Investigation Session 2015-05-12

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Shiphrah Rar.

Jay G. (GM): Evening.

Lucius: Hello!!!

Shiphrah: So what's the plan?

Lucius: Is there a plan?

Maayan Ayelet Meir: I have a work-related emergency.
Might not be able to join for a few here. I'm resolving as quickly as I can.

Jay G. (GM): Okay.
So, I'd like to know what each person wants to do tonight.
When you're ready.

Lucius: I'm up for anything but I think investigation needs to be part of it.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Yeah. I'll be a few here. Sorry about this.

Shiphrah: I planned on going to poke around the local elves, see what they knew about the current situation.

Zyindra: I definitely think we need to do some investigation. Dunno how successful we'll be, but we should try.

Jay G. (GM): So, Shi wants to visit elves.

Lucius: Gotta look back at our RP log to see all the things we thought of.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Maayan was going with Shi.

Lucius: Midge was going to talk to Saul
Zyindra was asked to make some investigation into the snake a little more.

Zyindra nods.

Jay G. (GM): And you, Lucius?

Lucius: Someone (maybe shi would look around where Clegg is)
Still figuring that out.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: I am, by the way, hereish, but can't offer full attention until I've worked this out.

Zyindra: Uhm. I think Midge had considered asking questions of or about Clegg.

Jay G. (GM): Let's not worry about Midge since she isn't here. :)

Zyindra: I was only saying to help Lucius. Luke, should I go back and scrape up the log from our scenes together?

Lucius: I'm reading it right now.

Zyindra: OK. :)

Lucius: I forgot it was spilit into 2 sessions.
I have an idea but wanted to solidify it
I think my thing was to figure out who the players are. Lenders, people interested in the casino for good or ill.
We can't investigate them until we know who they are.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. :)
Sounds like you have a plan.

Zyindra: We tried, to the best of our ability.

Lucius: Ok. I'm here now. Finished my last email.

Jay G. (GM): Everyone set, then?

Shiphrah: Sure

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Okay. I seem to be. I'll let you know if I have to vanish to finish fixing the problem. It IS sadly rather urgent.
(But shouldn't take a long time to fix once I work out the extent of the problem)

Shiphrah: We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has seen!

Zyindra: I'm ready. I hope. :)

Lucius: Heh. Avocados. :)

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Shi and Maayan. The Mhzyt camps are outside the city. Most Mhzyt are half-elven but there are a few full blooded elves and humans among them.
Zyindra - there is a small zoo in the Queen's district.
Lucius, how are you going to start collecting information?

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Aha. Emergency is resolved turns full attention to game
They forgot to send me to the Late Night Coordinator for the con because I'm not an erotica writer, but he had a panel he needed me for.

Zyindra: Who do we want to start with?

Lucius: I think the first thing was for midge to find out if Saul would tell us his lenders. Secondly though I figured he'd start by doing some information gathering in the district. Other local businesses in the area, pubs/taverns or other such eateries, Maybe even other local casinos if they do exist.
I thought Shi and Maayan are going first.

Shiphrah: Doesn't matter to me. If Maayan is ready, we can go.

Jay G. (GM): What Midge gets out of Saul you won't find out this particular session. I want to talk to her about that.
Lucius, make me a Diplomacy check.

Lucius: rolling 1d20+10 (17)+10 = 27
btw: do I get a brownie for my story? :)

Zyindra: I t hink we earned brownies with our RP, too. Though I figure the story is worth more, to me. not that my vote counts much. But still.

Jay G. (GM): Yes.
Brownies given out.

Lucius: It's only worth anything if people actually read it. So thank you Zy for reading it. It's appreciated.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Lucius, I'll get back to you. Shi and Maayan.

Lucius: Sure

Jay G. (GM): How will you approach the Mhzyt?

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Hrm. What do we know about them?

