Aftermath of Infiltrating Thistletop

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  • You gain 548 XP for defeating Nualia and Tsuto and ending the goblin threat.

  • In the aftermath of the explosion it seems the Thistletop goblin tribe has been decimated. This has started a war between the remaining tribes as they all squabble for dominance. The goblins are too busy fighting each other to raid the local settlements.
  • There's no sign that any sort of evil creature has escaped from Thistletop. Nor will there be. The town remains on alert for seven days, with a contingent of Queen's soldiers bolstering the local garrison. After those seven days the extra soldiers return to Vesicule.
  • Ameiko gives you rooms in her family's mansion for the remainder of your stay. The place is empty, she insists, and she could use the rooms back in her Inn for other customers.
  • She also offers you use of the family's townhouse in Vesicule should you decide to go there.
  • The Borderpoint Mercantile League gives you each a reward of 500 gold pieces.
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