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Summary: The IC evening before the first session, Lucius, Zyindra, Shiphrah meet one another and an NPC played by Maayan, at the Rusty Wyvern.

Shiphrah rar.

J says "Seems to work"

Lucius tackles. "Hello!!!"

Lucius is very restless tonight. Wants to do something.

J whispers to Shiphrah. "That's your cue."

Shiphrah oofthud. :)

Shiphrah grins, and could do something, sure.

J says "Best bet is the night before. Lucius just arriving in town."

Lucius says "Jay never mentioned where Lucius ended up staying."

Shiphrah runs a mean three-card monte game. :D

Lucius says "Did you con poor lucius?"

J says "Only a few options. The Rusty Wyvern is just inside the town gates."

Pippa stretches.

Maayan says "Except it was established I wasn't there the night before so..."

J nods. "That would make it difficult for you to join in, yes, I'm afraid."

Lucius says "But would help Shiprah have another person to know that isn't tracking her down. ;)"

Lucia is probably staying with Hannah, trading her help and services for room and board. Scrubbing floors. Washing dishes. Cooking.

Lucius says "So there is the rusty wyvern, the white deer, and what the 3rd place?"

J says "No, that's it."

J says "Those two."

J says "There's other taverns but only the two inns."

J says "Unless you wanted to camp outside the walls."

Lucius says "For some reason I misread and thought there were 3."

Lucius has a tent and a mule but does NOT want to use the tent unless he absolutely has to.

Lucius is a city boy.

Shiphrah wouldn't CON Lucius. But she might have shown him how to play dice games. The hard way. :)

J says "Your mule will need to go to the Squashed Goblin stables."

Lucius nods. "Sure. I think he'd probably go to the rusty wyvern right after he stables his horse. So where is our /trusty/ elf that evening?"

J says "If everyone wants to play and you don't mind splitting up, Maayan could meet Z outside the town walls while she's gathering herbs. It retcons our last session a bit but I think we can handle it."

Lucius says "That is fine with me."

Maayan says "Or I could play an NPC, if it would mess you up too much, but in the mood I'm in you don't want me sitting watching everyone else RP. Either I need to be included or I'm going to have to log out."

Shiphrah nods. "Probably at the Inn, I would think."

Maayan says "As an alternative to splitting the group."

Zyindra is OK with an NPC, if that's what Maayan wants to do and it works out for everyone. I'm also open to being encountered outside the city. I'm not super picky. But I really would like to be able to provide RP to the maximum number of people possible, whatever alternative we can come up with that makes that work.

Maayan says "It would avoid the retcon, too. I don't mind borrowing the tavernkeeper or something ;)."

Lucius is fine as long as he can play tonight. Is very antsy.

Lucius thinks that Maayan could play any number of people in for the celebration

Lucius says "Thus avoids using anyone J has already created."

J says "Sure. That would be fine."

Maayan nodnods. "I think that's easiest. It does remove a session of possible Maayan char development, but I think the other alternative might cause some minor confusion."

Zyindra can come by the inn, if that seems the suitable spot for the RP. She could be sent to deliver something, hwatever.

Zyindra pindrops?

Lucius says "Ok. So...Tavern, early evenings, Lucius just arriving in town...Zyindra delivering something...Shiphrah...doing Shiphrah things and Maayan is random person in for the celebration?"

J nods.

Shiphrah is currently in the tavern, sitting with a deck of cards in front of her and a fairly satisfied look on her face. Apparently she hasn't had to resort to mere thievery when there's a whole lot of festival goers so eager to be parted from their coin in 'honest' *ahem* games of chance. Unable to conceal her smile, she sips from a cup of mulled wine, finally relaxing after a long day of... well, doing what she does.

<OOC> J says, "I haven't decided WHAT form they take but cards in Krystallos aren't like our's in terms of suits and such."

<OOC> Zyindra holds up a card with an adorable-looking purple cyberfairy on it.

<OOC> J says, "You couldn't have possibly have gotten your package yet."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Didn't they just go out yesterday? It's possible."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "No. I don't have the real thing yet. But I /do/ have an image of what it was going to look like. And it was a /joke/ about what their cards could look like. :)"

<OOC> J pushes you IC. Lucius only has so long before he passes out in real life. :)

<OOC> Lucius is slowly working on a pose...slowly.

<OOC> Shiphrah was thinking pentagonal shaped cards.

For her own part, Zyindra is walking down the street, following a few scribbled directions that are guiding her towards the 'Rusty Wyvern.' Now, she just has to find the place, and then ask for Mr. Veldrinos. She checks compulsively once again to make sure that just beneath Sabbath's lovely head, the top of her bag still has the tiny pouch attached Hannah wanted her to deliver. So, just a short young woman - barely more than a girl, really - with a fox draped over her shoulders like a stole. A living stole.

