A Troll in the Heart of Temperance

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GM J has connected.

Midge has connected.

GM J says "Midge!"

GM J says "So, it looks like there's two days where you'll be on your own. What do you plan on doing?"

Midge says "Mistah J!"

Midge points to herself "Me?

GM J says "You."

GM J says "Zy wants two days of walking around alone time."

Midge says "And where is everyone else?"

GM J says "Lucius has a chore to do. I don't think it will take two days."

GM J says "I don't know about the elves."

Midge says "Barricade myself in my room and play Fallout 4. ;) (lol)"

Midge says "Seriously though...hmmm tough question...new city to explore"

GM J laughs.

Midge says "Find a job board and sidequest!"

GM J snickers.

GM J says "Midge spends two days looking for someone's lost ring."

Midge says "Much destruction followed her."

GM J says "Be careful not to fall into the sludge runoff near the magic district."

Midge says "I don't know that could be a good start of getting my Kinetic abilities...which I need to discuss with you..."

GM J says "Aha. Well, then. Perhaps she can find the fire kineticist who does his daily kattas on the top spire of the Temperance Bridge every morning."

Midge says "Oh definitely!"

GM J nods. "Okay. He's a rogue modron. Or it is. You aren't sure. It uses math to calculate fire."

GM J says "And then turns the math into reality."

GM J says "So, equation math."

Midge says "Neat. There will be questions about whether that is something all modrons can do or just him...or is that something Midge would know already?"

GM J says "Just him."

GM J says "She wouldn't know much. Modrons are mysterious clockworky beings."

GM J says "They were Invaders but rebelled and stuck around. They have a city in the south of the Obsidian badlands."

Midge says "What does he does besides sit on the bridge an do kattas in the morning?"

GM J says "He's a caretaker at a school."

GM J says "What we call a janitor."

Maayan says "Maayan...if there's downtime, she'll be exploring in the city and outside, maybe doing some research about local flora/fauna."

GM J nods. "Okay. Outside the city is river and farmland."

Maayan says "This is an area she's never been, different climate, so she wants to know what's there/out there."

GM J says "Since it is the end of winter, there's no much growing yet. They have glass greenhouses all over the place, though.""

Maayan says "So it's Iceland. Gotcha ;)"

GM J says "London."

Maayan ahas. Okay.

GM J says "London at the end of winter."

Maayan says "Snowdrops."

Maayan says "Pretty little white flowers, always the first thing to pop up in spring in England, sometimes as early as February. Maybe something like that?"

GM J says "Apparently the big deal, nature wise, is an invasion of molds and fungi that creep out regularly from the sewers."

GM J nods. "Yes."

Maayan says "Are any of them useful?"

Maayan says "The molds/fungi, that is."

GM J says "To alchemists and wizards, possiblt."

GM J says "But we're talking dungeon level monster molds."

Maayan says "Uh. Potential issue."

Maayan says "Roll20 is not loading for me."

"Try a non-Safari browser.

Zyindra says "Try a non-Safari browser."

GM J says "Hmmm. Okay. I haven't loaded it yet."

Maayan pokes at it. Okay, it loaded.

Maayan says "It's just lagging."

Maayan says "Zyindra, remember, non-safari browser - lag."

"Shouldn't be.

Zyindra says "Shouldn't be."

Maayan says "IS."

Maayan says "Chrome is noticeably slower. Firefox is memory leak central."

Maayan says "Admittedly, some of it is that the most recent Safari really is quite a lot faster."

GM J says "Maayan, all the elves seem clustered around the Inn. There's several hundred of them."

GM J says "And most of the houses, while not tree houses, show signs of shaping in terms of vines growing on them."

Lucius has connected.

Lucius waves.

GM J waves.

GM J says "Shi will be late tonight."

Lucius saw the email.

GM J says "So, Midge is spending her time with a fire bending modron on a bridge who does magic using math."

GM J says "Maayan is out exploring the area."

GM J says "Zyindra's wandering and doing good deeds."

Lucius says "What?"

Lucius says "Did I miss something?"

GM J says "Discussing with everyone what they're doing. Zy's requested 2 days for her to walkabout in the city."

Lucius says "Ah."

Midge says "He haz fire. My new BFF! ;)"

Lucius is getting the lay of the land and handling /business/.

Lucius says "And he's staying out of the sun. Too much desert and sea for his lifetime."

GM J nods.

Zyindra snarks, "And now we know the truth. Lucius is a dark and terrible force, a hit man for the mafia."

GM J says "Well, it isn't too hard. Its the tail end of winter so night comes early and there's a lot of fog and cloud cover."

Lucius says "Not everyone knows that part."

GM J says "The city's pretty self-segregated."

GM J says "There *is* an Onyxish district."

GM J says "Full of poison swilling poets."

Lucius will visit the Onysish District.

GM J says "Everyone there knows your dad."

Midge snerks

Lucius says "His dad is rather famous."

Zyindra psst. "Lucius' middle name is Gambino."

Zyindra bends Lucius' nose to the side, trying to restrain her gigglefits.

Lucius makes loopy crazy person finger gestures around his head and then points to Zyindra.

GM J says "Also, there are duels everywhere."

Midge nods "Yeah, we all know your middle name is Panache

GM J says "People do it for fun."

Lucius does have mucho Panache.

Lucius thinks dueling might be fun.

GM J nods. "Then you can!"

Midge nodnods and would bet on Lucius to win!

Zyindra says "'Cause you are a stylin' hit man!"

GM J says "People are happy to do so. Mostly the idle third sons of nobles and suchs."

Lucius says "Even if he loses, he does so with style."

