down a set of stairs into a large room (the room to the north) where you were stripped and told to put on your current clothes. There were other passageways off of that room.

Sharrondra: "Is it possible that the pool of water here connects to the lake?"

Kikao: ooc are you thinking swimming out?

Jay G. (GM): A quick investigation of the pool in the center of the room will reveal that it is a puddle. Water seems to have made its way through a crack in the stone. There are five cells that are complete.

Sharrondra: OOC Sure. That's what I was thinking. Worth checking.

Jay G. (GM): You wre in four of them. The rest are broken.

Sharrondra: OOC I thought the city was in good repair. Living stone and all that.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances will go investigate the remaining cell to see if there is anything useful in it, before she checks out the gate.

Jay G. (GM): It normally is, Sharrondra, yes. Dances, make me a perception check, please.

Sharrondra: "This doesn't seem right. How this place is in such disrepair."

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+13 (4)+13 = 17 "So..this west wall of this cell...there's something not right about it, but I'm not sure what."

Sharrondra is pretty perceptive. "I can take a look, see if I can spot anything?"

Dances Under Turtle: "Go ahead. I'll check out the gate in the meantime."

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+13 Perception on said west wall (16)+13 = 29

Jay G. (GM): Hey, look! A secret door.

Kikao watches the group get to work, very pleased with the way things are turning out.

Jay G. (GM): Dances, the lock on the gate is more complex than the one on the cells. Picking it without your tools will be difficult.

Dances Under Turtle Dances frowns at the gate. "This might be a problem. I don't think the picks will work very well on this."

Sharrondra: "I believe I have found a secret door here." OOC How do I go about opening it?

Jay G. (GM): Push.

Kikao: ooc can I make a knowledge local or something just to get an idea of what this place might be?

Jay G. (GM): Its a dungeon.

Kikao: don't be snarky. I'm trying to get a historical perspective based off where we were taken.

Jay G. (GM): That's what it is. I'm not being snarky. Its a dungeon. There are several of them beneath the city. Used during the war.

Kikao: in what part of the city and why is it in disrepair and why is there a secret passage?

Sharrondra: Well, I guess I push on the door.

Jay G. (GM): You went down int he emerald slice. You should still be underneath it. As for secret passages... that is odd. But maybe Onyx built this dungeon? The door creaks open to reveal a tunnel.

Kikao: Onyx?

Jay G. (GM): The City was "grown" by the Totems. Secret passage are actually common in the Onyx slice.

Kikao: ok. Now that's something I can sink my teeth into. Thank You.

Sharrondra: "I have this open. There's a passage. Of course, I can barely see anything."

Kikao follows behind Sharrondra to peer at this passage. "I guess this is our way out, darkness or no."

Dances Under Turtle: "I don't know about the rest of you, but I have pretty good night vision. Want me to take a look?"

Sharrondra: "That could be useful."

Kikao: "Yes please."

Jay G. (GM): There is, in fact, no light in the tunnel. But Dances, with her darkvision, can see that it is likely a natural one and not constructed.

Dances Under Turtle: "Okay, it's a natural tunnel. Shall we play follow-the-leader?"

Sharrondra lays one big hand on the illithid's shoulder, and prepares to follow her into darkness.

Kikao takes Sharrondra's hand and Astara's. "Let's go."

Astara: "Okay."

Kikao: There you are. Thought we lost you.

Jay G. (GM): The tunnel is dark. There's barely any light in it. If it weren't for the illithid guiding the rest of the part, it would be impossible to see at all.

Astara OOC: Now all I need is sexy Patrick Stewart to join us

Jay G. (GM): The tunnel goes forward 15 feet and then narrows. Dances, you can see that it will be a very tight squeeze.

Dances Under Turtle: "it looks like the tunnel narrows up ahead. I hope no one had a big last meal."

Jay G. (GM): I'll need an Escape Artist check from each person to squeeze through. You can do it untrained (Dex).

Kikao: rolling 1d20+5 (6)+5 = 11

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+11 (20)+11 = 31

Kikao: good job dances.

Astara: Escape Artist 15

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+2 (4)+2 = 6

Jay G. (GM): Okay. You'll make it through. Dances with no difficulty. Astara will take 1 point of damage from scraping herself up. Kikao will take 2. And Sharrondra will take 3. Dances, you come to the end of the corridor. You see another door head. Again, just a stone slab in the wall that you likely push.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances will check the door out before pushing it.

Jay G. (GM): Perception check. Trap finding.

Dances Under Turtle: So that's a perception check + 1/2 my level, right?

Jay G. (GM): Yes.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+15 (2)+15 = 17

Jay G. (GM): Though technically, I already made the roll for you since you have the trap spotter talent. Never hurts to check again, though. The door does not seem to be trapped.

Dances Under Turtle: Then I'll go ahead and push it open.

The door opens to reveal light. Beyond is a chamber, roughly 30 by 20 feet in size. Nearest you is what is obviously a well. In the center of the room is a wagon, upon which rests three spears. There are tables on the west and south walls. Weapon racks, empty except for a single, rusted sword, are near the north and south all.

Jay G. (GM): And the room is crawling with ants. Four ants, each the size of a doberman. Let's have some initiative!

Kikao: rolling 1d20+1 (20)+1 = 21

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+3 (12)+3 = 15

Kikao: should we do this fight next time? It is 11pm.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+2 (8)+2 = 10

Jay G. (GM): Let's set init, first. rolling 1d20 (10) = 10

Kikao: ok

Jay G. (GM): Astara?

Astara: rolling 1d20 Initiative (19) = 19

Jay G. (GM): Okay! And we will call it there. You got out of your cells and found the secret passage. Excellent job for the first session. Can everyone play on the 19th? Same time?

Sharrondra: I think so, yes.

Astara: yes

Kikao: checks calendar.

Dances Under Turtle: yes

Kikao: I think we're good for that evening.

Jay G. (GM): Awesome. We'll meet again then!

Kikao: I think we did a pretty good job.

Jay G. (GM): You did!

Sharrondra: Yay.

Dances Under Turtle: Woo!

Sharrondra: It's on my calendar.

Jay G. (GM): Excellent. We will pick up then. And fight the ants.

Sharrondra: Nini, all. Take care!

Kikao: Night!

Jay G. (GM): Night!

Dances Under Turtle: Good night.

Astara: Jay, would you be open to exploring what-if's, now that those paths are closed to us?

Jay G. (GM): I'm afraid not. As that might reveal information you would not have ICly.

Astara: Okay haha

Jay G. (GM): Maybe much further down the line. But certainly not when you haven't even escaped the dungeon yet. And, for now, good night all.

Astara: Goodnight!

Astara OOC: Hello :)

Dances Under Turtle: Hi

Jay G. (GM): Evening.

Astara OOC: I'm so excited! :)

Sharrondra: Hi.

Jay G. (GM): Evening!

Sharrondra: Is the map supposed to be blacked out?

Jay G. (GM): Is it still?

Sharrondra: Newp. Looks good now.

Astara OOC: It is not

Jay G. (GM): You wee, I suspect, on a different part of the map.

Astara OOC: Might have to scroll down to see stuff But it's good

Jay G. (GM): I have fog of war up.

Sharrondra: I just wanted to make sure my session wasn't screwed up.

Jay G. (GM): Hey, Kikao. Everyone sound of when you're ready to begin.

Dances Under Turtle: All set.

Kikao: I need a few minutes.

Sharrondra: Let me go refill my water before we begin rather than delay later.

Jay G. (GM): Sure. I'll set up while y'all are doing your thing.


Astara, Sharrondra, Kikao, and Dances Under Turtle were arrested for unknown reasons and then thrown into a dungeon that seemed to be falling apart from neglect! While Sharrondra suffered a severe bought of claustrophobia, Dances Under Turtle and Kikao worked together to escape! A secret tunnel was found, allowing the four escapees to bypass the guards. At the end of that tunnel? A room with a well, a cart, a few tables... and FOUR GIANT ANTS!

Will our heroes fall prey to the sinister menace of the giant ants and their foul poison? Let's find out!

Sharrondra: Can I make a Knowledge check on these things?

Jay G. (GM): Knowledge (nature).

