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Full Name Maayan Ayelet Meir
Rugged Elven Hunter who Speaks to Animals
Tier 2
Age 53
Homeland Sapphire Forest
Favored Totem {{{Totem}}}
XP' 16 Spent/16 Total


In some ways, Maayan is a typical elf. Perhaps too typical. Her blood father was a tree shaper, and she inherited some of his talent, but little of his inclination to spend her life designing homes. Instead, she chose the life of a hunter, and chose it early. Her gift for magic was enough to pull her to that path rather than being a simple ranger. She was close to Shiphrah growing up, but noticed her sister's inclinations equally early - and tried her best to quell them. She knew that if Shiphrah continued the way she was going, bad things would happen. But still, she had her own life to live. When almost of age, she bonded to an animal companion, a cougar she called Kaza. She left her family to explore the woods and to learn, but when they needed somebody to send after Shiphrah...again...they chose her. And this time, she's not going to bring the rogue back. This time, she's going with her.

Maayan was born in the spring.

Character Sheet


Armor 2

Edge & Effort



  • Animal Handling (Specialized/-2 Difficulty)
  • Cartography (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Climbing (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Jumping (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Low-light Perception (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Medium Ranged Attack (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Running (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Social Interactions w/ Non-Animals (Inability/+1 Difficulty)
  • Speed Defense (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Survival (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Swimming (Trained/-1 Difficulty)

Special Abilities

  • Animal Communcation (2 Intellect): Maayan can communicate with non-intelligent wild animals. This does not include magical creatures. Only simple ideas can be exchanged and the ability lasts 10 minutes once activated.
  • Armor Proficiency: Maayan is trained in wearing armor and reduces the penalty due to Speed for wearing armor by 1.
  • Beast Companion: Maayan has a level 2 animal companion.
  • Entangling Vines (1+ Intellect): As an action, Maayan can summon vines to burst up from the ground (even the ground would not normally grow vines). The vines are a level 2 construct and wrap around 1 target within 30 feet of her. The target can attack and defend normally but cannot move unless it frees itself from the vines. The vines last for 1 minute and Maayan can increase the level of the vines by level for each level of Effort applied.
  • Long Lived: As an elf, Maayan has an asset which reduces the difficulty of resisting any effect involving aging by 1.
  • Pierce (1 Speed): Maayan can make a penetrating range attack which deals +1 damage.
  • Quick Shot: When Maayan rolls a 17+ on a ranged attack roll she can forgo extra damage and instead choose to make a second attack on a different target.
  • Sniper's Patience (3 Intellect): Maayan can take an action to draw a bead on an opponent. She must attack that opponent with her next action using a ranged attack. When she does so she can choose to gain an asset to the attack (lowering the difficulty to hit by 1) or an asset to the damage (increasing the amount of damage she inflicts by 3).
  • Soothe the Savage (2 Intellect): Mayan can calm a non-human beast. It must within 30 feet of her and must be able to see and hear her. The beast remains calm for one minute or until she stops speaking to it, whichever comes first. A roll is required for this ability to work.
  • Companion Growth Your companion is now level 3 and large enough to ride as a mount.
  • Deadly Aim (3 Speed): Takes an action to activate. For the next minute, all your ranged attacks deal 2 additional points of damage.
  • Pincushion: If you have already hit an enemy once this combat with a ranged attack, all rolls of 16 are treated as if a 17, all rolls of 17 are treated as if an 18, all rolls of 18 are treated as if a 19, and all rolls of 19 are treated as if a 20.
  • Trick Shot (2 Speed): You can hit two targets in a single round with a ranged weapon. The difficulty is increased by 1 and you make a separate attack roll against each.

Weapons & Armor

  • Bow (Medium Ranged Weapon / 100 foot range / 4 damage)
  • Longsword (Medium Melee Weapon / 4 damage)
  • Leaf Armor (Artifact / +2 Armor)

Cyphers & Artifacts

Number of Cyphers Which Can Be Carried Without Potential Negative Consequences: 2

  • The Green Lady's Halo (Cypher): Level 5 / A halo carved from opal. When activated it hovers 3 inches over a designated creature's head and generates a psychic shield, reducing the difficulty of all Intellect Defense checks by 1. It remains active for one hour.
  • Restorative Vapors (Cypher): Level 4 / A glass vial full of gasses of gnomish design. When inhaled, the gasses restores 4 points to a random Pool (1-50: Might, 51-75: Speed, 76-100: Intellect).
  • Leaf Armor (Artifact): Level 3 / Depletion NA / A suit of armor made from leaves. Counts as light armor for the purposes of Speed Effort Additional Cost but boosts Armor by +2.

Additional Gear

  • Lamp, standard
  • Belt pouch
  • The Taviston Guide to Flora and Fauna.
  • 50 feet of hemp rope
  • Map
  • Flint and steel
  • Climber's kit
  • Fire arrows x 17
  • Hot weather outfit
  • Waterskin x 3
  • 10 arrows with cold iron heads
  • 1 ancient gold coin
  • Cold weather clothing
  • Folding shovel
  • Coat/blanket for Kaza
  • Heavy sleeping bag
  • Street map of Temperance
  • Map of Temperance area
  • Taviston's Guide to Temperance
  • Crowbar
  • Animal grooming kit
  • 8 days of trail rations
  • Horse, combat trained

PP: 0
GP: 804
SP: 47

Original Pathfinder Stats for Maayan

Pathfinder: Krystallos
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