Lucius says "And it may get him a bit more intel here and there."

GM J nods.

Maayan says "So, Zy is exporing. Maayan is exploring. Midge is flirting with pyrokinetic modrons. Lucius is sparring all comers."

Lucius says "Lucius is sparring and hanging out with poets and being broody"

GM J says "People are generally very nice and pleasant here."

GM J says "Like, they all look you in the eye and smile and wish you a good day and say hello."

Lucius says "Which makes him even more broody"

Lucius says "Who does things like that!"

Lucius says "So is this true even in the Onyxish part of the city?"

GM J says "Not the smiling part."

Maayan says "Are ONyxish *capable* of smiling?"

GM J says "But even they tend to wish you a day of thoughtful introspection."

GM J says "Sarcastically."

GM J says "And lustfully."

GM J says "But not happily."

GM J says "Okay. Let me use the little GM's room."

Zyindra tickles the Onyxish.

Lucius smiles Lustfully...just because.

GM J says "Feel free to RP if you want. We'll start out with breakfast on the third morning. Everyone mark off another 2 gp each from your inventories."

GM J says "It would be lovely if you found a reason to take a walk together."

Lucius says "That sounds like a good idea to start off."

Lucius says "Who is here atm and ready to do something?"

Midge is ready!

Maayan is.

<OOC> Lucius says, "Are we starting at breakfast then? Right before?"

ooc Wow. 2gp is pricy. But so be it.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Wow. 2gp is pricy. But so be it."

<OOC> Lucius says, "5sp per room + 1 sp for food and + 1sp per drink (and at 3 meals turns out to be 5+6=1 gp, 1sp"

<OOC> Lucius says, "I'm assuming unless you are sharing a room?"

<OOC> Zyindra hasn't even been in her room. :)

<OOC> Lucius says, "Whose fault is that? :)"

Gone for days without word, Zyindra and Sabbath only reappear on the morning of the third day because the group had agreed to share this meal together, before they separated to go their own ways. As it is, they arrive just as the table has been procured, strolling through the door side by side, staff in hand. The green-clad redhead gestures, and her vulpine companion goes twining about feet, scurrying through the elven hostel until finding said table, then curls up beneath it. Zyindra seems to direct herself through the three-dimensional maze-like construct quite simply, after her familiar has trod the path required and found the destination. "Good morning." she offers, as she approaches the table.

Maayan is already there. Kaza is already under the table, she shifts slightly to make more room for the fox. Maayan lifts a hand in salute to the red-haired witch, seeming unsurprised by either her recent disappearance or her return.

Oddly, Lucius is actually at the table when Zyindra arrives. Usually he is one of the last to arrive. After two days, most people won't notice a change, but his brightly pale face has lost a bit of its shine, perhaps gaining the smallest bit of a smoky undertone. He also seems a bit more relaxed as he sips his tea. "Good Morning Zyindra," he says to his redheaded friend.

On other mornings Midge has taken her breakfast elsewhere. There is only so much veganism she can take before she needs a side of bacon and an egg or three. Though she is more than happy to break her fast this morning without the fleshy sides if it means doing so with her party members. She bounces down the stairs with her usual over abundance of energy and winds her way throught the minefield of tables, chairs and other patrons. "My friends!" she calls out in greeting as she moves to join the group.

<OOC> Lucius also finds someone to do an awesome repair/clean on his coat.

<OOC> Lucius says, "if there will be death here, by the totems he will look his best!"

<OOC> Midge says, "Don't forget to get the wingtips shined too."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I have no idea what you are talking about. Yet something tells me you're making fun of me. :)"

<OOC> Midge says, "http://images.freshnessmag.com/wp-content/uploads//2013/01/sophnet-trickers-wingtip-footwear-collection-01.jpg"

<OOC> Lucius sighs. "That's what I thought."

<OOC> Midge says, "Popular amoung the mafioso... ;)"

<OOC> Lucius polishes his gun and the 4 bullets he'll be using.

<OOC> Lucius thinks he'll give them names too.

"Lucius. Maayan Midge." Zyindra offers, as she sits down. Then she looks down between her knees, stretching out a hand and lightly brushing through buff-colored fur. "And good morning to you, too, Kaza. How is everyone this morning?"

"Well enough. This is an interesting place...the weather is cool, but I am told it will warm up soon enough, and the first flowers are out." Maayan smiles. "I have not seen them before - they are small and white."

"Good Morning Midge, You seem awfully chipper this morning." Lucius nods to the gnome. He yawns once before responding to Zyindra. Despite being up early, it doesn't mean he isn't still tired. "Ready to get down to business."

"Why should today be any different that any other day?" Midge is always chipper, except when she isn't, which is usually never. "I hope you all enjoyed your down time as much as I did." she glances around at the others "And G'Morning." she waves down a server for a hot beverage "Business is good...or do you mean like discussing it?

When baked goods, fruit and vegetables arrive on the table, Zyindra pours herself a mug of water and sips it, then starts filling her plate. One might almost think that the witch hasn't eaten much in days, as liberal as she seems to be with her portion size this morning. "Have you been able to take care of your family business, Lucius? After all, we shouldn't be looking to pursue anything else until that is taken care of." Since what follows then should be following the vision, and they'll definitely need him then. Right?

Shiphrah has connected.

<OOC> GM J says, "Hi, Shi."

<OOC> Lucius hugs!

Maayan claims her breakfast and eats quietly - for right now, she's listening to what Lucius has to say. The elf seems rather more relaxed than usual, although there's something thoughtful about her occasional glances to Lucius.