Sharrondra: Assuming this isn't Plains or Swamp, so ... rolling 1d20+8 K:Nature (1)+8 = 9

Jay G. (GM): Giant ants can hurt you.

Sharrondra: Oh, for pity's sake. sigh

Jay G. (GM): The ants have noticed you, it seems. Kikao is up first.

Kikao: hang on is a knowledge check an action?

Jay G. (GM): No.

Astara OOC: Almost always no Knowledge (Untrained) 11 (max DC 10)

Kikao: So step one is a knowledge to do the same thing as Sharrondra was doing.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Roll it.

Kikao: rolling 1d20+8 (4)+8 = 12 we're rolling low tonight.

Sharrondra: OOC Payback for last session?

Jay G. (GM): Giant ants tend to be like regular ants. Only bigger. And more willing to attack people.

Kikao: ok. So I'm going to inspire courage.

Jay G. (GM): Excellent. How?

Kikao: She tells stories so she's going to pick one that tells about a group of heroes defeating some giant spiders. The short version.

Jay G. (GM): Kikao begins telling a story about a group of heroes battling giant spiders. You feel inspired. Everyone's got a +1 on saves vs fear and a +1 on attack and damage checks.

Kikao: That's pretty much it at this point.

Jay G. (GM): Astara, you're next. Astara?

Astara: Um. Delay?

Jay G. (GM): Okay. You're delaying. That's fine.

Astara: Idk, I'm in the back row, my ranged attack is garbage, and there's not enough line of sight to shoot anything yet haha

Jay G. (GM): Dances!

Sharrondra: (and no weapons)

Kikao: And we don't have our stuff with us.

Astara: That too

Jay G. (GM): Yes. None of you are armed.

Dances Under Turtle: I'll clear the bottleneck and go over to grab the sword.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. As you pass by the one ant, it lashes out at you. rolling 1d20+5 (3)+5 = 8

Sharrondra: OOC Can she tumble through to avoid?

Jay G. (GM): However, its mandibles snap at the air.

Dances Under Turtle: Acrobatics to avoid?

Jay G. (GM): A good idea to do in the futue. future. No need to do it now. You pick up the sword. It is a simple short sword.

Sharrondra: OOC True. Just wanted to confirm that would work.

Dances Under Turtle: Alright, I attack the ant that just tried too bite me.

Jay G. (GM): And you will. Next round. Each round you get one move action and one standard action. This time, you substituted a second move action (grabbing the sword) for your standard action. The shortsword, by the way, does 1d6 damage and threatens to crit on a 19 and 20. The ants go! Red and blue both attack. One snaps its mandables at you. The other attempts to jab you with a stinger protruding from its tail end. rolling 1d20+5 (8)+5 = 13

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d20+5 (14)+5 = 19 Both, unfortunately, hit you. Without your armor, you aren't quite as durable as you might like. rolling 1d6+4 (1)+4 = 5 rolling 1d4+4 (3)+4 = 7 Dances, I need you to roll me a Fortitude save, please. (You took 12 points of damage. I subtracted that already from the total attached to your token.)

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+1 (2)+1 = 3

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d2 (1) = 1 Unfortunately, the poison works its way into your system and you suffer damage to your strength. You are feeling weaker.

Astara: Hey GM

Jay G. (GM): The ant marked with the pink dot moves towards the tunnel but does not attack yet.

Astara OOC: Will you enable health bars? Or rather, may I see health bars? :)

Jay G. (GM): That's odd. They are enabled for all players to see. One moment. Let me refresh.

Sharrondra: I see none of them. Not even my own.

Astara OOC: Same

Kikao: I see the number but not the bar. But I didn't think about it until it was pointed out.

Dances Under Turtle: Same here

Jay G. (GM): One moment. I'll try to figure it out. There we go.

Sharrondra: ooc See 'em now.

Jay G. (GM): Sharrondra is up.

Kikao: yup

Sharrondra: Can I roll past pink and green?

Jay G. (GM): Acrobatics allows you to try that. Astara, keep in mind that among the items you are missing right now is your holy symbol.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+12 Acrobatics (11)+12 = 23

Jay G. (GM): Okay. You easily tumble past the ants.

Sharrondra: ooc Do I need to roll again for Red?

Jay G. (GM): No, I'll use the one check.

Sharrondra: As I roll over the cart, I grab a spear.

Jay G. (GM): You now have a spear. It is a very basic longspear. 1d8 damage. x3 critical.

Sharrondra: nods I got it.

Jay G. (GM): Kikao is up.

Kikao: ok. Can't do much I have none of my supplies And the only possible thing I could do is get one of the weapons

Jay G. (GM): You can cast spells. It just is harder for you without your implements.

Kikao: I'm going to keep inspiring and try to move past the ants and pray I don't get attacked. I have the drawback. I can't.

Jay G. (GM): Oooh yes. Okay. Make me an acrobatics check to tumble past the ants.

Kikao: rolling 1d20+5 (15)+5 = 20

Jay G. (GM): You make it past them.

Kikao: how far can I go?

Jay G. (GM): Full move.

Kikao: And can I grab a spear on the way or would that stop my inspire?

Jay G. (GM): I'll let you grab the spear.

Kikao: I've got a spear now.

Jay G. (GM): You only need a free action to maintain a performance.

Kikao: I wasn't sure. I didn't have specifics on that.

Jay G. (GM): Keep track. You can only use Bardic Performance a number of rounds per day = 4 + your CHA modifier. Astara.

Astara OOC: If I could make additional requests -- could you link my red bar to my character sheet "Hitpoints" -- and enable a green bar for me, linked to "Sphere Points"?

Astara: Also From my current position Do I have line of sight intohe room?

Sharrondra: Free action: "Illithid, I'm coming to help you. Just hang on."

Jay G. (GM): From your current position, no. You don't have anything close to line of sight.

Astara: Imma try to acrobatics past this bug -1 Woot!

Jay G. (GM): You try to dodge past the ant. rolling 1d20+ (14) = 14 Ignore that. rolling 1d20+5 (17)+5 = 22 It reaches out and bites you. rolling 1d6+4 (2)+4 = 6

Jay G. (GM): Hard. You, unfortunately, can go no further.

Kikao: I don't see in the book where inspire courage has a max rounds.

Astara: Do I have line of sight to Dances?

Jay G. (GM): Kikao, under Bardic Performance. At the top of the section.

Astara: (Map is unclear, that's why I have to ask)

Jay G. (GM): Astara, you can see Dances past the ant, yes.

Astara: Awesome

Jay G. (GM): Did you plan on an action?

Astara: Ranged Restore! 1 points of str damage restored. End turn.

Jay G. (GM): We never did go over your casting tradition did we?

Astara: All in the wiki, sir GM! :)

Jay G. (GM): I assume you don't want to take the "need my holy symbol to cast magic" drawback for an spell point?

Astara: wutwut

Jay G. (GM): Yes. We went over your magic. But never your casting tradition (that governs the restrictions on how you cast magic - like, do you need a holy symbol or somatic or verbal components.) So, let's do that quick.

Astara: ok

Jay G. (GM): Do you see Astara as needing her holy symbol or other stylings in order to use her totem given magic?

Astara: In standard pathfinder, it depends on the spell -- usually verbal, somatic, material component, etc -- some spells do require a holy symbol, but not many But yeah, sphere magic is different I dunno!

Jay G. (GM): Yes, I know what the standard is.

Astara: What do you prefer? And is there any means to consuming my action as stated?

Jay G. (GM): In general, in Krystallos, clerics need their holy symbols. And without it, you'd be effectively magicless.

Astara: If that's the way most clerics roll in Krystallos, who am I to interrupt tradition Is it possible to cast without a holy symbol, even if it spends more magic?

Jay G. (GM): Sadly, no. do you want a redo on your action?

Astara: Um

(To GM): Actually, it is. They can make a check to cast without the focus item.

Astara: Can I at least go Channel Positive Energy?

Jay G. (GM): Needs the holy item. One moment. Let me look something up. Aha. Here it is. Yes. You need to make a very high Concentration check. DC... 232. 22.

Jay G. (GM): Not 232.

Astara: 15 Concentration check About the concentration check - how is the DC determined, and what is it for?

Jay G. (GM): Your spell, sadly, fizzles. To work without a tool. And 20 + 1/2 your caster level, rounded down.

