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You are in Borderpoint! It is the day of the Swallowtail Festival! Everyone is in good spirits, as if a dark cloud has been lifted at long last. The new temple is being dedicated and the smell of food is thick and delicious in the air.

And that's when the vargouille raiders come. Long a problem for the people of Borderpoint, the vicious vargouille tribes are nasty, mean spirited and kiss rather like a drooling mule.

Where you were doesn't matter. Right now, you are in Borderpoint. You meant to be there. You intended to come there. That's just the way it is. Don't worry abotu where you were or how you got to Borderpoint. That doesn't matter.

Annd.... did I mention you aren't yourself? Or you are yourself but it isn't the self you usually are.

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge you'll be playing Lucius tonight."

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius, you'll be playing Midge tonight."

<OOC> GM J says, "Zy and Shi, you're switching places."

<OOC> Midge ohs! "Fun!

<OOC> GM J says, "Don't worry about spell points, ammo, or any other consumables except hit points."

<OOC> GM J says, "And there are additional instructions."

<OOC> Shiphrah has hair to match her RL hair at least. :)

<OOC> Lucius laughs.

<OOC> Midge says, "Oh gawd...."

<OOC> Lucius blows something up.

<OOC> Shiphrah heals it.

GM J pages: As often as you can, you need to flirt with Lucius, do something HORRIBLY non-elvish like eat meat, or "Accidentally" hurt Zyindra.

<OOC> GM J says, "Everyone have any questions on their instructions thus far?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "I'm good. Not sure I can do Midge justice but I will try."

<OOC> Midge dittos

<OOC> Zyindra ohboy.

<OOC> GM J says, "You don't need to do justice."

<OOC> GM J says, "You need to PARDOY."

<OOC> GM J says, "parody."

<OOC> GM J says, "Sigh."

<OOC> GM J says, "Tonight's about having fun. :)"

<OOC> Lucius says, "And with Midge, that /IS/ justice. ;)"

<OOC> GM J snickers.

<OOC> Zyindra will pardoy!

<OOC> Zyindra says, "We're going with their 5th level selves, yes?"

<OOC> Midge snerks

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes. You are your 5th level selves."

All around you are the civilians. Elven women in traditional elven clothing covered in cat fur and encased in glass, as if it had been poured onto her and then hardened.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "So, these are the undead head things, like we faced in the ruined manse on the island."

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes. Vargouille."

<OOC> GM J says, "Everyone roll initiative."

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Midge...Lucius' init is +5 fyi.."

<OOC> GM J says, "Adjusting."

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius (played by Midge) is up first!"

<OOC> GM J says, "Also, the tokens are adjusted so you should be able to move "your" character."

<OOC> GM J figures Midge is taking the time to get to know her character.

<OOC> Midge says, "Yes."

<OOC> Midge is reading his wiki page

<OOC> Midge says, "Follow up question...just to make sure I am right on this. Midge brain in Lucky's body..or do I think I am him as well?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "we all have a lot of stuff on our pages."

<OOC> GM J says, "You're him."

<OOC> GM J says, "You aren't Midge pretending to be him. You're all who you are playing."

<OOC> Midge says, "Just double checking..."

<OOC> Midge says, "And the turn order thing isn't working so I will just go by what you say for that."

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius, Midge, vampire heads, Shi, Zyindra."

<OOC> GM J has to figure out what that thing doesn't work.

A festival...Lucky guesses that was okay. Holing up in his room to write more poetry would be a better use of time, but his friends were insistent he join the festivities, and the food smelled wonderful...maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Flipping dark hair out of his alabaster face he is about to pay for some pastry or other when the attack happens "Careful there my lady..." he quickly grabs the hand of a gentlewoman in danger of being attacked and places himself in front of her as he draws his rapier.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "So dashing!"

<OOC> Shiphrah swoons. Also trips the elf.

<OOC> Shiphrah whistles innocently.

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Can anyone see their names on the init tracker now?"

<OOC> Zyindra accidentally stabs the bitchy witch as she is tripped.

<OOC> Zyindra cannot.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Nope"

<OOC> Lucius says, "nope."

<OOC> GM J sighs.

<OOC> Shiphrah just sees the flying heads.

<OOC> GM J will puzzle it out later.

<OOC> GM J says, ""Midge" is up."

<OOC> GM J says, "Since "Lucius" didn't attack yet."