<OOC> Shiphrah poofs in, exactly when predicted. :)

<OOC> GM J says, "Its two days later. You're all meeting for breakfast and discussing your plans."

"I suppose we should discuss business before we actually get down to it, yes? Though we should wait for Shiphrah to get down first." Lucius takes a fluffy pastry and some fruit onto his plate. He gives Zyindra a dark look at her question, but does not answer. Instead he asks stonily. "And where have you been these past few days?"

Shiphrah gracefully walks down from her room, looking surprisingly well-rested and chipper as she takes a chair at the table with the others, "Morning, just had to meditate a little longer today."

<OOC> Lucius points out to Shi that everyone in Temperance smiles and is happy.

<OOC> GM J nods. Temperance is a pretty happy town.

<OOC> Shiphrah ohdears.

<OOC> GM J says, "Feel free to page me with what you wanted Shi to do/accomplish in the two days of downtime."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "So we think mind control of some kind?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "It's a bit grating on poor Lucius"

<OOC> Shiphrah hrm.

Zyindra meets that dark look with a merry twinkle in her emerald orbs. "I've been all over the city, of course, meeting the people, getting to know them, and lending aid when and how I could." Itinerant witch and healer, just as Zyindra has always been. She drizzles some honey on one of her slices of bread and then starts nibbling at it, humming a light little tune as she does so.

Lucius hrms and grumbles a bit to himself about chipper things and where they ought to go. "Good Morning Shiphrah," Lucius says to her when she arrives. "I think we're all here now."

Shiphrah nods, "And this is definitely a place where everyone is far too happy." She smiles wryly, "Except some of the nobles... there might be something cooking there."

Oh pastries! Midge digs in...as if the hyper gnome needs more sugar but she noms away just the same. "Morning Shea." she says around her flaky sweetroll "Too happy?" this is meet with a confused look "They seem perfectly fine to me.

"That's because you are always chipper, Midge. You don't notice...but yes. Everyone here is too happy. I wouldn't be surprised if even the Onyxish smile occasionally." And Shi's right...it's suspicious. Maayan, though, has focused her attention on the climate.

"There is no such thing as 'too happy.'" Zyindra opines, as she starts in on fruit and vegetables. She's definitely eating a good bit.

"The Onyxish don't smile." Lucius says very seriously. "Even here...Though they do seem rather less something." He waves his hand in the air as if he might produce the proper answer. Giving up on finding the right word he devours a pastry. As an afterthought he asks. "Might we want to wander the city now that we are all together? Perhaps something might be recognizable to our next steps if we're all looking as one?"

<OOC> Midge says, "Query: Does the happiness seem to have an effect on the level of crime..or does that seem typical for a city of this size?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Its probably typical. It isn't like some magic spell or anything. People are just generally friendly and poverty and unemployment are low."

<OOC> GM J says, "So, crime is down, yeah, but probably because fewer people need to steal to survive."

Shiphrah nods, "That could be a good idea, there's some things that I'd probably just missed." She shrugs a little, "Couldn't hurt, anyway."

"'xactly." Midge says in agreement with Zinnia about the happiness level of the cities citizens "At least with people like this you don't have to worry about loosing body parts when you take a stroll to the next bar in the late evening." she washes down her pastry with a drink then gives a nod "Taking a stroll. Good idea.

Maayan nods. "And other than that..." Maayan shrugs. "Perhaps it's something about the climate here...and going for a walk is a good idea."

"Perhaps down to Gnometown?" Zyindra suggests, while polishing off another pastry.

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think we've all agreed to a walk then?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Walk is good?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Everyone agree?"

Lucius nods. "It's as good a place as any." And Lucius will grab a few pastries for the walk to Gnometown or wherever else they end up.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Sure."

And the group of you head out for a walk. Two elves, one gnome, two humans, a fox, and a cougar. It doesn't seem so odd in this diverse city. People greet you as they go, saying hello as you walk past them on the street. Overhead, the sun has been obscured by a layer of clouds so the temperature remains cool. All seems well...

Until you hear a battlecry and then a thud, like someone hitting the ground in an alley you are passing.

Being the curious sorts, peeking into the alley... you see what can only be described as a hulking, green monster some nine feet tall looming over a fallen blonde human woman who lays on the cobblestone, unconscious.

<OOC> GM J says, "And the map is up. Please take a look."

<OOC> GM J says, "And roll init while you're at it."

<OOC> Lucius says, "wow. We're pretty far away."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "10"

<OOC> Lucius says, "17"

<OOC> Midge has to switch browswers

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "20"

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan?"

<OOC> Maayan says, "15"

<OOC> Zyindra considers warping straight to the victim.

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay! Shi is up."

<OOC> GM J says, "Order is Shi - Lucius - Maayan - Midge - Monster - Zyindra."

<OOC> GM J says, "Assume your weapons are sheathed/holstered."

<OOC> GM J says, "Since you were out walking."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Okay. :)"

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "I think I'm going to double move and shout "HEY!" to try and get its attention."

<OOC> GM J nods. OKay.

<OOC> GM J says, "Go for it."

Shiphrah blinks and breaks into a jog, not wanting to run and leave herself defenseless... the reason for which is apparent as she stops after about sixty feet to shout, "HEY YOU!" at the big green monster.

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius, you are up."

<OOC> Lucius says, "So he's going to move too, pulling his weapon. Also, what does it take to identify monsters?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Knowledge check, always. Depends on the monster. You're always welcome to try one."

<OOC> GM J says, "Just tell me which one."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I'd say either Nature or Local. That's all he has or a straight int check."

<OOC> GM J nods. Straight check won't work. You can pick one of those.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Usually Dungeoneering can be handy."