Astara: Neat.

Jay G. (GM): And you still spend the spell point.

Astara: Sorry for wasting so much time Recorded.

Jay G. (GM): No worries. Dances is up.

Dances Under Turtle: And Dances choose to tumble past the blue ant and join Kikao and Sharrondra.

Jay G. (GM): Cool. Roll that acrobatics.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+13 (11)+13 = 24

Jay G. (GM): Easily. Do you want to take a swing at it, too? The acrobatics check/move is a move action.

Kikao: who wants claws!

Dances Under Turtle: Once I'm behind it, yes. I swing at the blue ant.

Jay G. (GM): Cool. Move and make your attack check.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+7 (13)+7 = 20

Jay G. (GM): Hit! Roll the short sword's damage -1. Your arm feels tired and rubbery.

Dances Under Turtle: Even though I have the Finesse Training feat which lets me use Dex rather than Str?

Jay G. (GM): I forgot you were an unchained rogue. Right. No, roll full damage.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d6+3 (5)+3 = 8

Jay G. (GM): Nice! You roll and leap behind the ant, come up, and slice off a leg.

Kikao: don't forget it's a +1 for damage.

Jay G. (GM): Yes it is. And to attack.

Kikao: yes

Jay G. (GM): The ant turns around and snaps at Dances. Two more scramble to attack Sharrondra.

Sharrondra: Can I AoO red as it scampers up on me?

Jay G. (GM): No, because it doesn't pass through a threatened space. It stops in the first one it comes to. Good try, though. And one tries to bit Astara again. rolling 1d20+5 (6)+5 = 11 rolling 1d20+5 (8)+5 = 13 rolling 1d20+5 (12)+5 = 17

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d20+5 (15)+5 = 20 rolling 1d6+4 (3)+4 = 7 rolling 1d6+4 (4)+4 = 8 Sharr and Astara are both bitten, though luckily not stung. Sharrondra, you've got a pointy stick. And it is your tunr.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+8 (7)+8 = 15

Jay G. (GM): THAT is a hit.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d8+3 (2)+3 = 5

Jay G. (GM): Which one?

Sharrondra: Green, I suppose.

Jay G. (GM): Gooey ichor oozes from the wound you inflict. Kikao?

Kikao: so, I have an implement in my hand and am itching to use it.

Jay G. (GM): You do indeed.

Kikao: Eeny meeny miny moe...the illithid will grow a pair of claws.

Jay G. (GM): Okay! Dances Under Turtle, do you choose to resist as your fingertips suddenly burst out into long, vicious claws?

Kikao: I promise I'll put you back again. :)

Dances Under Turtle: ooc - did Kikao mention this verbally before she did it?

Astara: No

Kikao: Yeah. Sure. You know, in the story she's telling, the hero grows claws!


And then she taps you on the back with her spear.

Jay G. (GM): Kikao told a story about a hero who grows claws.

Kikao: To defeat the ants

Dances Under Turtle: Then I don't resist.

Kikao: Perfectly Logical. :)

Jay G. (GM): On the other hand, most illithid have a deep fear of becoming a brain sucking monster. Okay!

Sharrondra: ooc That's most illithids. Dance is a bit unusual. :)

Kikao: Good thing I didn't give her a horn. And that costs me a spellpoint right?

Jay G. (GM): Dances, you now have 2 sets of claws. So long as you don't move more than 5 feet, you can make TWO claw attacks per round. Said claws do 1d4+STR each (you would have to drop the sword). They do count as light weapons for purposes of using your weapon finesse feat. But not for the finesse training, which is specific to a chosen weapon. Which, come to think of it, might not be a short sword either.

Sharrondra: ooc Short swords are her normal weapons.

Jay G. (GM): Ah! Cool.

Dances Under Turtle: Can I use both the short sword and the left hand of claws?

Jay G. (GM): Kikao, if you want it to stay without you concentrating, yes. 1 spell point per minute. Dances, no. Not at your level. 1 spell point per minute per level, sorry. So, 5 minutes.

Kikao: ok. Will spend a spell point. If this lasts more than 5 minutes, we're in trouble.

Jay G. (GM): Okay.

Astara: 1 combat round = 6 seconds of real time

Jay G. (GM): Astara is up.

Astara: If this combat lasts 5 minutes, we'll have been dead and eaten 4 minutes ago

Kikao: Ayup

Astara: Here's to the Holy Hospital of John the Barber that I roll a 12 or better. Mass Cure Wounds (2 spell points 14 vs. DC 22 And failed. End turn.

Jay G. (GM): Were you defensively casting?

Astara: I was trying to overcome the "casting without an implement houserule" by brute force.

Jay G. (GM): It isn't a houserule.

Astara: Also, I do not need to cast defensively when using cure spells due to a class feature

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Dances is up.

Dances Under Turtle: Alright. So I think I'll stick to attacking with the sword.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. You may do so!

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+7 (13)+7 = 20 Plus 1 is 21

Jay G. (GM): Nice. You dance and weave with the shortsword. And the damage?

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d6+3+1 (3)+3+1 = 7

Jay G. (GM): The ant squeals in agony as you stab it viciously between two segments of its body. Hearing the squeals, the other ants come to try to protect it. Sharr, you'll get an AoO on either red or green.

Sharrondra: I hit green, right? I'll AoO the one I had already attacked. rolling 1d20+9 (16)+9 = 25

Jay G. (GM): Go for it. And the damage?

Sharrondra: rolling 1d8+4 (3)+4 = 7

Jay G. (GM): Dances, you'll get an AoO on red as it comes towards you. Sharr, you stab the ant clean through. As you yank your spear out, it continues on.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+7+1 (6)+7+1 = 14

Jay G. (GM): That would be a blow. Damage?

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d6+3+1 (2)+3+1 = 6

Jay G. (GM): You draw... some sort of bodily fluid. Its a little whitish. Blue and rd will attack dances. Purple will attack Sharr. rolling 1d20+5 (10)+5 = 15 rolling 1d20+5 (10)+5 = 15 rolling 1d20+5 (19)+5 = 24 rolling 1d6+2 (2)+2 = 4

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d6+2 (5)+2 = 7 rolling 1d6+2 (5)+2 = 7 Dances, you are bleeding from multiple wounds now. Sharrondra, you were bitten as well. Sharrondra is up.

Sharrondra: I need to roll over/through Kik and flank red for Dance.

Jay G. (GM): You don't, actually. You can pass through allies. But you might do it to avoid an AoO from the ant. And you can't really flank red. You could flank blue. Or purple.

Sharrondra: I need them to stop attacking her or she's going to die. So what do I do?

Kikao: what about purple? flank it and get rid of it.

Astara: I will attempt to flank blue when my turn comes.

Sharrondra: 5ft step, diagonal?

Jay G. (GM): Sure. You're now flanking so at +2.

Sharrondra: OOC OK. Now going to roll. rolling 1d20+11 (5)+11 = 16 rolling 1d8+4 (3)+4 = 7

Jay G. (GM): Your spear puts a large hole in the ant's body. Meanwhile, Kikao is up!

Kikao: continue to inspire and stab at red. rolling 1d20+4 (9)+4 = 13

Jay G. (GM): Excellent.

Kikao: I'm not sure what a hit is. I'm guessing that is not it.

Jay G. (GM): Just shy of it. Your spear glances off the ant's hard hide. Astara, you are up and no longer being harrassed.

Astara: I will suck an AoO And, hope to the holy sepulcher this will work

Jay G. (GM): What are you trying to accomplish?

Astara: 1) flank blue ant

Jay G. (GM): You don't have a weapon in hand.

Astara: 2) Concentration 12 vs. DC 22 for Mass Cure Wounds

Jay G. (GM): You aren't threatening.

Astara: I can threaten with my fists.

Jay G. (GM): Not unless they do lethal damage which they don't.

Astara: Okay, grab spear as part of move action

Jay G. (GM): If it were sheathed, you could. But actually picking one up is a move action by itself.

Astara: Okay, recommendations? DM, cuz I'm sort of at a loss tactically speaking haha

Jay G. (GM): You don't have to tactically do everything every round. If you want to move forward and grab the spear, you can.

Kikao: can't she move to blue and flank even though she can't hit? With the spear?