<OOC> Lucius says, "oh. that's me midge..."

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Um...hm...I'm sure she has something in her pockets that can go boom. You know, it's a party and all that."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge likely has her bombs on her."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Not really sure how they all work and stuff though."

<OOC> GM J says, "Look under bomb in ranged attack."

<OOC> GM J says, "And they do 6 splash to anyone adjacent."

<OOC> GM J says, "Actually..."

<OOC> GM J says, "You know what?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Let's skip past numbers tonight."

<OOC> Lucius says, "ok. That would be cool."

<OOC> GM J says, "And just RP. If you throw a bomb, you hit one of the pests."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Yay!"

<OOC> GM J says, "Cast a spell, it works."

<OOC> GM J says, "Cool?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "Awesome!"

<OOC> GM J says, "I'll keep the map up for fun."

<OOC> GM J says, "And refernece."

A beer in one hand and a bomb in the other. What better party could there be? "Heads up Zu Zu." Midge says as she tosses the bomb over her friend's head to hit the Vargouille on the other side. Boom!

The vagouilles rush around and screech and bite! One of them bites Lucius in the shoulder, injecting him with poison! Who will save Lucius from the evil flying vampire head toxin? Oh who can it be!?!

Another vargouille screeches and one of Shiphrah's glass encased sisters shatters into a thousand pieces, all chastising her for being a horrible elf.

<OOC> GM J says, "Zy as "Shi" and then Shi as "Zy"."

<OOC> Lucius says, "that is so confusing."

<OOC> Shiphrah expects this will end in tears.

<OOC> Shiphrah grins

It's a festival, and that means it's a party! Shiphrah is busy munching on a recently pilfered bit of candied popcorn on a stick when the ickily nasty undead heads appear. She spots Lucius' dashingly handsome bravery, and indulges herself with a swoon as she dives and rolls past one of the heads and then twists about, going back to back with the Onyxish swashbuckler, making a point of bumping her hips to his. "Fancy meeting you here, Stranger." she quips, as she stabs the head that tries to follow her path. She watches one of her sisters explode, and grimaces. "Stop guilting me, you harpy!"

<OOC> GM J says, "And now Shi as "Zyindra"."

<OOC> GM J says, "After her is "Lucius"."

<OOC> Shiphrah okies. Are we moving tokens, or just posing?

<OOC> GM J says, "If the name is in quotes I mean the person currently playing the bit."

<OOC> GM J says, "Eh. No super need unless you want to."

<OOC> GM J says, "I think we're good freeforming tonight."

Shiphrah covers her mouth as Lucius takes a wicked bite from the undead head, and scurries over that way quickly. Her hair spirals out, lightly touching Lucius on the shoulder as she mutters under her breath, healing him as she asides, "You would be in so much trouble if you didn't have me to keep an eye on you." With the touch of her hair, the toxin abates, no longer poisoning the swashbuckler.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Oops. One mo."

Zy covers her mouth as Lucius takes a wicked bite from the undead head, and scurries over that way quickly. Her hair spirals out, lightly touching Lucius on the shoulder as she mutters under her breath, healing him as she asides, "You would be in so much trouble if you didn't have me to keep an eye on you." With the touch of her hair, the toxin abates, no longer poisoning the swashbuckler.

Along the way, Zyindra provokes three attacks of opportunity and gets bitten twice.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Wait, can't I teleport?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes. Somehow you still do. :)"

<OOC> Midge says, "My turn?!"

<OOC> GM J says, ""Lucius" is up."

"You will feel the sting of my pointy blade, like the beekeeper feels the sting of the honeybee." the silver blade flashes as the Varg-thing is poked at and then he feels the biting sting and the toxins courses though his veins. "Two loves I have of comfort and despair

Which like two spirits do suggest me still

The better angel is a man right fair,

The worser spirit a woman coloured ill.

To win me soon to hell, my female evil

Tempteth my better angel from my side,

And would corrupt my saint to be a devil..." Lucky begins to speak in a tone heavy with melancholy as he stabs at the hateful creature. Feeling the healing rush he spares a glance at Zynindra "Oh thank you lovely maiden, your gentle touch does make my blood sing.

<OOC> GM J says, ""Midge"!"

<OOC> Zyindra hopes his blood sings better than his poetry. :)

<OOC> Shiphrah swoons!

