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  • Brother Absalar Zantus (human): It is telling, perhaps, that the caretaker of the Borderpoint Temple is not a Cleric of Onyx or Scapolite or even Amethyst. Brother Zantus is a Cleric of Diamond hailing from the Kingdom of Alexandrite. He is the very model of a town Cleric, pleasant and concerned with the lives of others. He is also very open and becoming quite skilled in guiding others in the worship of Totems beyond his own.

  • Naffer Vosk (human): Originally, Naffer Vosk was a smuggler but when his ship wrecked just north of town a decade ago the injuries he suffered meant he could never go back to that life. The former town Cleric, Brother Tobyn, took pity on Vosk and hired him as caretaker of the Borderpoint Boneyard. Vosk has reformed his ways and is now a low-level Cleric of Scapolite himself.

  • Rough Runner the Innkeeper of the Firebringer Tribe (human): Rough Runner owns the White Deer, a beautiful inn with an impressive view of the gulf. Decades ago, his parents gave up the Thulite life and settled in Borderpoint. Rough Runner regrets that decision and longs to run in the Steppes. His view of Thulite life might be overly romanticized but his ties to the community and his family keep him in Borderpoint. Rough Runner has a feud with his brother, Sheriff Iron Spine, because he believes his brother has abandoned his Thulite culture.

  • Veznutt (gnome): An older gnome who loves maps and sees them as windows into history. He owns the Way North, a map shop. He often guest lectures on history at the Sovrano Academy at the request of his best friend and former adventuring companion, Isolari.

  • 1.61803398875 (modron): Considered by many to be the town's strangest resident, 1.61803398875 runs a jewelry shop. He often has troubles grasping simple social concepts, though he's learned the value of a proper exchange of coin for good and the need to hire guards for his store. Still, he often forgets to lock the door.

  • Sea Cow (darfellan): Sea Cow is rather fat and crude but he has cornered the market of dungsweeping and trash collecting in Borderpoint. He employs roughly two dozen thugs and vagrants to pick up trash in town and dump it over Junker's Edge. Not only does this keep the town clean but it keeps many would-be trouble makers gainfully employed and relatively calm. Lately, Sea Cow has been causing trouble and harassing women at local taverns.

  • Brodert Quink (human): Quink is a balding scholar who claims to have spent several decades studying dwarven engineering in the Ruby Kingdom and several more as a cataloger at the Archive in Vesicule. He is a solid researcher but seems bitter that his academic life has ended as a sage in a small town.

  • Silune the Honest ibn Aziza Al-Pazad (kobold): Silune is a capable locksmith and an honest one. He detests crime and believes his life's work is to find ways to foil thieves. He's also a patron of the arts and never misses a show at the Borderpoint Theater.

  • Iron Spine the Sheriff of Borderpoint (human): A Thulite tribesman who immigrated with his family to Borderpoint at a young age, Iron Spine has all but abandoned his heritage to the point that he refers to Borderpoint instead of his tribe when giving his name. Iron Spine inherited his post from the previous holder, Casp Avelino, who died at the hands of the Chopper. Iron Spine has a not-as-secret-as-he-would-like relationship with Kaye Tesarani, the madame of the Pixie's Kitten.

  • Crusher the Jailer of the Firebringer Tribe (human): Crusher stumbled, drunk, into Borderpoint three years ago. Iron Spine threw him in a cell to sleep it off. The next morning, he offered Crusher a job as the jail keeper. Hes kept the job ever since, though some whisper he still has a problem with alcohol. Crusher's sons were kidnapped by Cartel slavers a little over a decade ago for the black market slave trade. Crusher hopes to find them and bring them home someday.

  • Kendra Deverin (human): Borderpoint's mayor, Kendra is also the head of the Deverin family and a member of the Borderpoint Mercantile League. Kendra is the third Deverin to be mayor and is well regarded by the townsfolk as a calm, fair and honest leader. Rumor has it she was being courted by Casp Avelino, the former sheriff, before his death. She's shown no signs of romantic interest in anyone else since, much to the dismay of her relatives who worry their house will fail without an heir.

