Aftermath of the Boar Hunt

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  • You gain 200 XP for hunting down the boar. It has already been noted on your wiki page.


  • Among the various notes and presents you've received from admirers are a pair of pearl earrings.


One of the many love poems left for you care of the Rusty Wyvern:


It is a night of dark desire, a song of ethereal pain,
wolves vent their cry. The eternal one

Darkness shrouds his walking form,
an everlasting desire.

His midnight hair cascades over
fragile milk-white shoulders, and his
full deeply crimson lips part slightly, to taste the
life streaming from the
pale flesh beneath

Now a night of ecstasy,
I weep.

A rumor you hear while the boar is cooking:

  • Kaijitsu Lonjiku has a notoriously short temper and some believe this is responsible for his estranged children, including his half-elven son (who isn't even his) and daughter, Ameiko.


A rumor you hear while the boar is cooking:

  • They say Isolari Gandethus, the local school teacher and orphanage master, keeps a nest of phantom spiders in the basement of Sovrano Academy.


Rumors you hear while the boar is cooking:

  • Be careful when buying potions from Bottled Solutions. Nisko Toto isn't half the alchemist he wishes he was.
  • The ghost of the serial killer, the Chopper, haunts Chopper's Isle, just north of town.
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