<OOC> GM J says, "While he's doing that, Maayan is up."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Let's go with Local as maybe he might have heard something locally about them."

<OOC> Shiphrah would not mind Arcana or Dungeoneering?

<OOC> Lucius says, "11"

<OOC> GM J says, "No clue."

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi, pick one and roll it."

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan, your action?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "Didn't think so. Just point him in a direction and he'll attack. No thought necessary."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Can I draw my weapon and also make an attempt with Knowledge Nature to ID the thing?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Knowledge checks are free actions."

<OOC> GM J says, "And with a +1+ BAB bonus you can move and draw and still attack."

<OOC> Maayan says, "What I do depends on what the knowledge check gives me."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "So roll it first."

<OOC> GM J says, "Go ahead."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "11"

<OOC> Maayan says, "I identify it completely wrongly :P. Rolled a 1, total is 11."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Dungeoneering, 14"

Duels. That is the first thought that comes to Lucius' mind, until he sees the green monster and the fallen woman. He doesn't call out like Shiphrah does but he moves, sword dancing from it's sheathe. He's steps more into the open to attract attention.

<OOC> Lucius hopes to take next round to try a per check. Though others may want to consider...in case there are other monsters around.

<OOC> Maayan says, "Sadly, I don't think it at all likely that I have fire arrows on a casual stroll. I shoot it with a regular one and yell "Fire." MIDGE has fire."

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> GM J says, "What's the range on your bow?"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Wait...I didn't realize I was way back there *zooms out*"

<OOC> GM J says, "You're 115 feet away at the moment."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Yeah. Scratch shooting in favor of closing."

<OOC> GM J says, "You can do both."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "You can do it. It's just a range penalty."

<OOC> GM J says, "You can move AND fire."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Eh. I have infinite ammo, I fire, what's my penalty, THEN I close."

<OOC> GM J says, "Then you'll be 85 feet away."

<OOC> GM J says, "That depends. WHat is the range of your bow?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Also, Midge, you're up next."

<OOC> Maayan says, "60"

<OOC> GM J nods. You're within one range increment away so -2 and you don't get your point blank shot bonus.

<OOC> Maayan says, "Is that about where I should be?"

<OOC> Maayan says, "...I'm retiring that dice."

<OOC> GM J says, "Did you move 30 feet?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Because it looks like you moved more than that."

<OOC> Maayan says, "I did. Apparently I can't count tonight ;)"

<OOC> GM J says, "And you miss."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge?"

<OOC> Midge says, "Draw my own bow and move forward into firing range"

<OOC> GM J nods. Okay. Double moving, then? That's 40 feet for you I believe.

<OOC> Midge says, "Yup"

<OOC> Midge says, "That's all I can do for now IIRC"

The beast glances up and growls, a sound that makes your spine vibrate even at your distance from it. It begins stomping forward towards Shi and roars. Its breath smells like rotting vegetation. Its claws look less like bone and more like the jagged roots of a tree. Claws that swipe at the elf thief.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Ow"

Even as she rolls with the hit, Shiphrah bleeds.

<OOC> GM J says, "Zyindra."

<OOC> Lucius says, "does this guy appear to have reach?"

<OOC> GM J says, "His arms are longer than you are."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I will take that as a yes."

<OOC> GM J nods.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I am going to spend a spell point, and Warp at medium range up to 150 feet, to drop myself 10 feet on the far side of the injured woman, so that I can heal her next round. There will be a wild surge check."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I would also like to attempt the knowledge check to ID it."

<OOC> GM J nods. Okay. Make the K check first.

<OOC> GM J says, "Oh, and Maayan, move Kaza."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Thanks ;)"

<OOC> GM J says, "There. Now I can move in a bit."

<OOC> GM J says, "Zoom in a bit."

GM J pages: Troll.

Long distance to GM J: Zyindra nods.

GM J pages: Which, in this world, is a Corrupted elf - mix an elf with veggie matter and lots of dark magic and.. boom.

GM J pages: This.

GM J pages: Acid. Fire. Regeneration.

GM J pages: You know the drill.

<OOC> GM J says, "Make your wild magic roll."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "No surge."

<OOC> Zyindra writewrite pose quickly.

<OOC> GM J says, "Top of the round. Shi is up."

<OOC> Shiphrah will try to tumble to a flanking spot, draw her weapon and stabbity.

<OOC> GM J says, "The troll is large (takes up 4 spaces). So to flank you need to be..."

<OOC> GM J says, "In one of those two spaces."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "I'll take the southern one."

<OOC> GM J nods. Roll me your acrobatics.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "I think I'm ok."

<OOC> GM J says, "I recommend rolling high."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "31?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes."

With a shout, Zyindra turns to see the woman fall from the creature's attack. Without much thought for her own safety, Zyindra raises her staff, her other arm making wild, almost seemingly erratic motions as golden and green globules of light pour from her stave and flow from her eyes, then compress suddenly around her as the red-haired witch disappears ... appearing in a burst of similar multi-hued light on the far side of the fallen woman. She shouts out to her companions, "It is a troll! It will regenerate wounds not caused by fire or acid! Midge, get ready!"

<OOC> GM J says, "The troll lashes out, swiping at Shiphrah as she tumbles past."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "21 to hit"

<OOC> GM J says, "That's a hit. Roll your damage."

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius, you're up."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "15."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Feint, Attack"

<OOC> Shiphrah rolled her sneak attack separately, as she's a bit punchy today. :)

<OOC> GM J says, "No problem."

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius, the feint first."

<OOC> Lucius says, "20"

<OOC> GM J says, "The troll doesn't seem to fall for it. Possibly because it doesn't understand. Or possibly because its more intelligent than you expect. Or more cunning at lest."