<OOC> J nod. That would work, Ship. Five suits. Based on color. Red. Blue. Green. Black. White.

<OOC> Shiphrah snickers. Remembers having a lot of Hecatomb cards.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "That was a fun, if very odd, game."

<OOC> J says, "The food here is a strange fusion of Onyxish (think Mexican), Scapolitan (Italian) and Jadenese (Asian")."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Delicious!"

And as the day is waning. A young man not terribly tall and looking in his late teens comes down from one of the rooms after arriving a short while ago. Beneath smoky glasses that hide the eyes, he takes in the room before him and the people residing within it.

<OOC> Lucius struggles with his pose and hopes to get better as he gets comfortable in the new character skin.

<OOC> Zyindra rubs in an ointment to help the skin stretch to fit.

Shiphrah glances over at the young man, tilting her head slightly as she studies him for a few moments, then casually goes back to her drink. Enjoying the nearby fire, Shiphrah leans back and relaxes in the glow of the fire.

Ameiko wanders by, carrying a tray above her head that's well balanced with several mugs of ale from the local brewery, the Two Knights. She gumps Shiphrah gently with her hip. "There's your new mark, girl. Go entertain him." She nods towards Lucius and then goes on her way to deliver her drinks.

<OOC> J says, "Because we're not going to spend five pose rounds of you all being at your own tables. :)"

<OOC> Lucius says, "5 poses? Maybe only 4. ;)"

<OOC> Shiphrah figures Lucius was coming over. ;)

A minute or so later, one of the doors opens and in wanders said smallish young woman with her fox stole, padding in and moving to the side to get clear of the door traffick as she takes in the lively, boisterous interior, figuring out which direction to be going to accomplish her mission. A moment's nervous gesture tugs at the waist-length thick red-haired braid with its entwined colored-bead-set ribbon, as she looks around.

It is a crowded night in the Rusty Dragon. A surprising number of people are in Borderpoint for the festival. There's few places to sit in the common room and the noise makes conversation beyond a foot away near impossible.

<OOC> J says, "Rusty Wyvern, sorry."

Noticing one of the few empty chairs near Shiphrah at her table and not knowing that someone seems to have /marked/ him, Lucius wanders over and stands behind said empty chair. "Excuse me. Is this seat taken?" He says loud enough to be heard. His voice isn't deep though it has a slight alto tone to it.

<OOC> Lucius says, "potayto, potahto"

Shiphrah smiles a bit towards Lucius, "Not at all. Just taking it easy after a few lucky games." Her voice is light, in stark contrast to the rather dark appearance that she has with her black leathers, her skin and hair exceptionally pale. She nods, "By all means, it does seem to be remarkably crowded tonight. The festival, no doubt."

Card games, noise, all kinds of things going on. The rather short, but muscular woman...human, yes, just short and stout for the breed...who just walked in shakes her head, and then glances over at the card game. Hrm. She shoulders through the crowd towards it, curiosity showing in green eyes. Her hair is, though, not red like the witch's, but dark brown.

<OOC> Maayan says, "Random NPC introducted. And sorry, I got mildly RLed."

"Thank You. The Festival does seem like it will have a fair amount of turnout. I think I might have gotten one of the last of the rooms here." Lucius gratefully takes the seat waiting for Ameiko to come round again so he can get a spot of food. He smiles nodding at the cards she has. "Something tells me you're a pretty lucky woman."

Zyindra's red hair isn't exactly the same shade as the fox across her shoulders, but it's close. The girl keeps looking around, and then nakes up her mind and starts trying to wiggle her way through the crowd towards the bar.

<OOC> Lucius grumbles as he mouse stops working as the virus scan goes to town.

Shiphrah laughs softly, "Oh, just a bit..." She glances over towards Zyindra, and slides a chair at the table in her direction, "Hey, you're not going to find a good place to sit up there. Might as well sit down here, eh?" She then gives Lucius a wry grin, "Care to play a game?"

"I see cards," the woman notes. She's clearly a fighter, although not in heavy least not for right now. Borderpoint is, of course, casual about such things.

Lucius leans back in his chair. "It's been awhile since I've played, but sure." He looks up in the direction where Shiphrah called out, trying to get a look at whoever might be joining them.

<OOC> Lucius wonders how much Shiph is going to con him for. ;)

<OOC> Lucius wonders what skills one uses for playing cards.

<OOC> J says, "Profession (Gambling)."

<OOC> J says, "Though Bluff might also work."

