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Lucius says "So, I just saw that J put out wiki entries."

Lucius sets up a nice fire with hot cocoa and a rug and a blanket and reads the aftermath.

Lucius hms. "Interesting."

Lucius says "So where is litte Zyindra this evening?""

Zyindra readreads. "Well, apparently, I'm homeless." :)

Lucius corrects. "Not homeless. Just displaced."

Lucius says "Where shall young Lucius find you?"

Zyindra says "So, I imagine she'll be at her new domicile, having been told she is no longer 'needed' for tending the ill and the injured."

Lucius hms. "I suppose we can figure something out then.

Zyindra says "Of course, it's noisy in this place. So she'll probably come down after a bit, since she clearly is not going to get peace and quiet for reading. :)"

Lucius says "Yes. These places are not really designed for quiet reads during the busy time."

Zyindra says "Sabbath is much more social than Zyindra. He loves meeting new people, exploring. Zyindra goes with him because she can't really bear to be separated from him for much."

Lucius ahs.

<OOC> Lucius says, "Well then, let me see what I can put together in my muddled thoughts."

<OOC> Lucius picks a quiet point.

It is the lull before the dinner rush when those that might come out for food, haven't started arriving yet. Lucius, having been out galavanting, has returned to the Rusty Wyvern, opening the door and stepping into the main room, black coat rustling around him. He takes in the scene behind his smoked glasses before deciding what he might do next.

Unable to read and study given the increasing noise of the active establishment, Zyindra has come downstairs more at the urging of the young fox currently curled up at her feet than by her own designs. The young redhead absently runs her fingers through the red foxe's fur as she watches the people moving about, sitting quietly at a smaller table off to the side, largely out of the way.

When someone new comes inside, Sabbbath perks his head up, ears flicking forward as his nose quests. Then he slowly uncurls and starts padding across the floor to investigate the dark-coated arrival, giving a wide yawn and a softly-voiced 'yerf' towards Lucius.

"Sabbath. Don't bother the soldier. He might choose to shoot or stab you in annoyance." the young woman offers, more in teasing to her familiar than because she honestly expects that reaction.

J has connected.

<OOC> Sabbath yerfs at J.

<OOC> Lucius hehs.

<OOC> J says, "Hi."

<OOC> Lucius waves.

Lucius looks down at the Fox, his line of sight wandering from whence it came to the voice talking about soldiers. As if perhaps he's changed his mind on something he steps past Sabbath, not ignoring but also not petting the fox. He stops at the small table where Zyindra is sitting. "Good Evening, Zyindra. Eating by yourself this evening?"

Maayan has connected.

"Not eating, just yet, Lucius. Good evening." Zyindra offers, smiling up at the dark-clad young man. She taps the leg of her chair, and Sabbath returns,curling up there as her fingers find his fur. "I hope you are healing well? No lingering pains?" she inquires.

Lucius stands at the table. "Yes. Between you and Brother Zantus, I am feeling quite well. I thank you for your aid." He nods to the empty chair. "I suppose it is rather early yet, isn't it. Do you mind if I join you for a bit?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "Bill Nye is so cool."

The redhead gestures towards the empty seat. "Please, take a seat. I do not mind the company." Zyindra's right hand stays down, fingers idly scritching through Sabbath's fur, as she chats with the dark-clad young man. "How was your day?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "He is."

<OOC> Maayan waves.

<OOC> Lucius waves to Maayan

Lucius pulls out the chair and settles down. "Most exciting. The town is in a flurry about their new heroes. I am surprised they let you sit here quietly being dubbed on yourself." He considers and then adds. "Though it is nice to find a quiet spot now and again."

Zyindra smiles in wry amusement. "Well, I think they're letting me sit quietly alone because they're still feeling confused from earlier. Probably trying still to make sense of the strange girl and her well-mannered fox companion." By which she means, obliquely, she's been astounding and confusing the adoring locals.

Lucius smiles. "Confused? I do not see why you would be confusing them. Did you do something to confuse them?"

Zyindra shrugs her little shoulders. "Well, they asked me what I wanted to drink, and I asked for water. They asked me to dance, and I thanked them kindly but declined. They asked me what I wanted to eat, and I said I was not yet hungry. I think they are trying to puzzle out a better approach to conversation with me, since I do not seem to have met their expectations thus far." She's smart enough to see what she's doing to them, and kind enough to be gentle about it. But that doesn't mean she's not frustrating the heck out of them.

Lucius chuckles. "Ah. I see." He leans forward conspiratorially, but not too far so as to give Sabbath space. "So tell me, young healer. One hero to another. What is it that interests you?"

The redhead eyes Lucius curiously. "I am not a hero, Lucius. Merely a girl with a gift who does all she can to help and heal others." She hasn't been one to accept their lauded praise. None can be sure even why she has moved into the inn; she hasn't seemed happy about it. "Healing interests me. The study of the natural world. Plants. Animals. People. Anatomy. Physiology. Herbalism. Alchemy. Magic. Languages. History. These things interest me. And stories. The stories people tell say much about them." She grins. "And Sabbath, of course. Sabbath interests me."

If Zyindra could see his eyes, perhaps they would be as merry as the smile on his face. "It really doesn't hurt to let them treat you nice for a short while. It makes them feel good. Perhaps one might say like a healer might bandage up a wound." He leans back in the chair comfortably. "You've got a large number of interests for such a small town. I would imagine you'd find it more comfortable traveling the world."

Zyindra smiles and shrugs her shoulders. "I have traveled the world. I imagine I will continue to do so. There are so many things to see, after all. But each place, each people, has things to offer. So I am not really in any immediate rush to move on, either." Zyindra is as comfortable in a tiny village of a dozen souls, to the size of a great metropolis like the Free City. "I do not like accepting their praise when I did nothing to deserve it. Maaya or her sister, yourself, even Lady Ameiko. Each of you deserves much praise for your efforts. All I did was help those in need, as I always have."

"Perhaps. Or Perhaps Not." Lucius responds. "The eye is in that of the beholder. And if they wish to give us praise, I say it's better than throwing stones. And truly, they may be throwing stones tomorrow." Though he speaks casually, the words seem to ring with something that is a truth for him.

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"I am not comfortable with praise, or thrown stones. So I prefer to avoid both." Zyindra offers, honestly. "Would you prefer to eat before the rush begins? I understand this place becomes quite boisterous most evenings."

"That does sound like an invitation to join you." Lucius teases goodnaturedly. "Alas, I was looking forward to joining in the liveliness of the evening. Perhaps maybe if you prefer a quiet breakfast, I would be honored to join you then?"

"Ah. Certainly. I am sure we would both welcome your company in the morning, if you would prefer." Zyindra smiles, not at all taken aback or upset that Lucius has asked not to join her for dinner this evening. "I hope you enjoy yourself."

Lucius nods and rises giving her one last smile. "May your evening be peaceful." And he heads up to his room until the later dinner hour arrives.

<OOC> Lucius yawns and stretches. "Thanks for the fun!"

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