Aftermath of the Haunting of Chopper's Isle

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  • You gain 270 XP for investigating and for dealing with the Haunt on Chopper's Isle. It has already been noted on your wikis.
  • Jervis Stoot's body hasn't decayed, though his clothing has. Zyindra and Shiphirah can detect a lingering and evil preservation magic attached to the body.
  • The broken display case on Stoot's body seems to have been for holding his trophies. It also may have served as an altar. The remains of candles and rusty carving tools are found underneath as is a kobold skull. Branded into the skull's forehead is a symbol that Zyindra recognizes as signifying Saktha, Tiamat's god-general of hatred, torture and suffering. The skull is intact despite the display case having landed on it when it fell and it has a lingering aura of evil magic as well.
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