Jay G. (GM): Elven Lore says the Mhzyt were exiled for cutting down trees in the Sapphire Forest and selling the lumber to outsiders. The Mhzyt say they were exiled from the Sapphire Forest because of their religious beliefs. The Mhzyt believe the Totems are all extensions of a single being that exists in a great beyond. In their belief system, each Totem is but a single finger of the divine, thrust out from another plane into this world. It is their belief that this supreme being, whom they refer to simply as the Great One, rejects those foolish enough to mistake mere appendages as entire Totems. Instead, the Mhzyt see themselves as the true inheritors of the power and favor of the divine.
Today, there are few pure blooded Mhzyt left. Despite their unique beliefs, the Mhzyt are a gregarious people. Over time many have interbred with the Onyxish humans of Vesicule. Most Mhzyt are half-elves (or close enough to it that it make no difference) while a rare few are either pure elven or human.
Also, they're about on the level of illegal immigrants here in the US in Vesicule. The lucky ones are servants of families that pay well. Most aren't.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: So, they're heretics.

Jay G. (GM): And exiles.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: BUt they're gregarious. Is there anything we could bring with us that might lubricate the wheels, as it were?

Jay G. (GM): Good question. Make me a Knowledge (Local) check. Anyone can do it if they so desire. Not just the elves.

Lucius: rolling 1d20+7 (17)+7 = 24
If I have to fight someone, I'm going to be dead.

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20+9 (8)+9 = 17

Maayan Ayelet Meir: I do not have knowledge (local) for Vesicule.

Shiphrah: Oops. +8, so 16

Jay G. (GM): Nice. Lucius, the local boy, knows that elven men are in rare supply - they'll often... encourage their daughters to sleep with pure elven men to help keep up the bloodlines. Beyond that, elven booze helps.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Maayan was thinking literal lubrication, tbh.

Lucius informs Maayan and Shi of such things.

Lucius: Booze could be pretty literal

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Exactly ;).

Jay G. (GM): You can get a bottle of good elven wine for about 10 gold.

Lucius: Poisoned or Not. :)

Maayan Ayelet Meir: I will do so.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. How many bottles are you buying?

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Hrrrm. Two or three? What do you think, Shi?

Lucius suggests more than one.

Shiphrah: Three.

Lucius: How many people are we talking about?
if it's a group, you might want a few more.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: I bought three.
This is good booze, not get everyone drunk booze.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Keep track of your expenses.
The camps are large. Hundreds of people.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Yeah. We're going to be looking for specific people. Leaders, priests, that kind of thing.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. They won't be too hard to find. You're a curiosity if nothing else.
Maayan, I'll need a Bluff check from you, please. These people are pretty much everything elves hate.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: rolling 1d20+0 (1)+0 = 1

Jay G. (GM): You have 4 ... there you go.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Trying that aaaagain.
rolling 1d20+0 (20)+0 = 20

Maayan Ayelet Meir dies laughing

Jay G. (GM): Wow.
Okay. You keep your reaction under control.

Shiphrah: And I'm a rebel anyway, so I'm not nearly as stuck up as she is. :)

Jay G. (GM): Shi and Maayan enter a camp. Colorful wagons and tents cities have been set up around common points, dividing the Mhzyt clan into families. There's a great deal of poverty here. Children running without supervision and telltale signs of alcoholism and disease.

Shiphrah murmurs to her sister, "Maybe the wine wasn't the best idea." She looks rather sad as she glances around the camp, though she hides it fairly well from most (but obviously, not her sister).

Jay G. (GM): Here and there you see signs of elven culture. Little remnants of it. But these are obviously not your people.

Zyindra: OOC sads

Maayan Ayelet Meir murmurs back. "They are not true elves. But perhaps you..." She tails off, then glances around. "We need to find people who might have more knowledge."

Shiphrah: ooc So we're Dalish and they're city elves. :)

Maayan Ayelet Meir: ooc I'm thinking more this is the reservation.
OOC And it doesn't have a casino.

Jay G. (GM): More or less, yes. Except, yeah, this is more like a reservation than a nice little ghetto with a pretty tree.

Zyindra: OOC You guys still going?

Jay G. (GM): I was checking to see if the sisters had any more RP they wanted to do for flavor before we moved forward.

Shiphrah: I'm good

Zyindra: OOC Me too. :)

Maayan Ayelet Meir: ooc I'm good.