Jay G. (GM): She can't, no. Because she has to stop her move action to perform a move action.

Kikao: you let me move right by the spear and pick it up.

Astara: Well, if I can't threaten, then I'll move next to the spear fail at my spell casting and end turn.

Jay G. (GM): You stopped next to the cart.

Astara: I'll pick up spear next turn.

Kikao: I didn't think I was next to it. That was pure luck.

Jay G. (GM): You did. Dances is up.

Kikao: pick up the spear astara. You're threatening purple and flanking with Kikao

Jay G. (GM): You can take back your casting, Astara. And pick up the spear.

Astara: I'd like that. :) Spear Got! :)

Jay G. (GM): You do. Cool.

Dances Under Turtle: And I'll acrobatics my way behind Sharrondra. rolling 1d20+13 (2)+13 = 15

Jay G. (GM): Which you do. Very good plan.

Sharrondra: OOC Thumps own chest. "Shield of meat. Rar."

Jay G. (GM): Dances leaps over the cart, whirls around Sharrondra and takes cover. The ants, suddenly deprived of targets, seem unsure of what to do. Purple turns to Sharr. Red moves up and attacks Kikao. Blue, weak and missing a few legs, climbs drunkedly over the cart and snaps at the cleric. While green charges Kikao.

Sharrondra: OOC Does that put blue through a square I'm threatening?

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d20+5 (6)+5 = 11 No. It has it stopping in a square you threaten.

Sharrondra: OOC With my reach weapon.

Jay G. (GM): Wait. Yes. Longspears have reach. You can stab it. Kikao, you can stab at green.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+9 AoO on blue (8)+9 = 17

Kikao: rolling 1d20+4 (6)+4 = 10

Sharrondra: rolling 1d8+4 (5)+4 = 9

Jay G. (GM): Sharrondra, however, impales herself an ant. It collapses just as it is about to bite Astara. Now. rolling 1d20+5 (14)+5 = 19 rolling 1d20+5 (5)+5 = 10 rolling 1d6+4 (1)+4 = 5 Kikao takes a nick as the ant bites her ankle.

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d20+5 (3)+5 = 8 And Sharrondra laughing pushes the ant attacking her aside. Sharr is up.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+9 (12)+9 = 21 rolling 1d8+4 (3)+4 = 7

Jay G. (GM): Purple continues to move, even though there are many holes in it. Kikao!

Kikao: attack green?

Jay G. (GM): If you like.

Kikao: I mean purple. I can't see straight.

Jay G. (GM): Also if you like.

Kikao: it's flanking right? rolling 1d20+6 (4)+6 = 10

Jay G. (GM): It is.

Kikao: an then I 5 ft

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Astara is up and armed!

Astara: Should I try for 40% chance of success?

Sharrondra: Do what you have to do.

Jay G. (GM): Do what's IC. Not what's tacticalC.

Astara: I'll shift left one go

Jay G. (GM): Okay!

Astara: Stab ant with an attack of 8 And miss. Well, +4 actually, so 10, but still End turn.

Jay G. (GM): Dances is up.

Sharrondra: OOC IMO, you stay back there. Especially without her focus, our healer isn't up to saving you.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances is going to continue to hide / take cover behind Sharrondra.

Jay G. (GM): Full defense it is. Ants move. Each five stepping. rolling 1d2-+5 (2)-+5 = -3 rolling 1d20+5 (17)+5 = 22 rolling 1d20+5 (20)+5 = 25

Sharrondra: ooc I think Astara gets an AoO on Green.

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d20+5 (5)+5 = 10 It moved 5 feet, didn't it?

Astara: Only if it moves more than 5 feet and traverses my threatened squares

Jay G. (GM): rolling 1d20+5 (17)+5 = 22 Okay. All three manage to bite their targets rolling 1d6+4 (3)+4 = 7 rolling 1d6+4 (5)+4 = 9 rolling 1d6+4 (4)+4 = 8 It hurts a lot.

Kikao: did one crit?

Jay G. (GM): Threatened. Failed on the confirm.

Kikao: ok

Jay G. (GM): Sharrondra is up. Faster pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Sharrondra: Pink must die.

Astara: We might be on the way to a TPK

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+9 (5)+9 = 14 rolling 1d8+4 (8)+4 = 12

Jay G. (GM): You stab through its brain with the vigor and strength and fury of an amazonite warrioress.

Sharrondra: ooc One question befor eyou move on

Jay G. (GM): Yes?

Sharrondra: OOC If I roll to there, with acrobatics, can I help the others flank their targets?

Jay G. (GM): You won't flank anything from there. You have to form a straight line THROUGH the target. To the person you're flanking with. So.

Astara: You an make a move, then delay your standard action until a certain condition

Jay G. (GM): In one of those two spots.

Astara: for example, if I move to flank too

Sharrondra: So from this spot, that should be true.

Jay G. (GM): You don't need to hold anything. No, it isn't true. Straight line through the center of the square.

Sharrondra: YOu didn't say through the center of the square before.

Astara: It's always been that way, unfortunately You have to be on opposite sides

Kikao: where you are now, Astara could 5 ft and flank

Astara: So yeah

Jay G. (GM): Astara could.

Astara: I 5ft and flank if you can delay until after my turn

Kikao: Kikao can't hit the broadside of a barn apparently.

Jay G. (GM): There's no need to delay.

Sharrondra: ICly, she'd flank for Kik over the cleric.

Astara: Well, yer not flanking for me I'm trying to flank for you!

Jay G. (GM): I erased he ant.

Kikao: oh no!

Sharrondra: ooc Oops.

Kikao: It warped away

Sharrondra: darned teleporting ants!

Jay G. (GM): There. Okay. Acrobatics check, please.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+12 (10)+12 = 22

Jay G. (GM): You make it easily. These ants are no match for you! Except when they bite you a lot. Kikao is up!

Kikao: trying to stab.

Sharrondra: ooc +2 extra; good luck

Kikao: still chattering away and inspiring with her story. rolling 1d20+6 (8)+6 = 14 sigh

Sharrondra: 14 hits.

Jay G. (GM): It does. 14 EXACTLY hits.

Kikao: what's the damage?

Sharrondra: d8

Kikao: so that's at +1 for inspire ok.

Sharrondra: Plus STR and +1 for inspire

Jay G. (GM): As she said.

Kikao: rolling 1d8+1 (5)+1 = 6 Kikao has no strength.

Jay G. (GM): Someday, someone in one of my games will make a character with a positive strength bonus.

Sharrondra: I have one.

Jay G. (GM): Astara is up.

Kikao: None of my characters ever have strength.

Sharrondra: ooc A positive strength bonus, I have it.

Astara: Hm. Time to fail at spellcasting! 19 vs. DC 22!

Kikao: closer!

Jay G. (GM): Remember, you lose your spell points each time you do this. You might want to save some.

Astara: I know.

Jay G. (GM): Dances?

Sharrondra: OOC Might be worth doing Healing instead of spells.

Jay G. (GM): Crud. The ant I deleted was the initiative ant.

Dances Under Turtle: I think I'll continue to hang back right now.

Jay G. (GM): Well, your gain. The ants all hold till 9. Confused by the loss of their leader. Sharr is up.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+11 Attacking red. (12)+11 = 23 rolling 1d8+4 (4)+4 = 8

Jay G. (GM): If you were a fighter plane you'd have three little stamps on your cheek. The ant goes into a frenzy and rushes over to avenge its comrade. rolling 1d20+5 (10)+5 = 15 rolling 1d6+4 (6)+4 = 10 Now would be the time for a heal check from your cleric, yes. As Sharrondra is rammed into the wall while pincers pierce her abdomen and she passes out from the pain.

Astara: I don't have adjacency

Jay G. (GM): Kikao is up.

Kikao: ack! hm...guess I'll attack

Sharrondra: OOC Shot, down, in a blaze of glory!

Kikao: rolling 1d20+4 (1)+4 = 5 dude!!!

Astara: hitpoints >= -constitution score? Still alive! :)

Jay G. (GM): Wow.

Kikao: apparently last game really sucked my luck.

Jay G. (GM): Shocked by seeing her faithful sidekick fall, Kikao swings and misses. Astara, can you end the conflict?

Kikao: Going to move

Astara: Haha no

Kikao: to Sharr

Jay G. (GM): Okay.