  • Savah Bevaniky (human): Savah used to make her living as a caravan guard but she found she loved the weapons more than the work. She earned her coin, retired and opened an armory. She makes some of the weapons she sells but also buys and sells weapons from vendors and adventurers.

  • Risa Magravi (human): A wizardess who helped explore the Hinterlands years ago, Risa has gone mostly blind in her old age. She leaves the day-to-day operations of her tavern to her children but remains a fixture, telling tales about ancient legends and her own adventuring days.

  • Besk, Lanalee & Vodger Magravi (human): Risa's children. They don't have their mother's spirit of adventure and are quite content running the tavern together.

  • Larz Rovanky (human): As a tanner, Larz practices his craft with an eye towards perfection. As a person, Larz can be hard to get along with, especially if you are his employee.

  • Das Korvut (human): Das's temper is better known than his work. The town suffers through his rudeness and frequent, drunken midnight rants because he's actually quite a talented blacksmith so long as he hammers metal and not people. The local children have a chant about Das that they sing while playing hopsquare. Fortunately, he hasn't heard it.
  • Oliver "Pillbug" Palos (human): Pillbug is an accomplished alchemist and gardener but doesn't seem very interested in business. His shop is located out of the way and is poorly advertised.

  • Nisko Toto (human): Nisko seems much more interested in selling his potions than Pillbug does but isn't as gifted at the art of alchemy. He has been known to demand people leave his shop if they question his skills.

  • Jesk "Cracktooth" Berinni (human): Cracktooth's wit is as clever and biting as his face is ugly. In addition to running his tavern he often steps onto the stage to perform a humorous routine satirizing politics in the Empire.

  • Sabyl Treewhispers (elf): Born outside of the Sapphire Forest, Sabyl has no bond name. She was raised by her father, a monk who founded the House of Blue Stones monastery in Borderpoint many years ago. Today, Sabyl cares for the one-monk monastery and the nice library contained in the basement. She is not as hospitable as her father was, however, and will not give access to the monastery to those she believes might harbor ill intentions.

  • Alma Avelino (human): While she is a fantastic baker, Alma hasn't recovered from the death of her son, the former sheriff. She spends most of her days at her bakery, slowly making pastries or bread in between frequent moments of depressed sobbing.

  • Arika and Aneka Avelino (human): Alma's daughters run the bakery these days. Aneka enjoys the work well enough but Arika is growing restless.

  • Chask Haro (human): Chask Haro loves books and has kept up his love affair with them for over 70 years. A former adventurer, Chask earned enough money in his youth that he can spend his time collecting and reading and, occasionally, selling books. He takes an instant liking to anyone who obviously cherishes books.

  • Cydrak Dorado (human): Years ago, Cydrak left Vesicle under a cloud. He refuses to speak about the exact reasons for his exile but he immediately traveled to Borderpoint and built a new theater to rival any in Vesicle. Loud, emotional and friendly, Cydrak adores flirting with all of Borderpoint's young women but everyone knows his heart belongs to Sir Jasper Korvaski.

  • Aserick Pagesh Mason (dwarf): Aserick left the Topaz Mountains when his family learned his dark secret - he preferred working with wood over working with stone. Today, Aserick is guildmaster of Borderpoint's Carpenter's Guild.

  • Banny Harker (human): One of two managers at the Borderpoint Lumber Mill, Banny is well known for his penny-pinching ways. While he isn't a bad person, he's fond of noting that employees won't have jobs and customers won't have lumber if he didn't run the business as a business. Town rumors suggest he's been seeing Katrine Vindernini, the general store owner's daughter, behind the old man's back.

  • Ibor Thorn (human): Ibor is the other manager at the Borderpoint Lumber Mill. Ibor has a good head for figures and it is his job to handle both wages for employees and prices for the mill's lumber.

  • Ven Vindernini (human): An old fashioned Scapolitan conservative, Ven can often be heard decrying the moral decay of the world. Despite this, Ven's a pleasant fellow to all of his customers no matter how shocking their behavior or manner of dress. Ven's pride and joy are his two daughters.