Jay G. (GM): Okay.
Give me a Diplomacy check, then.
One of you can aid the other.
You get a +3 bonus for the wine.

Shiphrah: I have a -1 Maayan, what about you?
I should assist, I think. ;)

Jay G. (GM): Maayan?

Lucius: Is it mealtime?

Jay G. (GM): Bleh. Zy, do you mind taking over for her then?

Zyindra: Looking up her bonus. Sorry.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: I have +0.
Neither of us are diplomats.

Zyindra: +roll 1d20+3

Jay G. (GM): Wait.

Shiphrah: Well, wait a sec. I can assist. :)

Lucius: You won't be ambassadors of your country anytime soon. ;)

Jay G. (GM): First, Shi can attempt to assist. DC on that is 10.

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20-1 (8)-1 = 7
OOC Nope. :)

Jay G. (GM): Hah. Okay. Maayan, there you go. +3.

Zyindra: rolling 1d20+3 (15)+3 = 18

Shiphrah: ooc Woo. :)

Jay G. (GM): Okay. The Mhzyt are by turns distrustful, hateful and (especially the men) wooing the crap out of you. The younger males seem less interested in who you are and more interested in your ability to produce elven children.
However, by the time you leave you are able to talk to a few key workers. What information are you seeking?

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Remind me? I fried myself on editing these last two days ;)

Jay G. (GM): Feel free to jump in, everyone. :)

Zyindra: OOC Backscroll here has gone so long I can't find it. We said what we wanted, earlier tonight.

Lucius: They are the servants. They might have seen something or heard something.

Zyindra: Shiphrah: I planned on going to poke around the local elves, see what they knew about the current situation.

Lucius: They are the unseen eyes of the casino.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Right. We're interested in...well...the sort of stuff they'll hear because everyone thinks they're furniture.

Jay G. (GM): Right. I'm trying to narrow that down.

Lucius: The snake
Did anyone see a suspicious person
before the attack
or afterwards.
One of their people got hurt. That hopefully means something.

Jay G. (GM): No. No one did. They have no idea where the snake came from.
They all assume it was placed there to send a message to Saul. Likely by the Cartel.
One of the cleaning ladies (who Saul thinks aren't literate) has also noticed that Saul meets weekly with an insurance broker.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Insurance broker meaning he's received more threats, Maayan guesses.

Zyindra: OOC Could be legit.

Lucius: ooc or could be that he's hoping the place will have an accident.

Shiphrah: ooc Or he could be preparing to arrange an accident.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Onto Zy.

Zyindra: I'm going to the zoo to ask about animal movements and shipments into the city, who might have been able to get one of those snakes here.
I made the big check last week or the week before, so I know what kind of snake it was and where it's from, etc.

Jay G. (GM): Make me a Diploooomacy check.

Zyindra: rolling 1d20+4 (3)+4 = 7

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Make me a K (Nature) check.

Zyindra: It's not doing the darned brownie.

Jay G. (GM): Does the little window open?

Zyindra: Yes.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: It took me three attempts. It's glitching.

Jay G. (GM): Odd.

Zyindra: OK. I'm giving up. Tried 6 times. It doesnt' want to work.
rolling 1d20+8 (10)+8 = 18

Jay G. (GM): Okay. We'll deal with it later. Reroll the diplomacy check, too.

Zyindra: rolling 1d20+4 (9)+4 = 13

Jay G. (GM): Okay. You notice that the small display for the ember snake is empty. When you ask about it, you are told the ember snake died, though the custodian seems... reluctant to speak about it.

Lucius: Is there a sense motive check there?

Zyindra: Can I try an untrained intimidate check, using my magic, letting it rise up, lights swirling, etc., as I ask him how the poor snake died and what has been done with the body, etc?

Jay G. (GM): You can.

Zyindra: Any circumstance bonus for my theatrics? :)

Jay G. (GM): No.
It allows it in the first place.

Zyindra: rolling 1d20+1 (2)+1 = 3

Jay G. (GM): You end up not being arrested. :)

Zyindra: OK. So the dice gods to not want me to get info.
And the brownie gods are laughing at me.