Kikao: I think she drops her inspire. Sharr dropping just killed that.

Jay G. (GM): Makes sense.

Astara: I'll take an AoO for $500, Alex

Jay G. (GM): Astara, you do no one any good if you get dropped before you reach her. And you are a trained barber. You know that.

Astara: I still have 10 hitpoints I'm still good

Jay G. (GM): Okay. rolling 1d20+5 (16)+5 = 21 rolling 1d6+4 (2)+4 = 6

Astara: Now.. Rebuke Death class feature!

Jay G. (GM): Astara stumbles to the fallen warrior's side as she is bitten. And that brings the rogue up. Dances?

Astara: 6 hitpoints healed!

Jay G. (GM): Indeed.

Astara: Sharronda heals for 6 hp.

Jay G. (GM): Rebuke works, positive energy flowing into the amazonite. Sharr, you do the GASPING FOR AIR suddenly waking up thing.

Dances Under Turtle: Given what I can see happening, can I move up and attack the ant?

Jay G. (GM): You can.

Kikao: you could flank with kikao without an aoo

Jay G. (GM): You need to go around the cart but that shouldn't be a problem.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling 1d20+7 (2)+7 = 9

Jay G. (GM): You attack but miss. Sharr, you're on the ground. But you are awake and your spear is still in your hand.

Sharrondra: Did that include the flanking bonus .... NM. Wouldn't have been enough. OOC I hop up and stab.

Jay G. (GM): Standing up provokes. But stabbing from the ground puts you at -4 to hit.

Kikao: attack from the ground.

Astara: unfortunately standing provokes

Sharrondra: Rolll up?

Astara: but the ant has already consumed its AoO on me

Jay G. (GM): Yes it has. You can hop up unafraid.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+9 (5)+9 = 14

Astara: A good hit!

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+4 (13)+4 = 17

Astara: :]

Sharrondra: rolling 1d8+4 (7)+4 = 11

Jay G. (GM): The ant falls. You all stand there for a moment, breathing hard and gasping for air. Blood coagulating in your wounds.

Kikao gasps. "Let's never do that again."

Sharrondra: "I'm just fine with that. Tell them to return our gear, let us go, and we can never do this again."

Dances Under Turtle: "Agreed. No more ants, please."

Kikao: ooc So...I'm holding a spear. Can I do an object read on it?

Jay G. (GM): If you like.

Kikao: Is there a max num times I can use that ability?

Jay G. (GM): No.

Astara: Astara finds a clean place to sit down.

Kikao: ok. So, trying most importantly to find out if this has been used recently and what it's history is.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances collapses next to her.

Jay G. (GM): Well, the spear is not magical.

Kikao doesn't sit own. She turns the spear over in her hands, examining it.

Kikao hrms and comments. "This spear was put here only an hour ago." She goes over to the cart and looks under it.

Jay G. (GM): Kikao, there is a chest under the cart.

Kikao stands up and addresses the motley crew. "Why would someone wheel this cart in here with weapons an place it over a chest?"

Dances Under Turtle: Dances turns to Astara. "So, you're a healer right? Can you help me?"

Astara: "I've been trying. But every attempt has failed."

Sharrondra: OOC Healing skill?

Kikao: ooc I'm beginning to think this is a test.

Jay G. (GM): Healing skill works a lot better with a healer's kit. Or supplies of any kind.

Astara: There is nothing I can do with the healing skill for short-term effects.

Sharrondra: Deadly wounds. -4 on your check.

Astara: "Provide long term care" is about the best I can do at the moment, and I don't think you want to wait around for a few days.

Sharrondra: For lack of healing kit.

Astara: "You must expend two uses from a healer's kit to perform this task."

Jay G. (GM): OOC: Y'all MIGHT want to pay attention to what Kikao has said.

Sharrondra: OOC I did. But we have people nigh-dying. OOC Including the person who can open the locked chest.

Jay G. (GM): As long as they're on the positive side of zero, they aren't, actually. But. By all means, RP on.

Astara: "I can chip away at a locked chest with a spear maybe."

Jay G. (GM): Stay IC please.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances pushes herself up and staggers over to look at the chest.

Jay G. (GM): The chest is a simple one. A wooden box with a single latch. There is no lock.You won't get it open while it is under the cart, however. Not enough clearance space.

Sharrondra will heft the cart out of the way.

Jay G. (GM): The cart's wheels squeak as they roll and the chest is uncovered. It is rather long in size.

Dances Under Turtle: "Do you think we should unlatch and open it using the spear so that we can keep our distance just in case?"

Kikao shrugs. "I got the impression you were the expert in this area. What do you think?"

Dances Under Turtle: "I think it's a little odd that it's was left here hidden under a wagon. It's why I suggested opening with the spear."

Kikao: ooc lets others respond

Sharrondra: OOC I think Sharr is about to get medieval out of sheer frustration.

Astara: Astara has nothing useful to suggest at this time

Kikao: ooc ok. Then opening a chest with a spear. ooc or Sharr will attack it. ooc it might make her feel better.

Sharrondra stabs the lid at the latch and pushes to get it to open up from reach.

Jay G. (GM): The latch pops. The chest opens. Inside.... .... is your stuff, haphazardly piled in.

Astara: That's horrifying.

Sharrondra: "Find your holy symbol, please. Quickly?"

Kikao goggles at the stuff in the chest. "What the?"

Kikao: ooc is that upper left corner have a door?

Jay G. (GM): Kikao: Yes. And I'm falling asleep.

Kikao: me too

Jay G. (GM): So, I'm going to call it here. We'll do your escape next sesion.

Kikao: tries not to drool

Astara: Let's pump some hitpoints into people before we go

Jay G. (GM): Hold off on the healing until next go.

Astara: Aww

Jay G. (GM): I know. You finally get to shine. I promise you'll be bright and fuzzy next session.

Kikao: ok. ready for bed.

Jay G. (GM): Night all. Thanks for playing. See you two Thursdays from now!

Sharrondra: Night.

Dances Under Turtle: Have a good night.

Sharrondra: Hi.

Astara: Rawr 2 things happened!

Dances Under Turtle: Evening.

Astara: J wrote! And I got an art!

Jay G. (GM): I did write that, in fact. And the art looks cool. Almost late Don Bluth animation style.

Astara: I asked her if she was aiming to be a Disney animator She said she wasn't sure yet haha

Jay G. (GM): How old is she?

Astara: Her DA profile doesn't say; but she's probably getting into final year of university, if not graduated

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Just make sure she's over 18 if you commission anything too risque.

Astara: haha, nope. Can't commission anything risque from her.

Jay G. (GM): I'm happy. I met my writing goal for the day. 2,000 words and another part of this project done. Only 7 more parts to do and its done and I can move onto the next one.

Astara: Keith is sick again, sadly. I hope he has a speedy recovery. Also, since you have a website, you might be interested in this news:

Jay G. (GM): Yah.Crud! I forgot to post the filler.

Dances Under Turtle: OOC Just so everyone is aware: I'm actually at Sharrondra's home, borrowing her computer. We've decided to arrange things so that most of the time I won't actually be in the same room as the computer this is coming from. (It's weird; I'm sorry). So, please, don't try whispering to me tonight. I'm afraid I might miss it, hopping back and forth. If you just OOC it, so everyone can see, then I'm sure I'll see it on Sharr's screen.

Jay G. (GM): There. Posted. Whew!

Sharrondra: Yes. In short, everyone's on my big screen TV again tonight.

Jay G. (GM): So, you're going on her screen but heading to the other room to post? Why don't you just open two windows on her laptop and pass it back and forth ?

Dances Under Turtle: We could. But actually, we're remoting to the desktop from the laptop.

Jay G. (GM): Sounds like an exhausting evening for you!

Dances Under Turtle: We promise, it does make sense to us, from where we are. Less iRL yelling back and forth, this way.

Jay G. (GM): I believe you.

Sharrondra: My desktop and my laptop are in two completely different rooms of the condo.

Jay G. (GM): You two are a cute pairing. Seriously. As long as it makes sense to you. K will be along in a moment. She's just putting the kids to bed.

Sharrondra: Story Time!

Jay G. (GM): Already done.