The girl with the fox pauses, eyeing the chair. "I was hoping to inquire about a patron." she offers, her soft voice curiously pitched to make it audible despite the ambient noise level in the bar. She wanders over and stands behind the chair for a few moments, nodding to the other two ... now three ... at the table. "Do any of you know Mister Veldrinos?" she inquires.

<OOC> Lucius is probably not too bad at cards then.

<OOC> Zyindra uses a Wisdom check to realize it would be a fool's errand to play. :)

<OOC> Shiphrah plans to use sleight of hand... :D

Shiphrah shakes her head, "Name doesn't ring a bell..." She shuffles in a rather disconcerting manner, apparently well used to dealing out cards, and gives Lucius a wry smile, "I'm sure my luck would run out eventually, right?"

<OOC> Lucius was wondering about that.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Isabella is my idol."

<OOC> J says, "Well, for the cheating, yes."

Lucius shakes his head at the question as well. "Sorry, though you are welcome to join us until you spot the person you are looking for." He chuckles at Shiphrah. "Perhaps." Apparently he's up for the callenge to see if he can beat her luck, whatever that may be.

<OOC> Lucius is an honest sort.

<OOC> Maayan waits to be noticed ;)

<OOC> Zyindra did notice you, in her pose, and did pose a question you could respond to if you felt like it.

<OOC> Shiphrah nods. She did. :)

"'Fraid not. The name rings a very dim bell, but I couldn't quite place it," the stocky woman notes. "Master Vyindros. Sounds like a mage."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Is it a mage? :)"

<OOC> Shiphrah might know of him, possibly.

The girl bows her head momentarily, a gesture of polite acknowledgement to each of them for their answers. "Thank you, kindly. I do not believe he is a wizard, though admittedly I was not told of his profession. Only that he was staying here." Deciding not to make more waves, she sits in the chair provided, gathering up her robes beneath her carefully. Then she lifts her fox down onto her lap, and pets the creature as she watches the others surrounding the table. "You are engaging in a game of chance, then? The three of you?"

"It looks like it." Lucius waits for Shiphrah to finish expertly shuffling the deck. "Though perhaps it will be less chance than we might think."

Shiphrah smiles, "Well, two, but I'm always up for more people to join in." She gestures a bit, "Take a seat, take a seat. And you can call me Shi. My full name tends to be a bit much for people to enunciate." She gives Lucius a wink, "Maybe... we'll see, won't we?"

"Shi," Lucius tests out her name. "I suppose it would be rude relax in company without knowing you you relax with. You can call me Lucius." Lucius looks towards the two others. "Don't hover, come join us before someone else steals the seats."

<OOC> Lucius smacks his inner editor.

<OOC> Zyindra did sit. Is waiting for NPCgirl to sit as well. :)

<OOC> Lucius pokes npc girl to sit and give name.

The warrior drops into a seat. "My name is Beora." She doesn't give a family name...perhaps not having one, perhaps not wanting to give it. She grins at the elf. "I find Saphirish hard to pronounce, so I appreciate that."

"I am Zyindra." the girl in green offers, still petting the fox gently and consistently as she watches the other three. "Good luck." she offers, as the game seems about to begin.

Shiphrah grins over at Lucius, "Nice name, Lucius, and well met to all of you." She tosses a silver coin into the center of the table, looking at her hand and then at Lucius, her grin going wider.

Lucius nods to the group and takes his own cards to look at them. He isn't smiling or frowning keeping a rather decent poker face. "Surely your full name must be more beautiful than mine. I find mine a bit stiff." He follows with a coin to the center of the table as well, then nods to Zyindra. "Here is a young lady with a gorgeous name." And then he nods to Beora. "And your name, sounds strong and confident. It is nice."

<OOC> Lucius yays as her virus scan finally finishes.

<OOC> Shiphrah yays.

Zyindra continues petting Sabbath and watches the interplay of the faces, and the cards. She doesn't really know card games exceptionally well - she has had other things of much greater interest to her over her young years - but she is bright and a quick study. Incessantly curious. (Wonder where Sabbath gets it from, right?)

Beora does give that impression. Then ruins it completely by making scritching motions in the direction of the fox.

Shiphrah smiles at Lucius, "Well, I tell you what. If you win? I'll give you my full name." She laughs, "But Lucius isn't a bad name, it has finesse. I like it." Her eyes dance a bit, as she looks at the other two, "I'm sure they agree, yes?" With that, she deals out the first face card, starting the bridge.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Basically, a funky version of Texas Hold 'Em."

<OOC> Lucius just mimics throwing out cards :)

"I think they are all fine names." Zyindra offers. Her coloring makes her blush from Lucius' comment about her own name quite apparent, hard to miss in fact. But she says and does nothing about it. Sabbath, on the other hand, is only too happy to wiggle over closer to Beora and soak up whatever attention is freely offered.