<OOC> Lucius says, "This is why he /doesn't/ spout poetry out loud. :)"


<OOC> Shiphrah makes his blood sing! MY SWEET BABOO!

<OOC> GM J says, "Can everyone see their icons on the turn tracker now?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "yes"

<OOC> Midge says, "Yep"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Figured it out."

<OOC> GM J says, ""Midge"?"

Midge ducks under the table to avoid the Vargouille's bite, and takes a large swig of her beer and then a second swig which she artfully spits out at the creature, her amazing fire abilities setting the alcohol aflame and now the Vargouille. Insert funny midge quip about flaming heads

<OOC> GM J snerks.

The vargouilles seem never ending! And oddly, they begin to sing. Something about eating people and setting things on fire and being Midge's long lost cousins.

<OOC> GM J says, ""Zyindra" and then "Shiphrah"."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Wasn't it in the other order before?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Maybe."

<OOC> Lucius says, "yes"

<OOC> GM J says, ""Shiphrah" and "Zyindra"."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Yeah, that dirty elf was ahead of me. :)"

<OOC> Lucius says, "Ya'll are too funny."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "The sweet and innocent healer girl."

"Oh, please. Seriously? Can you be any more hopeless?" Shiphrah grouses at the ninny redhead who managed to get herself carved up and bit six ways from Sunday just trying to get to Lucius. As if the elf doesn't have an anti-venom in her belt pouch, ready to deal with the poison. "C'mon, gorgeous. Get on up and let's finish these things." she cajoles the swashbuckler, as she rolls to the other side of the vargoulles, flanking to stab the thing through as she expects Lucius will be doing too, from the other side.

<OOC> GM J says, ""Shi" and then "Lucius"."

Zy wobbles a bit from the venom, "Whoa, feeling a bit woozy..." With that, she tries to aim a glow spell at one of the vargouilles to make it easier for everyone to hit... but that elf just /happened/ to get in the way, so now Shi is glowing rather brightly. Oops!

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Total accident. Really."

<OOC> Shiphrah halos.

<OOC> GM J says, "Oh, noes!"

<OOC> GM J says, ""Lucius" and then "Midge"."

<OOC> "Shiphrah" aims her snarkcannon at Zyindra.

<OOC> "Zyindra" cries and gives big chibi eyes to Lucius.

The rapier, sun reflecting off its shiny, silver length swirls in a figure eight, deflecting an attack from a nasy Varg-thing, only to get hit in a staggering blow by another, "Worry not my stealthy minx." he calls out to Shiphrah as he regains his balance "I will not let these evil creatures harm a hair on your comely head." with his rapier he feints left then stabs right into the same Varg that Shiphrah was going for

<OOC> GM J says, "She even got the feinting."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Awesome!"

<OOC> GM J says, "Now all she needs is the missing with the pistol."

<OOC> Lucius nods sagely.

<OOC> GM J says, ""Midge"."

<OOC> GM J says, "And then the beasties and then "Shi" and "Zy"."

Midge digs in her pocket for her /special/ vial, more precious than exploding heads. She downs the potion and instantly doubles in size, her head bumping against the bottom of the table she's still sitting under.

The vargouilles dance around in what can only be described as a Bollywood number, taunting you all for being poor representatives of your races.

Lucius isn't nearly tragic enough! When was the last time he cried tears of bitter sorrow for the cruel injustices of his people, huh?

Midge isn't even a gnome! She's a halfling turning into a lizard!

And Shiphrah! Why don't you just eat a hamburger already? You know you want to! MEAT! MEEEEEEeeeAAAAAAAAAATTTT!

Oh, and Zyindra's... whatever. Humfling or something. How often did she bump her head on her ceiling at home anyway?

<OOC> GM J says, ""Shi" and "Zy"."

"Oh, great! Thanks, Zy!" Shiphrah complains, as she is set all aglow. So damned helpful! "Take your antivenom, woman!" she complains. With Lucius and she both decimating that head, she rolls again, clearing its falling bulk as she prepares to flank the next one, perhaps distracting it from munching on the only healer they have, long enough for the redhead to save herself. "Oh, great. Now they're taunting us." Damn, she's getting hungry. Where ARE those hamburgers? "Shut UP, Maayan! I don't want to hear it!"

<OOC> GM J says, ""Zy" and then "Lucius"."

Zy shakes her head and heals herself next, ignoring the glowing elf for the time being as she then looks at Lucius, "I think we need to change strategy."