Astara: That you know what remoting is means your solution is probably the best solution, even if I don't understand quite what it is. :)

Jay G. (GM): Everyone in this game is a computer professional but me.

Sharrondra hugs Kik.

Jay G. (GM): Hi, Kikao.

Kikao: Hello! Need a few minutes.

Jay G. (GM): No hurry.

Astara: Hello! :)

Kikao: ok

Jay G. (GM): So. I'm happy to say that today I sold an adventure to Expeditious Retreat Press. A one on one thing.

Kikao: Awesome!

Jay G. (GM): Very happy.

Kikao: Happy is good!

Astara: Cool :) Congrats

Jay G. (GM): Thanks! I'm told that there's a good chance my rope book will be out next week. And the proof copy of my draft cards will be set up. How has everyone else been?

Sharrondra: I'm doing OK.

Astara: I'm doing great. I love getting arts and writings :)

Jay G. (GM): I'll have chapter 2 done at the end of the month. Hopefully.

Astara: Okiedokie! No stress. I very much appreciate you doing this for me :)

Jay G. (GM): I appreciate you paying me to do it. How are you, Turtle?

Dances Under Turtle: I'm fine. Still looking for work. Lots of holiday work around the house.

Jay G. (GM): Good luck. Looking for work is tough.

Kikao: Yes it is!

Sharrondra: Yes, it is.

Jay G. (GM): What is your wheelhouse, Dances?

Dances Under Turtle: Uh. At this point I'm looking for most anything in the computer sciences that pays.

Jay G. (GM): Likely you don't want to relocate but:

Dances Under Turtle: Thank you for sharing. :) Not sure I want to move the whole way across the country. But it's nice to know there are opportunities out there. :)

Jay G. (GM): Sure. :) I figured. Okay. Everyone ready?

Sharrondra: We are!

Kikao: I am!

Astara: I am! :)

You are in some sort of store room in some sort of prison, though it seems shoddy and beat up considering how young and vibrant the city is. You've come through a fight with giant ants with some nasty wounds and found your gear.

Jay G. (GM): So... what now?

Sharrondra: Gear up, and healz!

Dances Under Turtle: Plz!

Kikao: That's probably a good idea.

Jay G. (GM): Astara?

Astara: Right! "I'll take care of those now." Astara holds up her holy symbol and channels positive energy, 11 points of healing.

Jay G. (GM): Okay...

Astara: Astara observes the wounds of the other escapees, and will use her healing ability again, if required.

Jay G. (GM): Everyone give your HP totals to Astara.

Astara: The healing applies to everyone.

Jay G. (GM): How much out of how much?

Sharrondra: I am # 13/52

Dances Under Turtle: I am @ 13 out of 25

Kikao: I'm at 34 out of 37. So I'm good if you can't spare a healing.

Astara: Astara holds up her holy symbol and radiates some more magical healing.10.

Jay G. (GM): Sho, why do I have your hit points as 29? Ah. Fixed.

Sharrondra: Yes. I just went in and fixed them. :)

Astara: Oh, I forgot You use full red bars to indicate healthy

Sharrondra: Yes.

Jay G. (GM): Yes.

Astara: It's the exact opposite with the other game I play in No red means you're good to go

Jay G. (GM): Heh. No, here we use it that way.

Astara: That way, when a player power attacks for 35 times an enemy's hitpoints, we get to see the hilariously long hitpoint bar bash through other enemies and walls and such

Sharrondra: Red = Health.

Jay G. (GM): Thanks to the healing like of Emerald, you're all feeling better... if not a hundred percent.

Astara: See Bam

Jay G. (GM): And you all have your gear. It is all there. Nothing seems to be missing.

Astara: Damage so high the secret door is stabbed by the bar

Jay G. (GM): Back IC everyone.

Sharrondra: As, are you going to top me off anymore?

Astara: 21 healing so far. Another pulse of healing energy on everyone for 10 additional. 31 healing so far

Jay G. (GM): That puts everyone but she of the insane HP total to full. Keep track of your channels, Astara.

Astara: 3/6

Sharrondra grar.

Sharrondra: "I will scout the passage out?" Sharrondra offers, with just enough lilt to imply it is a question.

Astara: "Hang on Sharrondra. I'm just getting started."

Sharrondra: OOC: Door over passage? Or open passage? I cannot tell

Jay G. (GM): There's a door to the north.

Astara: Targeted heal spell for 20 healing on the lady with lots of hitpoints.

Jay G. (GM): And now Shar's at full.

Astara: "There we go."

Dances Under Turtle: "I'll take a look at the door first, I think."

Sharrondra: The tall Amazonite nods to the Barber, her dark dreadlocks bouncing. "My thanks, Healer."

Jay G. (GM): Dances, roll your Perception.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling d20+15 (2)+15 = 17

Jay G. (GM): There's a lock but its designed to be locked from the other side. You can undo it here easily, without your tools. Just flip a little widgit. No traps.

Dances Under Turtle: Then I'll open the door for Sharrondra.

Jay G. (GM): Light spills out into a dark corridor. Ahead of you are rows of cells. They seem similar to the ones you were in but are empty.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+12 stealth (1)+12 = 13

Jay G. (GM): Okay.

Sharrondra: Pardon my clomping boots, apparently. :(

Jay G. (GM): Sharrondra moves quietly, though she makes the occasional sound as her boots splash in puddles on the ground.

Sharrondra: Uhm. Wasn't the room we were in pitch dark?

Jay G. (GM): I assume that one of you now has a light source. The room you were in had a little light from the well in the corner, oddly enough. Enough you were able to fight.

Kikao: Wait. I think I can handle the light thing.

Jay G. (GM): The room ahead has no light. With light, though, you will be able to see it is a cell block. Many of them, all empty and rusted. You know, Sharrondra, Kikao did ask you to wait...

Kikao holds her gloved hand in front of her and a glowing ball of light appears in front of her, lighting the way.

Sharrondra explores on soft-soled boots, pausing when she finally finds something other than a cell door beyond her. The Guide of the White Crows is scouting, naturally.

Jay G. (GM): Sharrondra, how are you seeing?

Sharrondra: I'm peering around in the dark, like one does in the dark?

Jay G. (GM): You didn't take out a torch or a source of light to help you?

Sharrondra: No. Sources of light tell others where you are.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. You manage to feel your way through the darknesss, moving along the wall. It isn't easy and more than once you nearly slip into an open cell and fall.

Sharrondra: (And yes. I am aware others will bring light to the party. But Sharr would not do that. So I'm not, until they do.)

Jay G. (GM): When you reach the point where you are now, you see a gate, much like the one that sealed off your cellblock, and through it, at the far end of a corridor, a light source that flickers. Like a torch. There appear to be doors on either side of the corridor, just past the gate.

Sharrondra: Sharr will keep going, back down and around to the group to report back on what she has seen and learned. "Many cells. Found no one else. Portcullis blocks hall out. One torch in hall, far end."

Kikao: step away for a sec. So, as I was saying above, Kikao sends a light with Sharr because she can.

Sharrondra stares back at Kikao silently, almost managing not to scowl.

Kikao: But it only goes up to 30 ft away from Kikao

Sharrondra: OK. So it stopped following me after a while.

Kikao sees the scowl but refuses to acknowledges. "Words." She says to the warrior in a very strong hint.

Sharrondra scowls. Silently.

Dances Under Turtle looks back and forth between Kikao and Sharrondra and then moves past them into the corridor towards the gate.

Jay G. (GM): Dances, of course, has no problem seeing in the dark. She finds the gate to be a basic portcullus, as Sharrondra indicated. You can't seem to find a mechanism to raise or this side or, indeed, see one on the other ide.

Sharrondra: "I lift?"

Kikao looks to Astara. "Hm?"

Voices can be heard beyond the gateway and the darkness on the other end of the corridor

Astara: Astara shrugs? She doesn't really know what you need.

A woman's voice with an Obsidianu accent. "Female voice with an Obsidianu accent. "What do you mean they are not here? I know very well there are. Take me to them right this instant!"

A male voice mumbles something.

Sharrondra: OOC Anyone want to try aid another on this? Or should I just go with it?"

Kikao: ooc I am not a strong character

Astara: Astara has no muscles to speak of.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+2 (18)+2 = 20

Sharrondra tries to muscle the portcullis up, straining her big Amazonite muscles.