  • Solsta Vindernini (human): Ven's wife, Solsta, is everything a Scapolitan matriarch should be: plump, alternatively friendly or shrill depending upon the situation and an excellent cook. Her pies always sell out at the store.

  • Katrine and Shayliss Vindernini (human): Katrine and Shayliss are spoiled by their father and he is convinced of their virtue. Of course, Katrine is seeing Banny Harker on the sly (her father would have a fit if he found out she was being courted by an Amethystian) and Shayliss is gaining a reputation for seeing whomever she pleases.

  • Isolari Gandethus (human): A retired adventurer and wizard, Isolari runs the town's only academy and cares for Borderpoint's orphans. The town children all enjoy speculating on what he keeps in his locked basement. Suggestions run from a goblin farm to a nest of giant spiders to a shrine to Tiamat.

  • Niska Mvasthi (human): Madame Mvasthi has lived in Borderpoint since before there was a Borderpoint. She is old, crotchety and doesn't suffer fools gladly. She also attends every town hall meeting to loudly decry the practice of throwing trash over Junker's Edge. To those who show her proper respect, though, Niska can be a delight.

  • Olmur Del la Rosa (human): Olmur's a friendly enough man who always takes the time to talk to his customers and inquire as to their needs. He's not very trusting of children, however, as they tend to ruin his shelves. Olmur became guildmaster of Grocer's Hall after the previous guildmaster was killed by the Chopper.

  • Rynshinn Povalli (half-elf): Rynshinn never knew her father, an elf named Iremiel. He was, or so she was told, killed a week after she was born. However, every year on her birthday a small package off coins, medicine and fineries appear somewhere inside her home. Rynshinn's mother always claimed it was Iremiel's ghost who left the package but most locals believed the more likely explanation - that one of Iremiel's relatives was leaving the gift. Rynshinn is quite beautiful and courted by any number of young, local men but she has thus far gently refused all attention.

  • Vorah Wheen (human): A craftswoman who specializes in wagons. Vorah can be found most nights drinking heavily in the Hagfish.

  • Courrin Whesterwill (human): Ironically, Courrin Whesterwill manages a grain mill but is allergic to grains. Despite his constant watery eyes and sneezes, though, Courrin's a good man and has lowered prices until other area mills are back in operation after a series of mysterious fires.

  • Jargie Quinn (human): A gregarious old salt with a peg leg, Jargie owns the Hagfish tavern. He's an accomplished "yarner", telling long stories about how he lost his leg - one that changes every time he tells it.

  • Turch Sterglus (human): Turch is a retired fisherman with a lazy eye and a long, white beard. He's a lovable old crotch who runs the fishmarket. Even though he grumbles, people often find a little bit extra in their wrappers when they get home. Any effort to thank him falls on deaf ears but he does appreciate a good tip. His five sons help him at the market.

  • Chod Bobo (human): Chod's a decent butcher but a horrible storyteller. He'll tell anyone who listens that his missing little finger is due to an encounter he had with the Chopper shortly before the serial killing spree ended. The truth is probably more of along the lines of Chod accidentally cutting off his own finger with a meat cleaver.

  • Kaijitsu Ameiko (human): As the daughter of one of Borderpoint's founding families, Ameiko should currently be learning the family business so she may one day take over her father's glassworks. Instead, seven years ago she ran off into the world to become an adventurer. She returned a year later, for reasons that remain unknown to this day, and bought the Rusty Wyvern. When asked why she gave up adventuring, Ameiko becomes evasive. If asked about why she isn't in the family business, Ameiko simply says that she doesn't see eye to eye with her father. Ameiko is a woman of grace, beauty and talent. The Rusty Wyvern's menu is all her recipes and she makes playing hostess seem effortless. She also plays at least once a night, performing on her shamisen, Jadense three stringed instrument.

  • Jubrayl Vhiski (human): Jubaryl owns and operates the best stables in Borderpoint but his claim to fame is his hatred of goblins. At least once a month he heads out into the Hinterlands and always returns with new sets of goblin ears to nail to his rafters. He makes sure to learn the name of each goblin he kills so he can write it into the dead goblin's ears with a white hot brand. The only thing that insults a goblin more than killing it is writing its name down.

