Aftermath of the Festival

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  • The four of you eat and stay free at the Rusty Wyvern for five nights. The tab is paid by Foxglove and he insists on dining with you all two nights hence.
  • Your actions seem to have captured the town's imagination. While the sheriff and his militia probably killed more goblins they were just doing their job. The four of you are relative strangers yet you risked your lives to fight for Borderpoint. People are eager to shake your hands and the word "hero" is said more than once.
  • You gain 500 XP for fighting the goblins and helping Borderpoint's citizens. This has already been noted on your character's wiki page.


  • Hannah insists that you move out of her tiny closet of a backroom and go stay at the Rusty Wyvern. Perhaps you might even make a friend or two there.

Rumors you hear over the next few days:

    • Mysterious fires have claimed the Soggy River Mill, the Biston Pond Mill, and most recently the Cougar Creek Mill, leaving the Scarnetti Mill the only functioning grain mill in the region.


An illustration of the Borderpoint Devil, hanging up in the Rusty Wyvern.
  • Cydrak invites you to come see a rehearsal for his latest production, The Harpy Queen. The star is a diva from Vesicule you're vaguely familiar with.

Rumors you hear over the next few days:

  • Sheriff Iron Spine has a long-standing romance with the madam of the local brothel, Lady Kaye. It would be scandalous if it wasn't such a stereotype pulled right from lurid books!
  • Some say the Borderpoint Devil, a local monster legend, was seen on a rooftop, screaming encouragement to the goblins during the attack. You suspect they might be thinking of the warchanter.
  • The Borderpoint Devil is also accused of flying off with one of farmer Grump's prized sows.


  • The only loot worth finding on the dead goblins is the halfling/gnome sized studded leather armor that the warchanter was wearing. The local weaponsmith, Savah Bevaniky, will pay you 20 gold pieces for it.

Rumors you hear over the next few days:

  • No one hates goblins more than Jubrayl Vhiski. The bitter stable owner's pride and joy is a large glass bottle filled with brine in which he's preserved the body of Chief Whartus of the now extinct (due in large part to Daviren) Bonegrinder Tribe.


Rumors you hear over the next few days:

  • Rynshinn Povalli has operated Vernah's Fine Clothing for the last five years, since her mother's death. She is the daughter of a mysterious elven bard who reportedly was killed by goblins less than a week after Rynshinn's birth. Despite this, every year on the anniversary of her birth, a small package of elven trinkets and gold has mysteriously appeared somewhere in the upper floors of Vernah's.
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