The gate trembles but does not move. It feels locked into place.

The Obsidianu voice, "You arrested them illegally and brought them to a prison that is not even in service. This is an outrage and I will not have it!"

The male voice mumbles again.

Sharrondra: The Amazonite turns to the illithid, gesturing to the gate again. She, at least, shows no intention of engaging with the voices beyond.

Astara: Do I recognize either of the voices?

Dances Under Turtle: Okay, I'll check for a locking mechanism on the gate.

Jay G. (GM): Astara, you do not. Dances, make me a Perception check. This counts as trap finding, so roll with your bonuses for that.

Astara: "I think I want to go find out who those people are."

Dances Under Turtle: rolling d20+15 (15)+15 = 30

(From Jay G. (GM)): Please tell Jen that Dances finds an engagement mechanism cleverly hidden behind a fake panel on the wall to the left of the gate. She just needs to unlock the panel and then pull the level.

Kikao agrees with Astara. "Yes, but I think we might not want to let them know we are watching."

(To GM): OK. So, should she just roll disable device for the lock?

(From Jay G. (GM)): Yes.

Jay G. (GM): Kikao, on the other and, recognizes the voice. The female one. The female Obsidianu one.

Dances Under Turtle: rolling d20+13 (16)+13 = 29

Jay G. (GM): DuT has little problem picking the lock of the hidden panel on the wall to the left of the gate. Opening the panel reveals a simple pull lever.

Dances Under Turtle: Pulling the lever now.

Astara: Astara loads her crossbow with a bolt.

Jay G. (GM): The gate opens. It isn't a quiet opening. It squeaks mightily in protest as gears turn and metal grinds.

Astara: "That could use some oil."

Obsidianu woman's voice. "What was that? No. I will not take orders from you. I do not care who you say you work for."

Sharrondra readies herself to defend incoming.

The male voice mumbles again.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances draws her short swords.

Sharrondra: rolling 1d20+13 perception (4)+13 = 17

Kikao has out her Hunga Munga.

Kikao: And her ball of light is hovering over her shoulder. ooc Pokes Astara. Will stay behind you unless you want Kiki in front

Jay G. (GM): Wait a moment, all. Kikao has important information that might change thing.

Kikao: Sorry..apparently I didn't see something.

Astara: OOC - in terms of party order, it's probably best if I'm as far away from enemies as possible. Astara doesn't really have much in the way of combat capability.

Kikao: ooc Is there a door at the end or can we not see that?

Jay G. (GM): You really can't see much furhter than that. It opens into a room. But you're not sure of much more than that.

Kikao listens to the voices as she gets closer and holds up a hand. "Wait! I think we have an ally in there. I know who that is." Kikao nudges Sharrondra to move forward, down the hall. "Let's get some attention."

Jay G. (GM): As you move further down the corridor you see it opens into a large chamber. There, a beautiful and tall Obsidianu woman flanked by two dark skinned men wielding hunga mungas berrates a guard. There are two other guards present as well, all watching helplessly. The woman in question.

Kikao: Cool

Sharrondra: Is she really that big?

Astara: OOC I was wondering why a picture of a giant woman was wandering around the room

Madame Lulu look up as she seems to notice you coming down the corridor. "Of course you left on your own. I knew these fools could not keep you contained. Kikao, have you been harmed by these brutes?"

Jay G. (GM): No, she's not that big. That's a portrait, not a token.

Sharrondra: The silent Amazonite enters the room, advancing gloweringly towards the guards, her weapons in hand and blood in her eyes.

Astara: OOC -

Kikao: "Madame Lulu" Kikao calls out as they get closer. "Thank goodness you are here." She moves to the Obsidanu Representative giving her a respectful bow. "We were abducted and thrown in a dungeon with no knowledge of what we'd done." ooc ooh...forgot about sharr...someone grab her.

Madame Lulu glowers at the guards. "You did even not inform them of the charges? This will not stand! I am taking these four and we are leaving. If you try to stop me, I will lock you in the room with the savage woman."

The guardsmen seem taken aback. This is obviously above their pay grade.

Sharrondra: "Grrrr."

Since the guards seem unwilling to stop the lot of you, it is not hard to march out a door and up a set of stairs until you find yourself just outside of the city walls, on the shore of the Lake.

Madame Lulu turns to you. "My sorrows, friends. I came as soon as I heard and as soon as I could learn which pit they had thrown you into. As you may have guessed, this is not one of the regular prisons the city uses."

Sharrondra: "Why have we not ended them?"

Dances Under Turtle: "I didn't think so. It didn't look like any of the others I've been in."

Kikao: "Thank You for coming when you could." Kikao shakes her head sadly. "I am confused. Who are those people?"

Madame Lulu chuckles. "Those men were pawns. To punish them for the deeds of their master would be like punishing a hound for killing a rabbit at a hunter's command." She touches first her belly and then her heart and then her forehead, a traditional Obsidianu salute of greeting. "I am Madame Lulu and I have the honor of representing my people in this city. I know Kikao but not the rest of you. Let me correct this oversight. Come to my home for dinner and I will do the very best I can to explain."

Sharrondra eyes Kikao silently, as if expecting the other woman to understand something.

Astara: "Honored to meet you, Madame, and grateful for your assistance."

Kikao returns the greeting gestures and looks to Sharrondra and then to Madame Lulu. "Thank you for the kind offer. I fear one of ours is a bit shy to be in the city at night."

Sharrondra softly growls, "Shy?"

Madame Lulu's gold lips widen into a smile. "Too shy to turn down a fine meal? My chef is preparing blackened alligator kabobs. Your friend will like them. My chef prepares them according to an Amazonite recipe."

Sharrondra 's empty tummy rumbles. "Gator kabobs?" It really is the closest thing to a nice tone of voice anyone has heard from Sharrondra since they were in the Barber temple.

Kikao smiles brightly. "I think perhaps dinner would be lovely Madame." She looks to Dances and Astara. "How does that sound?"

Dances Under Turtle: "I don't suppose you would have any fish prepared as well?" I'm not too fond of gator."

Madame Lulu offers a nod of her head to Dances. "I will have a runner sent for seafood, honored one."

Astara: "It sounds very generous. I'm grateful."

Dances Under Turtle: "Thank you. I would be happy to attend."

Sharrondra: Baldly honest, Sharrondra ammends, "I would still prefer to leave the City afterwards." She does not yell. She barely more than whispers. But it still carries.

Madame Lulu claps her hands together. "Good!" She turns and begins walking up the hill. "Come! No time to waste."

Sharrondra sprints, since the golden-eyed woman said she doesn't wish to waste any time.

Dances Under Turtle: Dances sheathes her swords and follows.

Kikao shakes her head and follows along, her ball of light still on her shoulder until they reach their destination.

In Madame Lulu's company you have little problem getting through the gates. From there it is a short walk to the Obsidianu slice. The buildings, formed as they were by the Totems, do not change, but the smells and sights down. Dark skinned children play in the streets as the sun begins to set. The smell of cooking with exotic spices fills the air. People call greetings to Madame Lulu and she stops briefly to chat with this person or say hello to that person. Eventually, she leads up to a two story structure. The door is opened by a halfling butler. Madame Lulu turns to you and motions. "Be welcome in my home!"

Jay G. (GM): BTW, we won't need the map for the rest of the night. Feel free to expand the chat window.

Kikao: ooc Sounds god ooc good even

Sharrondra seems obviously discomfited by the sight of the sun setting while still within the walls. She says nothing. But only the blind could miss it.

Kikao: ooc Will put the ball of light on Sharr's shoulder to keep away the dark. ;)

Sharrondra glowers at Kikao, and tries to keep the smirking smile from her lips.

Inside, the house is colorful, decorated in bright silks of green and gold and with fertility statues, tribal masks, and traditional weaponry of a kingdom that no longer exists. Madame Lulu leads you into a parlor. Tea and sandwiches, served by a halfling maid that rather looks like the butler but younger, are quickly brought to sate your appetite and warm your bones.

Madame Lulu motions. "Please, sit." There are cushions on the floor, all colorful and plump. She sits in a wicker chair with a straight back. "I will tell you why you were arrested."