<OOC> Lucius says, "wow"

<OOC> Lucius says, "ok. Well, will try to attack."

<OOC> GM J says, "You are flanking."

<OOC> Lucius says, "threat"

<OOC> GM J says, "Roll to confirm?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "and fail"

<OOC> GM J says, "Still a solid hit."

<OOC> Lucius says, "11 points dmg"

<OOC> Lucius says, "so"

<OOC> Lucius says, "crazy thought...can I try to demoralize?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think there is a penalty for size?"

As Lucius and Shiphrah strike, wet globs of vegetable matter mixed with flesh fly from the creature, cut free and splattering on the ground. Sap runs from the wounds. Dark red and thick.

<OOC> GM J says, "Go for it."

<OOC> GM J says, "There is and isn't."

<OOC> GM J says, "Basically, don't add your gun bonus."

<OOC> GM J says, "Because it is effectively the same "size" as you."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I'm going to brownie"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> Lucius says, "He doesn't have his gun out."

<OOC> Lucius says, "He's using his sword...it only works when his gun is out."

<OOC> Lucius says, "using menacing swordplay"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> GM J says, "-2."

<OOC> Lucius says, "so +5 for level-2=+3 more"

<OOC> GM J nods.

<OOC> Lucius says, "25"

The troll seems... startled to be surrounded. It is less that it is afraid and more that it is unsure of what to do, turning this way and that as it tries to face both enemies at once.

<OOC> GM J says, "It is shaken for a round."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Yay!"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Okay. I am going to close to normal range and shoot it."

<OOC> GM J says, "May and then Midge."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Or well, point blank."

<OOC> GM J says, "So, 30 feet."

<OOC> GM J says, "Step back 1 more square."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Okay, that's better."

<OOC> GM J says, "It has reach."

<OOC> GM J says, "You hit. Damage?"

<OOC> Maayan says, "5."

<OOC> GM J says, "The arrow goes straight through the beast's throat."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge!"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Kaza is going to charge into melee. Which means she moves 30 feet."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Ahem."

<OOC> GM J says, "Right. Kaza."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Which I think drops her to one attack?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes, but a bonus for charging."

<OOC> Maayan says, "One claw, because it's icky vegetable monster and tastes bad. Charge bonus is?"

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "+2,"

<OOC> GM J says, "+2."

Lucius flashes his sword, feinting but the creature seems to be able to see past his attempts. Even so, he neatly manages slice off more pieces of vegetable matter from the monster.

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi beat me to it."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Thanks, didn't have that written down/handy. THAT should hit."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "30"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Doing 5 more points of damage to icky troll critter."

<OOC> GM J says, "Kaza slashes more from the troll as the group of you work well together."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge!"

Having heard Zinnia's warning about the creature, Midge just drops the crossbow, it isn't going to be very useful against a troll. While she doesn't have her whole kit on her she does have a few things, like her infusions, and a flask or two of alchemists and acid. She continues to move foward into throwing range so she can hurl the contents of the flask of alchemists fire at the troll.

Maayan closes, firing off another arrow. It strikes the beast in the throat even as Kaza charges in and slashes at the creature, tearing off more of its more vegetable substance. There's an oddly cold look in Maayan's eyes.

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Midge, where are you moving to?"

<OOC> GM J needs to figure out your range.

<OOC> Midge was gonna ask

<OOC> Zyindra says, "If you move up beside Maayan, that should put you within 20' of the creature."

<OOC> GM J says, "You know your bombs do fire damage, right?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Also, 20 foot range before penalties apply."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "So if you take your move action to get up to Maayan, you can roll without penalties."

<OOC> Midge wasn't sure if she would have bombs on just a stroll about town

<OOC> GM J says, "Your call. Would you?"

<OOC> GM J says, "I suppose not having it might push you to learn kineticism further..."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Wouldn't be the first time we took a stroll through town into combat."

<OOC> Midge says, "Probably not in this happy go lucky burg."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "That's when it would happen the most. :)"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Roll to throw the alchemist's fire then. Its a ranged attack check."

<OOC> GM J says, "And I need to know which square you're aiming for."

<OOC> GM J says, "Front left, front right, back left, or back right?"

<OOC> Midge says, "Front right"

<OOC> GM J says, "Cool. Damage is 1d6."

<OOC> GM J says, "Kaza will take 1 point as she's hit with a bit of it."

<OOC> GM J says, "And the troll is now on fire."

On fire, the troll seems enraged. It swings and nashs, teeth and claws blazing.

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius gets a bit."

<OOC> GM J says, "Kaza gets a claw."

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi gets a claw."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think fire was a bad idea."

<OOC> Lucius says, "parry"

<OOC> Lucius says, "or at least try"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Try to parry."

<OOC> Midge eyes her lights as they flicker on and off "Behave you!

<OOC> Lucius says, "17"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Ow. Kaza got nailed. Poor kitty."

The troll's claws slice straight through Kaza, nearly cutting the cat in half as she drops to the ground, bleeding terribly.

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius does not parry."

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius feels the teeth clamp onto his shoulder, biting through his just fixed coat for 9 points."

<OOC> Lucius says, "you know! I just got that fixed!"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "You did."

<OOC> GM J says, "The troll then backs away 5 feet."

Those of you close to the troll can see the vegetable matter around its wounds regrowing as it heals.

<OOC> GM J says, "Zyindra is up."