<OOC> GM J says, ""Lucius" and "Midge"."

A garden of mouthings. Purple, scarlet-speckled, black

The great corollas dilate, peeling back their silks.

Their musk encroaches, circle after circle,

A well of scents almost too dense to breathe in.

Hieratical in your frock coat, maestro of the bees,

You move among the many-breasted hives,..." Lucky continues to spout poetry to the ladies, to the Varg-things as he fights, feints and stabs his way through dancing and taunting creatures "Your taunting is just words on the wind, without edge and worthless." the rapier is tossed from one to another as one of the pistols at his hip is drawn "Have a taste of black powder and lead foul creature!" The trigger is pulled, spark ignites gunpowder, BANG! the lead bullet flies, missing the Varg but shattering the most gorgeous stained glass window the town had to offer!

<OOC> GM J snickers.

<OOC> GM J says, ""Midge" and the monsters."

Midge grows another two feet. She stands up, the table like a hat on her head. "Bad Violet Heads." She tromps over to one of the heads, grabs it by the hair and flings it into one of the others ignoring the nasty bites that she is receiving from the other Vargoille's that have practically popped out of nowhere. There are so many of them.

<OOC> Lucius says, "My brain practically explodes just by attempting to read that poetry."

<OOC> Midge says, "Well Plath can do that"

The varguilles all scream at once. A dozen Maayans shatter, all of them screaming something about trees.

<OOC> GM J says, ""Shi" and "Zy"."

<OOC> Lucius decides he shall never read Plath.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "You'll be better for it. ;)"

<OOC> Shiphrah sticks a head inside a bell jar.

"Finally!" Shiphrah extolls, as the last of her glass-encased elven sisters explode into shards. So what if her ears are bleeding from that unified varguilles scream. "You want a change in strategy, princess?" she shouts, as she turns invisible and starts slipping her way through the chaos. At least this way she can stare at Lucius' backside without being spotted doing so. Oh, look! Hamburgers!

<OOC> Lucius looks aghast. "Is that what she does when she turns invisible! :)"

<OOC> GM J says, "The sad thing is she's still glowing."

<OOC> GM J says, "While invisible."

<OOC> GM J says, "She's invisibly glowing."

<OOC> GM J says, ""Zy" and "Lucius"."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Pretty impressive."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Yeah. She isn't so invisible as she thinks. ;)"

Zy stifles a grin as Shi "invisibly" picks her way through the vargouilles, then slips a hand onto Lucius's shoulder, blessing him to better slash through those nasty heads!

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "A hallow effect on Lucius, for what it's worth. :)"

<OOC> GM J says, ""Lucius" and "Zyindra"."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Doesn't Midge come after Lucius"

<OOC> GM J says, "er... "Lucius" and then "Midge". Yes."

<OOC> GM J checks to see if Midge's computer didn't blow up.

<OOC> Midge is typing!

<OOC> GM J says, "I figureed. :)"

<OOC> Midge says, "But good call considering how it was behaving earlier"

<OOC> Lucius says, "All that poetry just might break it yet!"

Lucky looks horrified as colored glass sprays out and tinkles to the ground in a colorful mosiac of shards "Oh to see such beauty destroyed." he bites a knuckle briefly then holsters the pistol. And another gentle touch from the red-headed witch 'Much thanks my beauteous one." he tells her as the blessing she lays on him makes him feel all tingly. Stab, Slash, Feint, Twirl...see the coat tails fly. . . o O(Damn I make this look good.) of course is all he is thinking as Varg blood splashes, and then once more Varg teeth sink in as one attacks him from behind! Oh noes!

<OOC> GM J says, "See? Zy makes Lucius all tingly."

<OOC> Midge says, "I hope someone is logging all this..."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Of course!"

<OOC> GM J says, ""Midge" and then the beasties."

Two more feet and another two more feet. Midge towers over everyone around her. A gigantic lizard that roars and spews a blue white fire on the creatures around him.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Naturally."

<OOC> Lucius says, "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3bczScmRUE"

<OOC> Lucius says, "and that's her not him above."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Gozira!"

<OOC> Lucius says, "forgetting my gender today."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midgzilla!"

<OOC> GM J snickers.

There are fewer of the beasts. They fall to claws and rapiers and witty banter and swooning. So much swooning!

<OOC> GM J says, ""Shi" and "Zy"."

