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I'm an adventurer, looking for treasure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

An elf, a human and a dwarf are all enjoying drinks in a tavern when each notices a fly in their glass.
The elf places his napkin over the glass and pushes it off to the side.
The human removes the fly and keeps drinking.
The dwarf pulls out the fly and starts yelling, "Spit it out, ya bastard! Spit it out!"

Full Name Midge
Mad Gnome Alchemist Who Plays With Fire
Tier 2
Age 36ish
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Favored Totem {{{Totem}}}
XP' 16 Spent/16 Total


In the Turquoise Shire sat a little Halfling village. It was a quiet, provincial village. Nothing exciting happened all that often, unless you counted the annual festivals to celebrate the seasonal holidays. For a young gnome girl it wasn’t the most fun place to grow up, but for Midge it was the only home she knew.

She was raised by a gnome woman, who she was pretty sure was her birth mother, a man who she knew wasn’t her birth father but treated her like a daughter anyway, and an elderly gnome woman who she called Granny, there exact blood relationship was in question. With gnomes it really didn’t matter. They are firm believers in the ‘it takes a village’ theory. In this case it was a halfling village.

Midge’s parents were landowners, with a large farm that sustained most of the village with produce. They were quite well off, able to provide for their only daughter easily. What they couldn’t provide however was adventure. Adventure was something that the young gnome Midge was always on the lookout for adventure. And oft times this lead to trouble and one time death…or pretty close to it. It was this near-death experience that put her on the path to becoming an alchemist and also lead Midge to her greatest regret.

|| Homeland: Unusual - Plains (Halfling Village in Turquoise Shire || Family: Mother Living - No Siblings ||
|| Circumstance of Birth: Heir to a Legacy (Influence) || Parents Profession: Yeoman ||
|| Major Childhood Event: Nearly Died (Fearless Defiance) || Adolescence & Training: Accidental Discovery (Alchemical Intuition) ||
|| Influential Assoc: The Mentor || Conflict: Destroyed a Reputation, Subject: Close Friend, Motivation: Jealousy, Resolution: Sincere Regret ||
|| Romantic Relationships: Nope || Drawback: Attachment (Alchemy Heirloom) ||

Cypher System Character Sheet


Armor 0

Edge & Effort



  • Alchemy & Potions (Trained/-1 Difficulty) Note the ability to create one-shot assets as-needed based on alchemy & potions
  • Bluff (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Brewing (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Magic Lore (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Linguistics (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Low Light Perception (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Stealth (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Combat Skill: Fire Blast


Amethystish, Turquoisish, Topazian, Peridotish, Citrine and Sapphirish

Special Abilities

  • Beast Form: (4 Intellect points): You can use your weird abilities to become a beast. While in beast form you gain +4 to your Might Pool and +1 to your Might Edge. You have claws which inflict 4 points of damage per attack. You can remain transformed for up to 10 minutes before you revert back to your normal shape.
  • Resilience: Your beast form has bled into your normal form and you always have +1 Armor against physical attacks.
  • Bomb: (2 Intellect points): You can throw bombs at enemies. The attack is based on Intellect and must be centered on an area within 30 feet. Anything within 10 feet of the explosion whose defense you beat takes 1 damage. For each level of Effort applied the explosion deals 2 additional points of damage to each target hit.

  • Random Inspiration: The GM can give you random inspiration and knowledge which seems to strike from nowhere.
  • Scan: (2 Intellect points): You scan an area equal in size to a 10 foot cube. The area must be within 30 feet of you. Scanning reveals a creature or object’s level and might reveal additional facts such as composition, the presence of energy, or anything the GM feels is pertinent.
  • Sense for the Weird: You can sense odd, strange, unusual things at up to long distance (100 feet). This is not a precise sense but a combination of intuition and odd flashes of insight.
  • Stress: In times of stress, the GM can perform an intrusion without giving you a brownie point.

  • Flash: You create an explosion of fire at a point within close range, affecting an area up to immediate range from that point.
  • Hurl Flame: (2 Intellect points): While your halo of flame is active you can hurl fire at targets up to 30 feet away, dealing 4 points of damage if you hit.
  • Shroud of Fire: (1 Intellect point): Your entire body becomes shrouded in flame for up to 10 minutes. The fire doesn’t burn you but automatically inflicts 2 points of damage to anyone who tries to touch you. You gain +2 Armor against outside fire.
  • Fiery Hand of Doom (3 Intellect): When your Shroud of Fire is active, you can reach into your halo and produce a hand made of animate flame that is twice the size of your own hand. The hand acts as you direct, floating in the air. The hand can perform one action per round at your command but commanding it does not take an action for you. It can move up to long distance in a round but never farther away from you than that. The hand can grab, move, and carry things but does 1 point of damage per round from the heat. The hand can also attack and is treated as a level 3 creature which deals 1 extra point of damage from fire when it attacks. The hand lasts up to 10 minutes when summoned.

Cyphers & Artifacts (up to 4)

  • Firewalking Boots (Artifact) Level 3 / Depletion N/A These boots allow the wearer to walk on lava/magma and provide 5 points of Armor against any fire based attacks of effects.
  • Alchemical Quill (Cypher) / Level 1. You can inject yourself, or someone else, with the liquid contained inside this quill. For one hour you sweat 1d6 doses of a valuable liquid. The liquid remains viable for one week once sweated out.


Zeppelin and Zeppelin Tower
Sharkjumper Repellent (spend 1 of your points on this to represent "buying it" for the barony in future)
'Bottomless' mug of ale

Weapons and Armor

  • Crossbow (Medium Ranged Weapon / 100 foot range / 4 damage)
  • Dagger (Light Melee Weapon / 2 damage)
  • Sickle (Light Melee Weapon / 2 damage)


  • Supplies
    • alchemy crafting kit
    • backpack
    • bedroll
    • belt pouch
    • flint and steel
    • ink
    • inkpen
    • iron pot
    • mess kit
    • soap
    • torches (10)
    • trail rations (12 days)
    • waterskin
    • bag of marbles
    • Book: Punny Bones Guide to Punny Groans
    • Spoon Necklace (See Attachment above)
    • Simple map of Vesicule
    • Street atlas of Vesicule
    • Crow Bar
    • Common Dungeoneering kit
    • Ancient Gold Coin
    • Coffee Pot
    • Canteen
    • Gear Maintenance Kit
    • Small Tent
    • Cold-Weather Outfit
    • Blanket
    • Playing Cards
    • Flask
    • Twine
    • Blanket for Porridge
    • Dog Grooming kit
    • 3/4 lb of candy.
    • magic water samples (from gravity defying circle stream)
    • black, glass jar filled with black cream which tastes like paper
  • Weapons
    • sickle
    • dagger
    • crossbow
  • Ammunition
    • 20 bolts

  • Brewing

enough supplies to make 12 barrels of beer/ale/stout/etc.

Gold: 299
Silver: 4
Temperance Store Credit: 200 GP


Pathfinder: Krystallos
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