<OOC> Lucius says, "btw, I don't think it matters but did you remember he was at -2 for being demoralized?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I'll touch (and thusly heal) the woman on the ground, and then sprint towards Kaza."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "29hp - hex"

<OOC> GM J says, "I didn't but even taking away 2, it still hit you both."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I know it hit me. Wasn't sure about Kaza"

The blonde woman on the ground gasps for air and then jerks to a sitting position. "Well now!"

<OOC> GM J says, "Kaza's AC isn't a 22, sadly."

<OOC> GM J says, "And Zy, stopping there?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I can only do a half move, having taken a stanard action to touch her."

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi is up and no longer flanking."

<OOC> GM J nods. "Good call anyway. You don't trigger an AoO if you stop there."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Kaza has 19 hit points, I thought, and you did 13 to her?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Also a good idea."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Okay."

<OOC> GM J says, "Both rolls, Maayan."

<OOC> GM J says, "On a full attack, troll claws rend and do additional damage."

<OOC> Shiphrah will delay!

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi is delaying. Lucius is up."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Okay."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Ok. Pulling his gun and shooting."

<OOC> GM J says, "From there you'll provoke."

<OOC> GM J says, "It has reach."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "If you 5' back, I think you'll be safe."

<OOC> Lucius says, "hang on"

<OOC> GM J says, "She is correct."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I realize that."

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> GM J says, "So, shooting?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "do I provoke if I 5ft to the left?"

<OOC> GM J says, "No."

<OOC> GM J says, "Wait. Yes."

<OOC> Lucius says, "ok. Then stepping back 5ft"

<OOC> Lucius says, "what's the square?"

<OOC> GM J says, "You provoke if you are in any square adjacent to the red box."

<OOC> Lucius says, "ok"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Roll to hit."

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi, shout out when you want to go."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Will do. :)"

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think I want to reroll"

<OOC> GM J says, "Wait."

<OOC> Lucius says, "waiting"

<OOC> GM J says, "That's a hit."

<OOC> Lucius was just checking my reroll options.

<OOC> GM J says, "Roll damage."

<OOC> GM J says, "Trolls are big targets."

<OOC> GM J says, "Low AC."

<OOC> Lucius says, "6"

<OOC> GM J says, "Just had accidentally closed my notes. Had to reopen them."

<OOC> Lucius says, "also reloading as a move action."

<OOC> GM J says, "The bullet puts a nice hole in it, blasting a spray of veggie matter behind it as it exits."

<OOC> GM J says, "Right."

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan."

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan."

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Maayan is obviously stunned at seeing Kaza torn open. Midge is up."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge, what are you doing?"

<OOC> Maayan says, "GRRR."

<OOC> Maayan says, "I'm sorry."

"I just got my coat fixed." Lucius' voice practically growls vehemently. He steps back and pulls out his pistol. The sound of the firearm rings throughout the alleyway putting a nice size hole in the creature.

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan, what's your action?"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Shooting the bastard."

<OOC> GM J says, "Roll it."

<OOC> Maayan says, "That hits, right? 21."

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes. Damage?"

<OOC> Shiphrah thinks she has an action, when Maayan is done.

<OOC> GM J nods.

<OOC> Maayan retires that dice too. Plink.

And Maayan's gaze turns even colder as Kaza goes down, another arrow knocked and fired at the troll, although this one appears to do little damage when it strikes.

<OOC> GM J says, "I'll need a Fortitude save from Kaza. DC 10. She's at -6 to the roll."

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi, your action?"

<OOC> Shiphrah was going to try and tumble over and stabilize the kitty.

<OOC> Maayan says, "I'm brownieing that."

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> Shiphrah can't really flank when everyone is out of range. :)

<OOC> GM J says, "And you can, but you'll be opening yourself to joining her."

<OOC> Maayan says, "There, better."

<OOC> GM J says, "Kaza is stable."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "24 on Acrobatics."

<OOC> GM J says, "But you make it to wherever you like to go, Shi."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Okay, let's actually go south to help cover Z. Will switch out my rapier and my longbow."

<OOC> Shiphrah isn't a big fan of being trollfud.

<OOC> GM J nods. Okay.

<OOC> GM J says, "You can actually fire."

<OOC> GM J says, "You can move, draw, and fire. Assuming you don't mind your sword being left on the ground."

<OOC> GM J says, "If you want to sheath and draw you can't."

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think there are some floating brownies on the map."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Well, I wasn't sure how much of an action my magical rapier was to resheath. :)"

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "But yeah, going to resheath it."

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. So, next round you can fire."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge is up."

<OOC> Shiphrah nods.

<OOC> GM J says, "Wait. I get to roll the second fire damage for the troll."

<OOC> GM J says, "The fires sputter out but there are now char marks along its body."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge is up."

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge?"

<OOC> Midge says, "Is it still on fire?"

<OOC> GM J says, "No the fires are out."

<OOC> Midge nods "Hit enter before catching that

<OOC> Midge says, "Down the hatch firebelly infusion"

<OOC> GM J nods. Okay. You swallow it. Next round you can begin to use it.

The troll, with a nice hole through its head, clearly didn't like being shot. It rushes forward and bears down on Lucius.

<OOC> Lucius says, "crap!"

<OOC> Lucius says, "*phew*"

But misses as Lucius manages to... parry perhaps?

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Parry riposte thing!"

<OOC> Lucius says, "not without his sword!"

<OOC> Lucius says, "I didn't switch it out."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Oh. But wait. If it charges him, and his pistol is reloaded, wouldn't that be pass-through fire?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Good point."

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes. You get a shot."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Ooh!"

<OOC> Lucius says, "26"

<OOC> Lucius says, "4dmg"

The shot heals almost instantly.

