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  • Aldran Foxglove (human): Aldran Foxglove has an noble background and a title granted to his family by the throne of Amethyst but made his fortunes through trade. He heads a merchant company that specializes in shipping stone carved from the Irespan in Vesicule to other parts of the Amethystish Empire. Aldran is an Onyxish human with excellent fashion sense. He met the party when they protected him from a goblin attack during the Swallowtail Festival. After that he became their patron, paying for their room and board at the Rusty Wyvern and buying them horses.
  • Shalelu Shem Andosana (elf): Described by Sheriff Iron Spine as an "unofficial member of the Borderpoint militia", Shalelu spends most of her time in the Hinterlands of the Battle Coast. She is an expert in goblins, both in tracking their movements and in slaying them. She has dedicated the last several years of her life to making sure that the five goblin tribes in the region don't grow too powerful or cause harm to the non-corrupted residents of Borderpoint and the surrounding farms and communities. With orange skin, Shalelu is obviously an autumn elf but her accent speaks more of the Mhzyt of Vesicule than of the Sapphire Forest.
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