Lucius: Let's eat the brownies

Jay G. (GM): Are you spending another point?

Zyindra: No. I can't get it to spend the one I already did.
Like I said. Dice don't want this to work.
I have to accept failure sometimes.

Jay G. (GM): I took care of it.

Zyindra: Well, since you took another one, I'll go ahead and roll again anyway.

Jay G. (GM): Okay.

Zyindra: rolling 1d20+1 (8)+1 = 9
Laughing at me, I'm telling you.

Jay G. (GM): I'll give you the point back. :)

Lucius: patpat

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Assuming you all gather for a meal. Midge will report that she didn't get to talk to Saul today. He was too busy to fit her in. Apparently, the casino is doing very well and today was inventory day.

Lucius: Do we get to discuss what we found?

Jay G. (GM): You do.

Zyindra: Zy will be very excited to share that she knows exactly where the snake came from. But very disappointed that she has no intel on who took it from the zoo.

Lucius returns from walking the streets and hitting all the major businesses. He looks a bit more disheveled than usual and plops down in one of the comfy chairs in the library. "Nothing." He moans. "No one cares one whit whether the casino does great or fails."

Maayan Ayelet Meir flops into a chair herself. "The only thing we learned was that he is meeting with an insurance broker regularly. Perhaps issues with his rates."

Shiphrah nods and sits down in a chair next to Lucius. She doesn't flop, because elves don't do that... let's call it gracefully slumping. As it is, she interjects, "Or perhaps something more than that."

Lucius sighs. "Insurance? Interesting. I'm beginning to agree with my initial assumption that something is up with Saul. If no one cares and they think the casino will fail anyway, who's left to cause trouble? Maybe he managed to secure the snake and hid it in the laundry himself."

Maayan Ayelet Meir hrms. "I would have thought if he planned on doing something to his own place he'd be AVOIDING the broker, not meeting with them every week."

Zyindra: "What if the broker is representing someone else? Investors in the casino?"

Lucius shakes his head. "We might need to talk to the insurance broker and find out." He makes a half frown and adds. "And you know how we talked about getting a reputation? Apparently we've got one."

Zyindra: "We do?"

Lucius nods making an ick face. "We're Saul's enforcers and they all believe he's doing so well right now because of us. I'm not sure I want that reputation tacked onto my resume."

Maayan Ayelet Meir sighs. "They think we are more than just protection for the casino?"

Shiphrah shakes her head, "Well, isn't that just grand..." She rubs her head, leaning back in her chair as she closes her eyes.

Lucius yups. "I'm guessing since he's former cartel we're obviously some offshoot wannabe organization with Saul as the leader and us as his people." If Lucius didn't have his glasses on, he'd probably be rolling his eyes.

Zyindra: groans

Lucius continues. "Other than that, there's a money lender named Lymas who's on Rat Street. If Saul borrowed money, it would probably be from Lymas or someone similar though he's the name that came up over and over. I wish Midge managed to talk to Saul. I'd hate to go down there without knowing info from her first."

Zyindra: "I do not want to be reputed as some organized crime enforcer." Especially since she wouldn't hurt a flea.

Jay G. (GM): Midge apologizes. Then she sets her beer on fire and watches it burn.

Lucius: ooc Heh.
ooc Not sure if anyone has anything else to add.

Jay G. (GM): Anyone?

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Not right now.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Is there a next step, then?

Zyindra: "I'm assuming that it wouldn't really do me any good to try to track the snake from the zoo by scent. I'm really upset that I couldn't get that guy to tell me what happened to it."

Maayan Ayelet Meir: He was probably more afraid of whoever hired him to steal it.

Jay G. (GM): You could always ask someone else to investigate that angle.
Or pick up the trail of one of the new clues you've gathered.

Zyindra: Who else would be good? I don't really know.

Lucius: maybe we visit the insurance broker? Or maybe Shi does that? Incognito?

Shiphrah: I'm not exactly the best incognito person...
Well, stealthy, that is. Not socially.