<OOC> GM J says, "Zy is up."

<OOC> Lucius says, "so no damage?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Damage. That regened."

<OOC> Lucius says, "that sucks"

<OOC> GM J says, "Zyindra?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I run around the troll and touch kitty."

<OOC> GM J says, "You're going to provoke as you do so."

<OOC> GM J says, "(and you have braids - you always seem to forget that)"

ooc No, I won't. hexes don't provoke

<OOC> Zyindra says, "No, I won't. hexes don't provoke"

<OOC> GM J says, "Moving through his threatened area does."

<OOC> GM J says, "ANy square touched by the red box."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I ran /around/ it."

<OOC> GM J says, "Show me your path."

With his pistol in his hands, Lucius holds his ground as the large creature charges him. Blam! The pistol rings out again, creating another hole in the monster. Lucius lets the smallest smile touch his lips.

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. He has reach."

<OOC> GM J says, "So any square the red box touches, inside or out, is in his threat range."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "OK. So I'm dead and so is the cat."

<OOC> GM J says, "The cat is stabilized."

ooc Cripes. I have to be able to get there.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Cripes. I have to be able to get there."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Use your HAIR, Zy."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I CAN'T"

<OOC> Lucius says, "the cat is stabilized."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Perhaps we can draw him away from kaza for next round."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Yeah, the cat made her roll to not die. I spent a brownie to make sure of that."

<OOC> Lucius says, "patience."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "The hair only reaches 2 squares."

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. What's your plan?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I have none."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "So move on."

<OOC> Lucius says, "what about warping?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I refuse to keep delaying game."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I can't warp to a spot either."

<OOC> Lucius says, "not to the one near maayan?"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I can't reach Kaza."

<OOC> Midge has an infusion that will make your hair reach farther

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "If you double move, you can end up all the way around."

<OOC> GM J says, "This round. You're allowed to move once this round, then help next round."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Not without provoking. He covers all of the space."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Please. Move on."

<OOC> Maayan says, "What's your full move?"

<OOC> GM J says, "60."

<OOC> Shiphrah notes, if you double move, you can get all the way back around to most of the others, if not exactly WHERE you want to be.

<OOC> GM J says, "Or, as was noted, you can warp next to Maayan."

<OOC> Maayan says, "60 gets you to by the tree."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Without going into its reach."

<OOC> Lucius says, "there is a diagonal spot near maayan that puts you 2 squares from kaza"

<OOC> Lucius says, "and out of reach"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "I'll have to risk a wild surge. It's too far otherwise."

<OOC> GM J nods.

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> GM J says, "Go ahead and roll the surge, then move yourself."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "No surge."

<OOC> Lucius says, "woot!"

<OOC> GM J says, "Lucius is up."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Ok. switching to sword...I'm assuming that provokes?"

<OOC> Lucius says, "unless I acrobatics on that?"

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Drawing the sword wouldn't provoke."

<OOC> GM J will allow that.

<OOC> GM J says, "Since you have six thousand quick draw things."

<OOC> Lucius says, "ok. Switching to sword. Can I safely holster?"

<OOC> GM J nods. Again, because of the feats and such.

<OOC> Lucius says, "Ok. Because I haven't tried this before. Going to activate Bane."

<OOC> Lucius says, "crit?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Crit."

<OOC> GM J says, "And you extra damage for the bane."

<OOC> Lucius says, "bane is -1 to all his rolls for 1 round."

<OOC> Maayan wishes that tree was just a bit closer. Would have it hit the troll too ;)

<OOC> GM J says, "Oho. Cool."

<OOC> GM J says, "Well, roll damage."

<OOC> Lucius says, "14 dmg"

<OOC> Lucius says, "I think i'd like to demoralize and then run"

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay."

<OOC> GM J says, "You slice off most of an arm."

<OOC> GM J says, "Roll the demoralization."

<OOC> Lucius says, "27"

<OOC> GM J says, "Which you did. Nice. It seems shaken again."

<OOC> Lucius says, "And do I need acrobatics to get out of its reach?"

<OOC> GM J says, "Confused. Like, it keeps looking at its arm on the ground and wondering why it isn't on its body."

<OOC> GM J says, "Yes."

<OOC> GM J says, "Maayan, you're up."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Might as well shoot it again. Keep it busy while Midge gets fire ready."

<OOC> Maayan says, "20 hits, correct?"

<OOC> GM J nods. Okay.

<OOC> GM J says, "That's a solid hit."

<OOC> GM J says, "Or will be if you roll it."

<OOC> GM J says, "Roll to hit!"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Except I can't roll damage worth beans. 3."

<OOC> GM J says, "Shi is up."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Gonna shoot it with my bow! :)"

<OOC> GM J says, "The troll seems to be falling apart, pieces of it just turning to gloop and plopping down onto the cobblestone."

<OOC> Shiphrah makes a note to try and learn some more offensive magic.

<OOC> Lucius woots...he's at -3 for attack with bane and demoralize

Maayan fires another arrow at the troll. It hits, but again does little damage. "Midge. Fire or acid." She sounds like there's absolutely NO emotion in her voice right now.

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Also using arcane strike, giving my weapon a +1 damage."

<OOC> GM J nods.

<OOC> GM J says, "Woosh! You're out of practice with the bow."

<OOC> GM J says, "All that rapieriing."

<OOC> Shiphrah eyes the troll, eyes her brownies. Yeah, will let that go.

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge!"

<OOC> Shiphrah blames all the suddenly non-melee people. :p

<OOC> GM J says, "You're up."

<OOC> Midge says, "Moving so that when I breath I don't catch Kaza in the cone o'fire...."

