Aftermath of the Desecration

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  • You gain 250 XP for defeating the skeletons and RP at the Rusty Wyvern. It has already been noted on your wiki page.
  • Chask Haro agrees to work on the book right away. He will bring it to you that evening at the Rusty Wyvern. His exact words:

"I've restored as much as I can. What I've read is... disturbing. If what is in this journal is true, the entire town is complicit in a great tragedy. Maybe as newcomers to Borderpoint you will have perspective I lack. I don't know. Good luck."

  • I'm including a link to the journal so you can read it now, as reading it during game time would slow things down. Please keep in mind that you won't ICly be receiving the book until after the next session begins. The journal file is a PDF.
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