Aftermath of the Glassworks

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  • You gain 261 XP for defeating the goblins and Tsuto and for rescuing Ameiko. This has already been added to your character pages.

  • Exploration of the tunnel reveals it leads out to Junker's Beach. There's no sign of Tsuto or the single goblin who managed to escape.
  • Ameiko, after being untied, will explain that she followed her brother's instructions and went out to the Glassworks. When she arrived he proudly showed her his "art": the corpse of their father covered in glass. Tsuto told Ameiko that he was planning to destroy Borderpoint and asked her to join him. When she refused they argued and then he set his goblins upon her. She woke up in the basement, tied up.
  • Tsuto also told Ameiko that their father killed their mother, shoving her off a cliff some five years ago.
  • Tsuto left behind a journal. Only a few pages have been filled in.
  • Tsuto also left behind a backpack containing the following: a bottle containing a warm, orange liquid, a set of very nice thieving tools, a silver flute, 6 pouches of gold dust, 8 pouches of silver dust.
  • Ameiko will insist on informing the mayor of what has happened immediately. In the absence of the sheriff, Ameiko is put in charge of helping the militia and town volunteers prepare for a possible goblin invasion. The mayor sends word to the sheriff and to Shalelu but fears they won't return in time. She asks the party to find Nulia and the goblins and do whatever is possible to stop them.
  • The mayor gives you a letter of credit that is good in all of Borderpoint's stores for a total of 250 gold pieces.
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