Lucius: Aren't you a thief?
break in, steal some documents. Have a party. :)

Shiphrah: Hrm.
Well, I could do that...

Lucius: I think maybe someone else could come with me to talk to the lender? Not entirely certain as a player what to ask him though.

Zyindra: I'm not sure either. Pardon me. Running afk for 5 m

Jay G. (GM): Well, Shi. Going thieving?

Zyindra: Back.

Jay G. (GM): SHi?

Maayan Ayelet Meir tickles her sister

Shiphrah: Awk!
Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and scout out the place a bit first.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Make me a Knowledge (Local) check.
And a Perception check.

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20+8 (3)+8 = 11
rolling 1d20+12 (2)+12 = 14
Oh for the...
tosses the dice into the nearest garbage disposal

Jay G. (GM): You see no issues in getting into the insurer's office.
Going to proceed?
Are you okay?

Shiphrah: I'm thinking.

Lucius: go for it.

Shiphrah: sigh

Lucius: find some files or something to help.

Shiphrah: This is such a bad idea, but... okay, let's try this.

Lucius: Good games are made on bad ideas sometimes.

Zyindra: It's true. It can happen that way.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. We'll go with a Stealth check, first.

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20+9 (19)+9 = 28
Wow. A dice roll that works.

Jay G. (GM): And now a Perception check...

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20+12 (4)+12 = 16

Jay G. (GM): Thank you. No obvious traps.
Okay. Disable Device, please.

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20+10 (3)+10 = 13
That I will brownie. :/

Jay G. (GM): Okay.

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20+10 (4)+10 = 14

Maayan Ayelet Meir retires every dice in the room. Starts over.

Jay G. (GM): It takes nearly five minutes but you do manage to get the lock open. However, someone will know there was a break-in because the lock is now quite broken.

Shiphrah: So I'll rattle the lock, look baffled, and slink back to home.

Jay G. (GM): Or, you'll read what I just posted. :)

Shiphrah: Great.

Lucius: ooc Quick! Go out and buy a new lock! :)

Shiphrah feeds Lucius to the wolverines.

Alright, well, go in and try to find the documents, then scurry out.

Jay G. (GM): Right. Perception check again, please.

Shiphrah: Which, with my dice, shouldn't be more than 5 days.
rolling 1d20+12 (13)+12 = 25

Lucius: woot

Jay G. (GM): You locate the file cabinet, the file for Saul and the Gold Goblin and a safe located under the floor.

Shiphrah: Okay, going to try the safe, just to leave a false flag.
I wish we had xerox machines in Pathfinder. Heh.

Jay G. (GM): One more disable device check, then.

Shiphrah: rolling 1d20+10 (13)+10 = 23

Zyindra: OOC Is there a Copy cantrip?

Lucius: there must be.

Jay G. (GM): For an illusionist I would think so.

Shiphrah: ooc There should be. :)
ooc Alright. I'll make a copy of the file then and put it back exactly where it was.
As far as the safe goes...

Zyindra: OOC plays the M:I theme while they work

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Your copy will last for 1 hour and then poof. You'll want to make a real copy before then.

Shiphrah: Shouldn't be here THAT long. Well, even if the safe isn't cracked, I just want it to look like it was attempted.

Jay G. (GM): In the safe you find some personal papers - ownership of the property, license to operate and so forth. 3 platinum coins. A white mask that would cover the whole head, ala spider-man, with a black ankh painted in the center.

Shiphrah: Okay, that's a bit ominous. Do I recognize that from anything, the mask?

Jay G. (GM): You do not.

Shiphrah: Well, closing the safe. Not taking anything, but going to try and break the lock. So it looks like the thief tried to break in there and failed. ;)

Jay G. (GM): You aren't without acid or a very heavy set of tools.

Shiphrah: Foo. I knew I should have stuffed Midge in my backpack.

Lucius: it already looks like someone tried to break in.
perhaps you just didn't find the safe under the floor.
It'll make them feel like they pulled one over the thief.

Shiphrah: Yeah, but I don't want him guessing why anyone DID break in. Okay, shutting the safe.
Leaving things as they were, slipping out, etc.
And hopefully getting a hard copy of this file done before the hour is up.