Lucius places his cards face down in front of him, his hand resting on top, responding. "Truly I cannot resist such an offer. It shall motivate me to do my best." He gives Shi a hint of a smile before picking his cards back up and start playing.

Beora scritches the fox before picking up her cards. She's not a great player, but she's not a terrible one either. Oh, and she has ale, because there has to be ale, and because drink makes the game more fun, if possibly less effective.

<OOC> Lucius guesses Beora shall be losing all her money tonight.

<OOC> Maayan says, "Yes."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "She's a NPC. ;)"

Shiphrah grins, "Now that's what I like to see." She laughs and flips another card, then hmms, "Alright, I'll up it a bit." And she tosses two silver coins into the pot.

Sabbath makes an interested motion, nosing around to look at Beora's cards. But since he can't see anyone else's, he doesn't have the picture of the game. But he's staying interested, mostly because someone wants to keep scritching once in a while. Zyindra just smiles and watches the interplay, curiously.

Beora ups the ante some herself. Of course, it's really not fair. She's distracted by that cute adorable fox. Utterly cute fox.

Lucius considers the cards in front of him and scratches his chin. He tosses in a silver coin into the pot and makes a play with the cards. As he plays he continues to chat with the group. "Zyindra, are you a messenger? I have to say you don't really look like one."

Zyindra chuckles softly, a bit amused perhaps at the question. "A bit of a messenger, yes. But that is only because I am doing my part to help. I am a healer. I help people." Which doesn't explain a thing, really, but she seems to think it does.

Shiphrah hmms, "Well, that does sound like it can come in handy." She smiles and plays out the third card, then whistles a bit, and looks over at the other two, "Time to call, if you think you can stay in." She gives Lucius a devilish look, placing her fingers lightly on the top of the deck.

Beora? She's staying in. Later, she'll blame the fox for how much she loses tonight. Or the beer, but mostly the fox. "Healer? I'll remember that. Always good to know healers."

Somewhere along the line, Lucius managed to order some food and drink and Ameiko leaves it at the table. Lucius tries the food. "Mm. This is good, better than I expected." He looks down at the cards in front of him, considering. "I can't back out now. I've got a name to win." To Zyindra he says. "A healer. I never would have guessed."

<OOC> Lucius says, "All I can think of is Earthdawn's Beastmaster"

<OOC> J says, "Fun Discipline."

<OOC> Lucius nods. "Yes"

"Really? Never guessed?" Zyindra responds curiously, uncertain whether to be OK with that or not. But truth is, many underestimate her, with her youth, and think she cannot be the healer she has proven to be. She doesn't mind, but it is a challenge of sorts.

Sabbath has no idea that he will carry the blame for Beora's losses tonight. All he knows is that a person - and not His person - is willing to share the Scritching. It is his /duty/ to accept this gracious gift, and he does so with guesto.

Shiphrah grins, and flips the final card, then laughs softly. "Call, Lucius. What do you have?" She smiles, waiting for the verdict as she regards Beora and Lucius.

<OOC> Shiphrah hrms.

<OOC> Shiphrah tries to figure out how to roll a die here anymore. :)

<OOC> J says, "+roll 1dX"

Lucius lays out his losing cards. "Bravo. It looks like your luck holds strong." Now that the the game is over, and he's no longer trying to keep a gambling face, he looks mildly disappointed. "Too bad. I would have loved to hear your full name."

However bad Lucius' cards are, Beora's are, likely, slightly worse. Yup. Not a lot worse. Just slightly.

Shiphrah smiles, "Ah, too bad. But who knows, you might just get an opportunity later." She laughs softly, "Besides, if I started saying my name now, we wouldn't be done until the festival was over, and you wouldn't want to miss it." With that, she rakes in her coinage, shrugging at the others, "Sometimes the luck just gets to be too strong."

<OOC> J is gonna shut down here. Going to bed soon.

<OOC> J says, "Y'all have fun. :)"

J has disconnected.

Zyindra chuckles softly at Shiphrah's humor, apparently amused and unwilling to criticize. "I suppose I should try again to reach the proprietor to ask after the man I have come to see." she offers, standing with a slight bow to each of the other three. She gathers Sabbath up into her arms and over her shoulders as a stole once more. The fox gives a soft yip at Beora, before his person takes him away from more scritching.

Lucius takes a moment to consider what Shi just said and finally chuckles. "Perhaps then after the festival we shall have a rematch. Then there will be no reason for me not to win. But for now, I have been traveling all day and though three lovely ladies is a pleasure, I must rest before the excitement of the festival begins."

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