Lucius Delanoire

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Lucius Delanoire
Full Name Lucius Delanoire
Brooding Kayal Swashbuckler who Walks in Shadow
Tier 2
Age Appears to be 16
Homeland Onyx Cryptocracy
Favored Totem Onyx
XP' 16 Spent/16 Total


Lucius Delanoire is the son of famous Onyxish Poet Zachary Delanoire. This exotic young man inherited the typical Onyx pale skin and dark hair. That is where typical ends as his personality is the exact opposite of morose and dour. Though upbeat for someone of Vesicule, he has a tendency to fall into an occasional brooding melancholy when left to himself. Sporting a rare firearm, Lucius claims to work for the Colonial Merchant Company as a scout. He dresses like a soldier; simple shirt and breeches with a belt for carrying the essentials. Over that he wears a well worn light armor coat of black onyx. He is always wearing a pair of smoked glasses that, though odd outside of the Onyx Cryptocracy is quite the fashion statement within his home.


An Unlikely Meeting

Dueling In Temperance

Bath House - Inn of the New Home

XP Spends

  • TIER

1 Point Intellect Edge
Gained Skill Persuasion
+1 Effort
2 Points Intellect, 2 Points Speed

  • TIER

Character Sheet

A Brooding Kayal Swashbuckler who Walks in Shadow


Armor 2 / +5 (cold)

Edge & Effort



  • Armor (Practiced/0 Difficulty) - Reduce penalties to speed due to armor
  • Acrobatics (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Climb (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Darkvision Perception (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Disguise (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Keeping Secrets (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Light Melee Weapons (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Medium Ranged Attack (Specialized/-2 Difficulty)
  • Nobility (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Perception (Inability/+1 Difficulty)
  • Persuade (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Poetry (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Romance & Gallantry (Trained/-1 Difficulty)
  • Speed Defense (Trained/-1 Difficulty)

Special Abilities

  • Fate of Lucius: Lucius never earns bonus points for a GM intrusion.
  • Hide in Shadow (3 Intellect): Lucius can move into shadows and vanish, even if eyes are directly on him. As long as he does not attack, moves more than 10 feet, or moves out of the shadow he has an asset to remain hidden.
  • Lunge (2 Might): Increase the difficulty of a melee attack by 1, increase the damage if successful by 4.
  • Move through shadow (4 Intellect): Lucius can teleport from any shadow to any shadow he can see within 100 feet.
  • Riposte (4 Speed): If Lucius succeeds on a Speed defense against an opponent he is in hand to hand combat with, he can immediately counter attack.
  • Shadow Weapon (3 Intellect): Lucius can transform his blade or bullet into shadow for a single attack. When he does so, the shadow weapon ignores an enemy's physical armor.
  • Taunt (2 Intellect): If Lucius succeeds at a melee attack against an opponent capable of understanding his words their defense is lowered by 1 level against additional attacks he might make for 1 round.
  • Thrust (1 Might): A powerful melee stab which inflicts one additional point of damage.
  • Trick Shot (2 Speed): Lucius can hit two targets in a single round with a ranged weapon. The difficulty is increased by 1 and he makes a separate attack roll against each.

Languages: Amethystish, Onyxish, Quartzish, Scapolite, Jadenese, Sapphirish, Citrine, Fetchling

Weapons & Armor

No Penalty All Weapons

    • +1 Damage to All trolls for 1 month
  • Pistol (Medium Ranged Weapon / 100 foot range / 4 damage)
  • Rapier (Light Melee Weapon / 2 damage)
  • Sword Cane (Light Melee Weapon / 2 damage)
  • Coat of Onyx ( Artifact / 2 Armor)

Cyphers & Artifacts

Number of Cyphers Which Can Be Carried Without Potential Negative Consequences: 2

  • Ghost Veil Cream (Cypher): Level 6 / An alchemical substance which, when applied to an item, renders it invisible. It can coat something up to the size of a suit of armor. APPLICATIONS: 1
  • Heat Sheath (Cypher): Level 7 / An atomizer filled with a liquid known as "heat sheath". It can be sprayed on a weapon and heats it up enough that it does an additional point of fire damage. DOSES: 7
  • Coat of Onyx (Artifact): Level 6 / Armor Rating 2. Does not impact speed. When falling, it will open up like a pair of dark wings.


Equipment is divided into the various locations. When not traveling, anything not on self is at the home of where Lucius is living (unless otherwise specified).

Personal Items

Item Description Quantity Weight
Coat of Onyx Artifact Armor given to him by his father. 1 20 lbs
Rapier 1 2 lbs
Sword Cane Only carried when not carrying Rapier. 1 4 lbs
Pistol 1 4 lbs
Money 1 Platinum 517 GP 1 SP

Carried in Backpack

Item Description Quantity Weight
Grooming Kit Pouch of toiletries: comb, scissors, nail file, sponge, hairbrush, miniature mirror, soap, chewing stick, tooth powder. 1 2 lbs
Silver Hand Mirror 1
Silver Dagger with Scapolite Stone Badge of Now dead house from the Scapolite Empire during the Plague of Madness 1 -
Waterskin 1 4 lbs
Books 3 Books found at the Haunted House (Diary from Niccum and 2 others)

Carried in Pack Saddle/Mule/Cart

Item Description Quantity Weight
pack saddle holds supplies 1 15 lbs
Gunslinger Kit bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, gunsmith’s kit, an iron pot, mess kit, powder horn, rope, torches (10), trail rations (2 days), waterskin. 1 31 lbs
Tent, Small Takes 20 minutes to assemble 1 20 lbs
Hammer 1
Soldier's Uniform sturdy boots, leather breeches, a belt, a shirt, gloves, a cloak, and a hat. The belt includes several loops or rings for tying pouches, a waterskin, a scabbard, and similar things a traveling soldier requires. 2 10 lbs
Hot Weather Clothes Covering your body from head to foot in light, airy cloth keeps you cooler than baring your skin to the sun. This outfit typically consists of a loose linen robe and either a turban or loose head covering and veil. 1 4 lbs
Taviston Survival Guide Provides asset when used appropriately 1 2 lbs
Junita Fruit Firm yet soft to the touch and smells like hope, this fruit does not rot or spoil
Good Rations 6 days
Disguise Kit Provides Asset when used 5 of 10 uses 8lbs (full)
Fancy Outfit Velvet Vest, Top Hat, Black Pants, Jewelry 1
Silver/Gold 7 pointed star 1
Soldier Sweater Cold weather shirt for when traveling to Temperance 1
Writing materials Ink (2oz), Inkpen, Journal 1 1


Original Pathfinder Stats for Lucius

Pathfinder: Krystallos
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