Sharrondra sits on the bare floor, her spear laid across her lap, her shield against her side, her back behind her. She sips the tea, inhaling its aroma, and then names it, off-handedly. Otherwise, she listens. Silently intent.

Sharrondra: pack behind her. Sorry.

Astara: Astara finds a comfy cushion to sit on.

Kikao enters into Madame Lulu's home. She loves artifacts and especially those from her own people's history. She doesn't hide the reverence as she walks through the rooms and takes a seat along with some tea and sandwiches. Her stomach growls too.

Dances Under Turtle just collapses onto one of the pillows, takes a cup of tea, and stares into it intently, perhaps disguising the fact that she is actually casing the joint.

Kikao: ooc thwaps dances.

Dances Under Turtle: OOC What? Thief.

Kikao: ooc LOL

Astara: lol

Madame Lulu begins. "I will start with the ugly truth. The bodies of our honored dead are being stolen." She sits as a lady would, her spine straight. She takes small sips of her tea, "Just our dead, not the dead of any other of the races. That is the crime you were arrested for. You were to be tried and executed as body thieves to assuage the public outrage. Kikao was chosen as a scapegoat because I wished to employ her to find the true thieves. The rest of you were, I am afraid, simply there are the time."

Sharrondra 's lips grimace, but she remains starkly silent and impassive.

Dances Under Turtle: OOC Wasn't me. Didn't do it. Honest.

Kikao eyes widen. "That is deplorable. Why would anyone want to steal our dead?" And the thought that she had recently died makes her shiver at her body being stolen away.

Kikao: ooc Uh huh. Sure you didn't do it.

Astara: Munches on delicious sandwiches. "Necromancers suck."

Sharrondra: "Necro-what?"

Madame Lulu's jaw tenses. "I am afraid the purpose is necromancy but my own inquiries and investigations have gone nowhere. I believe someone else on the Council is countering my influence. That means someone else with political power in this city is behind the thefts. Or helping whoever is."

Astara: "Necromancer. Kind of like a barber, but deals in death rather than life."

Sharrondra: OOC Kill them all, let the Totems sort them out. "Antithesis."

Kikao looks determinedly at Madame Lulu. "I will do whatever I can to help. Though considering our arrest, will that be an issue?"

Madame Lulu continues. "That is why you were arrested without formal charges. They wanted you out of the way until formal charges could be laid out. And you were taken to that foul little prison... used to keep some prisoners during the Invasion... so I could not find you."

Madame Lulu nods to what Kikao says, "Possibly. I would recommend not returning to whatever lodging you were staying at before. You are welcome to use a guest room here. My guess is the work will lead you away from the city. If the bodies were in the city, I think I would have found them."

Dances Under Turtle pauses, and then asks, her mental voice projected into those around her. "If we were taken there specifically because it was somewhere you would not find us ... how is it that you found us?"

Astara: "My job at the hospital? My friends? I have to tell them what's happening."

Madame Lulu smiles fiercely. "I know many people. Many people owe me favors. It took time but I found a beggar I knew who saw you being dragged from the city. Then a fisherman who saw you being pulled into the old door." Her smile turns to an expression of apology. "I am sorry, Cleric. I cannot forbid you to do contact your order, but to do so might put them in danger."

Astara: "... Are we officially fugitives?"

Kikao: "Madame Lulu is correct. Until I figure out what is going on, we all need to stay away from those we know. We don't want to endanger them or anyone else." Kikao reasons and at the same time doesn't presume that anyone else is being forced to help too.

Madame Lulu sighs softly. "No. You are not officially fugutives. But you have an enemy who has at least one high ranking member of the guard in his or her coin purse."

Sharrondra: "A hunt requires spoor."

Madame Lulu acknowledges Sharrondra's point with a sip of her tea. "In the morning, I can take you to the most recent tomb to be plundered."

Kikao: "Perhaps there a clue can be found."

Sharrondra looks to Kikao. "I will see you with the dawn, then?"

Madame Lulu notes, "Kikao excels in finding that which is hidden and she has told me that you, Sharrondra, are an excellent tracker. If there is black magic involved, a cleric of Emerald would be most helpful. I do not know the honored one's skill set, but it is a rare illithid that leaves the island of Opal unskilled."

Dances Under Turtle comments wryly, "I've picked up a few things along the way. Not all of which might be considered 'legal' or 'above board'."

Dances Under Turtle: OOC Which should have been obvious, given comments about having seen the other prisons.

Kikao smiles gratefully at Sharrondra and nods. She looks to the rest of the group, spurred on by her friend's support. "I would be honored to have you both by my side. You did well down there."

Kikao: ooc I actually managed to catch that comment. :)

Madame Lulu leans forward, making the wicker weave of her chair squeak in protest. "You must understand. We are a people without a homeland. When the Invaders come they took our Kingdom. They took our Totem. They took almost everything. All the Obsidianu have left is our sense of history and community, forged parent to child. If this problem cannot be solved, if even our dead can be taken from us, the wound to our heart may be overcome. Individual Obsidianu may survive but we, as a people, as a culture, this could be the blow that kills us once and for all. I cannot let that happen."

Kikao is silent, letting Madame Lulu's words sink in and giving the others a chance to respond. She knows in her heart what Madame Lulu says is true and is already committed to helping.

Sharrondra already committed herself, so says nothing. Finishes her tea, still intending to leave the city for the night after this discussion ends ... unless those kabobs are soon to appear.

Dances Under Turtle shrugs her shoulders and comments, "I've already been arrested. You say I will be arrested again. So, I am up for anything that can change that outcome."

Jay G. (GM): I'll let Astara respond and then we'll close out for the night.

Kikao: ooc woot!

Astara gives the room a sad look, after having been lost in her own thoughts. "I will help."

Sharrondra: OOC Make with the gator!

Dances Under Turtle: Feesh!

Madame Lulu sets her tea cup in its saucer and stands up. "Thank you, my friends. Thank you. Now. I promised you dinner. We will eat and then you will rest." She leads you into a dining room where a table has been set with a variety of alligator kabobs, jollof rice, braised vegetables, wine and, for the illithid among you, a sea bass, freshly cooked.

Jay G. (GM): And we'll call it there. Good game, everyone.

Sharrondra: Yay.

Kikao: Woohoo! pokes everyone because she can.

Sharrondra: We're poking, now? holds up spear

Astara: Thank you J :)

Jay G. (GM): You're welcome. :)

Astara: Sorry for being slow tonight.

Kikao: ack! Runs from Sharr.

Jay G. (GM): Two weeks from now is the 17th. Can everyone make it?

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Kikao: winter concert!

Jay G. (GM): Ack. Okay.

Astara: Yes

Jay G. (GM): Right. Winter concert. Kikao and I can't make it.

Kikao: May still be good but we may be late?

Jay G. (GM): Okay. We'll update y'all when things are closer.

Sharrondra: What about New years? As that'd be a month.

Jay G. (GM): Let Kikao and I work out our schedule and we'll all figure it out? I'd hate to go a whole month if we didn't have to.

Sharrondra: K. Email us?

Kikao: Because Christmas eve is definitely out.

Sharrondra: Naturally.

Jay G. (GM): Yes. Will do.

Kikao: And we need to figure out how to RP between sessions.

Jay G. (GM): Yes. By all means, RP between sessions is encouraged.

Sharrondra: And BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kikao: Cuz we have a perfect evening opportunity to get to know each other.

Sharrondra: << subtle.

Kikao: bakes brownies

Astara: The 24th and the 31st both fall on thursdays

Sharrondra: They do.

Astara: Guess next game will be in 2016?

Sharrondra: J will email us. We'll see what can be done.

Jay G. (GM): Yes.

Astara: I hope I don't forget how to play after that long a haitus :)

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Sharrondra: I'm hoping for brownie POINTS. And the other kind.

Kikao: I also may have work travel on the 17th so I have to find that out on monday. Astara: That's why we need to get together outside sessions.


So we don't forget.

Sharrondra: Hmm. We'll need to discuss a form of doing that, too. I agree.

Dances Under Turtle: Sharr will let me know. And I can email, naturally. Thank you for the game. Good night. Unblurr the dates and get some sleep.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. For the moment, I'm going to bed. Dances, if you're driving home, be careful on the road this late.

Kikao: night all!

Astara: goodinght