Jay G. (GM): Okay.
Spend a gold for the ink.
And you've got yourself a copy.

Shiphrah: Done.

Lucius: So, what's interesting on this paper?

Jay G. (GM): The insurance policy is pretty standard. Actually, there's several. One, for example, covered just the prize money for opening night (which would be replaced in full if there was a robbery or disaster of some sort). One covers the building against fires and so forth. The last covers loss of business. Essentially, an insurance policy against failure of the casino.

Lucius: so it sounds like he's being cautious or he wants to lose the business.

Zyindra: Does it say who is paying the premiums?

Jay G. (GM): I'll take a Knowledge (Local) check.

Zyindra: rolling 1d20+10 (9)+10 = 19

Maayan Ayelet Meir lets other people roll that. Should buy it next level if we're still here.

Lucius: do you need mine or is Zy's good?

Jay G. (GM): Saul has gotten very favorable rates. The insurance company would take a bath on these if they ever had to pay out. The agent represents a company that is based in Amethyst and has agents across the empire. Very remote.

Lucius: So why would someone go to an insurance agency so often?
And do any of us recognize the description of the mask?

Jay G. (GM): Does Shi share it?

Lucius: Shi?

Jay G. (GM): We lost her.
I just realized.

Zyindra: rolling 1d20+8 Knowledge Religion (7)+8 = 15

Jay G. (GM): The mask has no religious significance, though the ankh is a symbol sacred to Citrine, god of wrath and artifice.
We'll assume she shared.
Lucius may make me a K (history) or (local) check.

Lucius: rolling 1d20+7 (7)+7 = 14

Jay G. (GM): Not quite enough.

Lucius: can I brownie then?

Shiphrah: Yes, I would be sharing it.

Jay G. (GM): You can.
Welcome back. Shi.

Shiphrah: Sorry, missed the comment in the scroll.

Lucius: rolling 1d20+7 (1)+7 = 8
I guess I know nothing.

Jay G. (GM): It jiggers something at the back of your memory, Lucius. It is important and Onyxish but you're not sure how or why.

Lucius: Will have to ask around when he gets a chance. See if he can jigger his memory more.

Jay G. (GM): He can do so the next day if he likes. That evening, of course, you all work. And get paid for another five days of wages. Each of you can add 17 gold coins to your total.

Lucius: Blood money sounds like we are getting
ok. Money updated.

Jay G. (GM): So far, you haven't seen anything to suggest that the casino isn't on the up and up as far as how it conducts daily business. No signs of cheating beyond what all houses do.

Lucius: So, what's next?

Jay G. (GM): Well, if you ask around you'll discover why the mask seems so familiar. It is the mask of the Cult of Black Revolution.

Lucius: He will of course ask around.

Jay G. (GM): Which isn't a cult at all, actually. Not in the religious sense. They're a revolutionary group.
Dating back to when Onyx was partly conquered by the Scapolites. The Cult of Black Revolution is dedicated to Onyx rule of Onyx. They are, of course, highly illegal because of the Empire.
And membership carries an automatic jail sentence.

Lucius: ooh.

Shiphrah: Oh ho ho.

Lucius shares.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Oh, not good.

Zyindra: Uh oh.

Jay G. (GM): I think this is a good stopping point.
You've gathered quite a nice bit of information.
And it is getting late.

Lucius: Now the question is, what do we do with all of it?

Zyindra: Yeah. That is a good question. Hmm.

Jay G. (GM): Sort of depends on why you were gathering it.

Lucius: I know why I wanted to know. And at this point, I think Lucius is pretty satisfied.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: I don't want to be blindsided by stuff.

Lucius: We'll still get blindsided I'm sure.
We probably need to decide if we're going to stick with working there OR just cut our losses and leave.
Ok. I'm ready to pass out.
Have a good evening everyone.

Jay G. (GM): Okay. Best to talk about it another time.
Night all!

Zyindra: hugs Good night.

Lucius: Night!

Zyindra: Take care.

Maayan Ayelet Meir: Night.

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