  • Gaven Flagon Burrfoot (halfling): Gaven and his twin brother, Wade, opened the Two Knight Brewery together. They practiced and honed their craft until their mead, ale and rum were considered one of the prides of Borderpoint. Wade fell victim to the Chopper five years ago and Gaven hasn't been the same since. He no longer has a quick smile for friends and, some say, the ale no longer tastes quite as good.

  • Sir Jasper Korvaski (human): Sir Jasper traveled the Empire as a Paladin of Amethyst in his youth, performing heroic deeds that eventually gained him a knighthood. He has since retired, however, and now serves as manager of the Borderpoint Mercantile League. He is still devout and respected by most for his honesty and devotion to fairness and law. The Scarnetti family, however, finds Jasper's romance with theater owner Cyrdak Dorado to be distasteful and have pressured him to resign. Fortunately, the other three families which make up the Mercantile League support Jasper.

  • Hayliss Korvaski (human): Hayliss is Sir Jasper's sister. Like Jasper, she is devout and dedicated to Amethyst (and is a Cleric of Amethyst, though she does not serve at the Temple). Unlike her brother, she isn't afraid to let the Scarnetti family know what she thinks of their disdain for her brother and his romantic partner. She has been known to increase her prices for Scarnetti family members when they dare shop at her boutique.

  • Gressel O'Reilly (human): An enormous man who keeps bar at the Fatman's Feedbag. He's not particularly personable but minds his own business.

  • Jubrayl Cruickshank (human): A redheaded man who can regularly by found sitting at the bar at the Fatman's Feedbag.

  • Kaye Tesarani (human): Kaye runs the town brothel with a respect and class. She makes sure to pay the girls and boys who work for her quite well and employs three Thulite tribesmen as bouncers. She isn't ashamed of her profession despite regular denouncements by the Scarnetti family. She thinks the work is honest and serves the public interest. Kaye's kind and devout and can often be found at the temple in prayer. She's also in a not-so-secret relationship with Sheriff Iron Spine.

  • Kigeni Makumbusho Uhamishoni (human): The only obsidianu in Borderpoint, Kigeni would stand out even if it weren't for his over-the-top joyful displays whenever a new customer enters his shop. Kigeni is an eternal optimist and always finds the positive in any situation.

  • Hannah Isha Velerin (elf): Hannah spends her mornings gathering herbs and her afternoons brewing potions and helping patients with minor aches, pains and illnesses. She's a cleric of Emerald and also helps at the Temple when she can. Hannah serves as midwife to many of the women in town and, when the need arises, also has herbs that can end a pregnancy. She is known for being nurturing, discreet and confidential.

  • Belven Valdemara (human): Belven works hard, overseeing the shipyards and ensuring his family business remains both profitable and productive. In fact, he works so hard he hasn't noticed that he's currently considered the most handsome and eligible bachelor in town. Every day one can find a small gaggle of young women and men at the shipyards, watching as he works and sighing in despair that he won't notice them.

  • Ethram Valdemara (human): As head of the Valdemara family, Ethram is the only surviving original member of the Borderpoint Mercantile League. He is a stern but fair old man who finds himself in constant conflict with the Scarnetti family over lumber and raw materials for his shipyards. Ethram has a lung disease and townfolk quietly wonder how long before Belven has to take over as head of the family.

  • Titus Scarnetti (human): Titus takes his position as town elder quite seriously and isn't afraid to let anyone know what they are doing wrong with their lives. He believes the mayor coddles the lower classes by not taxing them more and that the town Cleric needs to put the fear of the Totems into the morally lax populace.

  • Kaijitsu Lonjiku (human): Lonjiku is the wealthiest man in town and has become the most reclusive since the death of his wife six years ago. He has several children but only one lives in Borderpoint. His eldest son, Tsuto, ran away years ago (and some whisper his ears were a little too pointed for him to have been Lonjiku's son) and his daughter Ameiko has shamed him by becoming an adventurer and then buying an Inn instead of following in the family business. He has two other daughters, both of whom currently live elsewhere. One manages the family business in Temperance while the other is married and living in Vesicule.
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