Shiphrah finally gets her bow out, takes careful aim... and wow, the rogue definitely needs some more practice with her bow. Hopefully her sister didn't see that.

<OOC> GM J says, "Yep. Good plan."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "Meanwhile, Maayan dies of shame. :()"

<OOC> GM J says, "Make a tumble roll. You're going to provoke moving there."

<OOC> GM J says, "Acrobatics check, that is."

<OOC> Maayan says, "No, Maayan will just drag you out and make you practice."

<OOC> Midge uses the right dice...:)

<OOC> GM J says, "Midge makes it."

Lucius switches back to his rapier, the stone inlaid in the hilt taking on the image of the creature. He snicker snack, he slices off the trolls arm and then spins an turns, dodging out of the way of the troll. "Over here you big lump!"

<OOC> GM J says, "It fails its reflex save."

<OOC> GM J says, "1d4 damage."

<OOC> Lucius says, "Yay!"

<OOC> GM J says, "Go ahead and roll it, Midge. :)"

Whoosh! It's fire...it's almost always fire and now is no exception as Midge breaths out a cone of it at Mr. Troll

The flames envelop the troll and it begins twirling around, burning as the vegetation smolders and ignites. As you watch, the troll becomes nothing more than grease and corruption and carbon on the ground.

<OOC> Lucius says, "yay!"

<OOC> GM J says, "Zy, NOW you can heal."

<OOC> Maayan says, "Whewf. Kitty can has heal now?"

<OOC> Midge says, "And for my next trick.... :)"

<OOC> Zyindra says, "24"

<OOC> Lucius grumbles about his coat.

<OOC> GM J says, "And that heals here up to full."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Isn't someone else injured?"

Lucius is a bit.

Maayan takes half a step towards the remains, breathing hard, lowering her bow. She says a few words in Saphirish before turning around...dropping to one knee...and throwing her arms around Kaza in a most undignified manner. "Thank you, Zyindra."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "OMFG. It's Princess Amethyst!"

<OOC> Lucius will avoid healings until later.

<OOC> Lucius said he had a bad feeling about her.

<OOC> Zyindra totally falls in love. Bam.

"You are of course welcome, Maayan. As is Kaza. I am only sorry I could not get to her faster." Zyindra offers humbly. It's who she is, after all. "Is everyone else alright?"

As Zyindra works on healing injuries, the blonde woman in some very vivid purple clothing steps up.

"Well, that was embarassing." she says, her voice the very epitome of a Amethytish accent. "Damn thing got the drop on me. Luckily, some very faithful subjects came to my rescue." The amethyst she wears at her throat glows. "Not my subjects?" The woman says, cocking her head. "One of you." She points to Lucius. "AH. Yes, you. One of those shadow people who pretend to hide in my Empire. Onyxish and their secrets. You fit right in, I imagine." The woman glances at Zyindra. "And it is too bad you aren't my subject. The things I could order you to do to me if you were..."

<OOC> Maayan laughs.

<OOC> Zyindra says, "How old does she look?"

<OOC> Maayan says, "Do straight people actually, uh, exist in this world? *grin*"

Shiphrah puts her bow away, moving back over towards the group as she wound up on the other side of them in the course of the battle. Then she looks curiously at the blonde woman, but doesn't say anything just yet.

<OOC> Shiphrah halos.

<OOC> GM J says, "Sure. They are all girls who fall in love with Lucius and sigh."

<OOC> GM J says, "And she looks about mid-20s."

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "And then mysteriously disappear, funny that... :D"

<OOC> GM J says, "And there was the guy who fell for Maayan."

Midge rubs her nose at the smell of burnt troll. Now would not be a good time for a sneezing fit, not when she is still under the influence of the infusion. The woman's words has her arching a brow and sidestepping taking cover behind one of the taller party members, which could be any of them.

<OOC> Maayan says, "Well, I suppose Maayan's suitor from way back when might have been."

<OOC> GM J says, "She's not using his bow anymore. Sniffle."

<OOC> Maayan says, "But he might have been bi! ;)"

<OOC> Shiphrah says, "He probably found a nice young stablehand to spend time with Sis. :)"

<OOC> Shiphrah really needs to go sleep now, though.

Maayan examines Kaza carefully, not moving away from her. "Good as new. And *I* was untouched." Her eyes flicker to the princess...queen...

<OOC> GM J eyes the time.

<OOC> GM J says, "Well, we'll pick up here next week then?"

The emerald-eyed, crimson-haired young woman lifts her gaze to take in the purple-glad blonde, gaping perhaps a bit, but closing her mouth quickly as she bobs her head respectfully. "I serve all in need, M'Lady. I am glad that I could do something to aid you this day. I am Zyindra."

<OOC> Lucius acks.

<OOC> GM J says, "Ack?"

<OOC> Zyindra supposes that's reasonable. Disappoint. I wanted to RP with her.

<OOC> GM J can wait for Lucius' pose?

Once the creature is thoroughly dead, Lucius sheathes his sword and then pokes at his newly fixed up coat with a hole in it again. "Wretched plant monster." And then the woman speaks and Lucius freezes and stares, his hand almost of its own volition goes to his sword hilt as if he might need to defend himself. At the last moment, he bends down on one knee in front of the woman.

<OOC> Lucius thwacks J.

<OOC> GM J grins.

<OOC> GM J says, "Okay. Good game, all. You did great work with the troll. They are nasty."

<OOC> Zyindra says, "Good night, all."

<OOC> Lucius hugs all. "Night!"

<OOC> Midge says, "G'night"

GM J has disconnected.

Midge has disconnected.

Lucius has disconnected.

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