"Y'know, Zy, you could touch these foul damned things and this would all be over!" comes the snarky voice of the glowing invisible elven maid. . o O (Damn, he looks so fine!) O o . That said, Shiphrah stabs another of the varguilles, and keeps watching Lucius' flapping coattails.

<OOC> Midge falls off her chair laughing....

<OOC> Lucius has been on the floor the entire time. With Popcorn!

<OOC> Midge says, "We all deserve Oscars for these perfomrnaces."

<OOC> GM J says, ""Zy" and then we'll wrap up."

Zy hmphs, "Oh, fine, but if you don't get healed later just remember it isn't MY fault." With that, hair snakes out from the healing girl as she absently dinks a vargouille, causing it to cry out in pain at the positive happy energy flowing into it. Zy, meanwhile, seems to have her attention focused on a certain swashbuckler. Specifically their firm tight... ahem.

Poof. All the varguilles vanish.

Then Borderpoint vanishes.

And then there you all are, floating in the ether. Zyindra and Midge both halflings. Shiphrah with the blunted ears of a half-elf.

Lucius in a dress.

And then you all wake up. In your hammocks aboard the ship. Except Maayan, whoever is sharing Maayan's room can see something slimy and dead slithering out of her ear, plopping to the floor and disintegrating.

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think that was midge."

<OOC> Lucius says, "And...ewww!"

<OOC> GM J says, "It was alllll a dream."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think we have some serious issues."

<OOC> GM J says, "You'll be able to identify it as a dream slug. Native to the Pearl Islands. They get into your ear and then create shared dreams, sucking on people's mental energy. Defeating a threat in the dream kills it."

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan won't remember it, since she was the "host"."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Just a FEW issues. :)"

<OOC> Lucius hopes it wasn't a sparkly dress. And especially not pink.

<OOC> Lucius says, "Pink is just /not/ his color."

<OOC> GM J says, "https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/94/29/62/ 942962c7a64c7d7c25743f5b3aa8fa17.jpg"

<OOC> Zyindragiggles.

<OOC> Lucius nods approvingly.

<OOC> GM J says, "Thanks for being good sports."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "This was hilarious. :)"

<OOC> Midge says, "This. Was. Awesome!"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "SO many issues. :)"

<OOC> Lucius says, "Very awesome!"

<OOC> GM J smiles.

<OOC> GM J says, "Well, merry Christmas."

<OOC> Midge has all her issues bagged, taggged and packed in boxes

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge, the pyromaniac lizard woman."

<OOC> GM J says, "The most sane person in the group."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Yup."

<OOC> GM J says, "Any issues with next Tuesday?"

<OOC> Midge says, "If I am so sane why am I hanging out with all you? ;)"

<OOC> GM J says, "Baron Lucius needs to do his duty for Zyindra's new girlfriend."

<OOC> Shiphrah hrms. I will be at my parents, so I'm not sure if I will be here.

<OOC> Lucius rolls eyes at the honorific.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "The situation is fluid, but it should be okay."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Oooh! That means I can be a Baroness!"

<OOC> GM J says, "So, glasses and leather?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "what?"

<OOC> GM J says, "The Baroness. A GI JOe character."

<OOC> Midge says, "I shouldn't have a problem with next week"

<OOC> Lucius says, "I'm still trying to figure out whether Lucius is a Baron or a Baroness."

<OOC> GM J says, "http://i.imgur.com/lxQuESJ.jpg"

<OOC> Lucius says, "So let's hold off on decisions. Maybe Shi can be the Baron instead."

<OOC> GM J says, "Cool."

<OOC> GM J says, "Well, we'll plan, tentatively, for next week."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Sounds like a good plan."

<OOC> Lucius says, "hopefully we can move forward on this plan. We're kind of stuck where we are until we do."

<OOC> GM J says, "Yeah."

<OOC> Shiphrah nods.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "It shouldn't be a problem, /but/ I have no idea what the family has in mind for the time I'm out there. :)"

<OOC> GM J nods. I understand.

<OOC> Lucius says, "It's all good. Will get J to get me more books for distraction. :)"

<OOC> GM J laughs.

<OOC> Midge saves the buffer as a file..."This is to good not to keep.

<OOC> Lucius laughs.

<OOC> Lucius says, "Have to reread that poetry a few more times. Didn't realize what it meant."

<OOC> Shiphrah /totally/ didn't intentionally nerf Shi's invisibility on purpose. Really. :D

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